"I don't understand why you need to spend the night here, Lau." The head of the Phantomhive household said in an uninterested tone. He crossed his arms on his chest and looked at the cheerful man and his companion darkly.

"I came here only to discuss business with you, but look at the rain now! Surely a person from the Phantomhive family would not force their guests out in the rain would they?" Lau replied, smiling and pulling Ran-Mao closer to him. The master made a defeated sigh and looked at the window. It was pouring rain no doubt, and it would seem terribly rude and improper if he kicked them out now.

"Sebastian, prepare the guests rooms," he said turning and glancing briefly at the loyal butler at his side.

"Yes, my Lord," the butler said, bowing slightly and walking off without another word. The young master sighed and sat back down on his seat, reaching out and getting his cup of tea, taking a long sip. This ruined his evening, his whole night for sure.



"Are they in their rooms?" the master said, sitting on the bed.

"Yes, I'll arrange a carriage to come pick them up in the morning." The demon said, starting to undo the bows on the Phantomhive's outfit. He looked at his master's face and its features carefully.

"Perhaps it's time to get your hair cut young Master, it's getting quite long," he commented, reaching a hand and holding a piece of shoulder length hair to prove his point. The other shook his head and moved his arm away.

"It's fine that way. Stop calling me Young. I'm seventeen years old." He muttered, glaring at him. The butler only gave a small smirk

"Ah? How could I forget."

The master stayed silent for a bit as the butler pulled off a layer of clothing. He took a deep breath and made a huffy sound.

"Really, Lau needs to stop staying over. It's so inconvenient…"

"How so? Have your plans been ruined?"

The master looked up and surely as he expected, the butler was looking at him with his usual mocking and cheeky smirk

"Shut up." He muttered, forcing himself not to blush. He stood up for his butler to take off his pants. He was now only in his dress shirt that covered just below his hips.

"Young Master has a busy program tomorrow. Perhaps he might want to sleep right away." The butler said lightly but in a serious tone, but the almost constant side smile that decorated his face gave his intentions away. Ciel's eyes glared a bit more in embarrassment and bit his lip hard to keep from making any other expression as he felt the butlers gloves on his skin while unbuttoning his shirt.

"You're annoying."

"Am I," the demon gave the Phantomhive an intense look that he could only guess that very few people have ever seen. Ciel felt his breath getting caught up in his throat at the dangerous look he was seeing. Ciel didn't even get a chance to see the butler taking out his night shirt and starting to slip it on to him. When no strangers were watching, Sebastian felt free to not hide his speed that was a little more than just good butler practice. He glanced down at the butler's gloved hands before looking away.

His heart was beating fast, his embarrassment was making his stomach hurt, but that didn't mean that he was going to stop what had been happening for the past year almost every time the night fell.



"Yes, my Lord?" the butler said, placing his now unoccupied hands on the top of his Master's thighs.

Ciel shook his head and made a little scowl. He looked at the never aging man before him before pressing his lips against his. He closed his eyes tightly, afraid that he would face the almost constant look of mockery on his demon's face.

Without the nerve to do anything more, he just kept the pressure against their lips for a minute before breaking off. He counted to three in his head before he opened his eyes to face him.

His butler, having an unreadable expression brought a gloved hand to his master's eye patch and uncovered the eye that rarely saw any light of day anymore.

"As you wish, my Lord," he said, giving his young master a smirk before swiftly climbing up on the mattress, his legs straddling the younger man under him. Ciel had no choice but to let his body lie on the bed, looking up at the demon. He was glad for the night fall that made his blushed cheeks harder to see.

"Are you sure that Lau-"

"I put them on a different wing of the mansion" the butler said, leaning a bit forwards so his hair barely touched the Phantomhive's face. Ciel's eyes widened a bit and he bit his lip in frustration. Was the butler so certain of what would occur?

"What is it? Master?" The butler said in a low voice that only Ciel could hear, the mocking smirk making its way back to his face.

"You-" Ciel started going in a higher tone but his voice got muffled by the demon's lips. He made a tiny yelp by the sudden intrusion that he desired the most and his hands made a fist on the butler's spotless suit. As much as he wanted to seem like he could care less, he couldn't help but welcome the demon's sinful lips and pull him towards him needily.

He felt Sebastian's tongue making its way to his mouth and Ciel tried not to make any noise. Sebastian never gave up a chance to mock any signs of weakness his master showed to him. Instead he just responded with his tongue meeting his and trying to bring him even closer. The sensations made him feel like a part of him was waking up. As he felt his butler's gloved hands on his chest covered by only a thin piece of clothing, he couldn't help but sigh in pleasure. He opened his eyes half way to look at the demon, which looked back at him intently.

He wanted nothing more than to dive into the pleasure, the total sin of bliss. After all his soul already had an expiration date, so why should he try to sustain himself? But his mind couldn't help but wonder about what was going on behind his butler's unusually red eyes. What was he thinking? What was he feeling? Was every single thing he did for the sake of the contract that tied them together? Was his demon heart so different from his human one? Every time these thoughts would rush through the mind of the Phantomhive, they would rush away just as quickly the second the demons lips made their way back to his Masters skin.

The demon's lips got attached to his neck, making Ciel's eyes close tightly and his lips part slightly. He felt his whole body flushing with heat and his breath quickening.

"Do you want me to have a taste? My Lord." Sebastian said, his lips still brushing against his Masters skin. Ciel bit his lip hard at the words and his hand made its way into Sebastian's hair. The demon smirked and started assaulting the young master's neck, licking and biting and sucking mercilessly. Ciel couldn't help but whimper at the pleasant pain he was feeling and tilted his head back, allowing the feelings to overflow him.

The demon's gloved hands snaked down the younger boy's chest sensually till he could slip it under the night gown he was wearing. Ciel shivered at the touch even though his skin felt like it was on fire. His breathing was irregular as the glove's fabric caressed up to his chest again, now making full contact with his skin.

"Are you alright my Lord?" the demon said, stopping on his Master's nipple. He opened his eyes and glared at the man who was smirking at him.

"Shut up!" he yelled, his cheeks blushing even more. Sebastian tilted his head to the side a bit, his smirk growing bigger as he took hold of his nipple. Ciel's eyes widened and gasped a bit as Sebastian started to rub the sensitive skin there. He hated that he couldn't hide the look of pleasure from his face while the other man above him looked the same as always. He back arched slightly and he closed his eyes again, feeling a moan starting to form on the back of his throat. He forced it back, opening his eyes and pulling Sebastian back over to him, pressing their lips together. The demon responded and kissed him back deeply, their tongues meeting together and making Ciel moan out in pleasure.

Kissing Sebastian felt so…good. He couldn't describe it any other way. It felt like something he could just keep doing for hours. He didn't know what to make out of that fact.

When Sebastian broke off from the heated kiss Ciel couldn't stop himself from whimpering a bit when their lips lost contact. His cheeks flushed deeply as the butler grinned at the sound.

Sebastian moved from on top of Ciel and placed himself to his side. At the change of pace the younger man felt his heart skip a beat. He looked at the butler's smirking face and prevented himself from bringing a hand to his cheek. That would show more signs of weakness.

The demon looked at his Masters scarred eye before leaning to his neck. He kissed the mark he had formed seconds ago and his hand started caressing the skin of his chest and stomach. The young Phantomhive let his lips part and relax against the gentle touch of the demon. Sebastian watched his master's face as he kissed up to his ear and moved his hand a bit lower, smirking at the instant tensing up he felt from the boy. He felt the muscles of Ciel's stomach tighten a bit as his hand moved over it and pulled his face off completely to watch his expression as his hand moved even lower so he was touching his erection.

Ciel's eyes opened and he gasped quietly, his hands grabbing hold of the sheets gently and his body turning on the side. Sebastian's hand started caressing him a bit, moving so his chest was pressing against his Master's back. He wrapped his hand around him, starting to move it slowly. Ciel's breath got heavier instantly and he felt himself throb against his butler's moving hand.

"Sebastian," he breathed, blushing deeply. The butler smirked and started moving his hand faster, squeezing him in his hand gently. Ciel closed his eyes tightly and moaned, his mouth opening and his heart started to beat so fast it made him feel even more disoriented. He felt as if he couldn't even remember his name right now. All he could think, all he could feel, was that hand driving him mad and the man it belonged to.

Ciel tilted his head back against the other man's shoulder, his hand reaching back to Sebastian's thigh and gripping the fabric of his pants. He wanted that piece of clothing gone. He wanted to feel the skin underneath the demon's clothes, to see if it was as perfect as his face. Instead he just moaned and bit his lip hard, eyes rolling slightly back behind his closed eyelids.

"More Sebastian," he heard himself breathe out, moaning as the butler's hand didn't stop moving.

"Hm, you always say something I do not expect. As expected from the young Master," the demon said smirking, leaning and kissing his neck. Ciel didn't really know what he was asking for, or what he was ready for. After all he didn't know anything else other than what Sebastian had done to him. He just knew he wanted more.

Sebastian's hand travelled down the Phantomhive's back, leaning and kissing the back of his neck. Ciel tensed up as he felt the butler's hand tracing further down. He bit his lip, not knowing if he was supposed to expect pain or pleasure.

"The young Master must relax for this," the butler whispered hotly against his ear. Ciel turned his head slightly to look at his butler and swallowed hard when he saw his dark eyes. He listened to him as best as he could and turned forward again.

His eyes widened and he almost jumped up when he felt Sebastian's finger slip into him, gripping the sheets.

"Does my Lord want to stop?" the butler said, a hint of mockery in his voice that made Ciel's eyes narrow and glare. He forced his body to relax and shook his head stubbornly, lying back on his side properly. The demon grinned and watched closely as he slipped his finger inside more and moved it a bit.

Every time there was a hint of pain, Sebastian moved his other hand and kissed the crook of his neck, distracting him successfully. When he pushed another finger in his Master, Ciel gasped but did not object or show any kind of regret. Sebastian moved his hand and fingers, and pretty soon all the Master could feel was pleasure in every single place in his body.

It was as if the demon could understand exactly what Ciel wanted, fastening up and slowing down and squeezing him on just the right moments, making the boy moan out and whimper in pleasure.

Was it normal to feel this much pleasure? Would sex with any other person feel like this? Or was this one of the perks of doing it with a demon straight from the depths of hell?

As if the demon could read his thoughts, he leaned to his master's ear,

"As a butler of the Phantomhive family, it's only normal to be able to please young Master like this." He said, smirking and kissing his Master's ear. Ciel whimpered as he felt closer, gasping and moaning loudly.

"Sebastian," he moaned his demon's name, his whole body flushing. Even if he wanted to he wouldn't succeed in holding back his cries of pleasure now.

He buried his face on the mattress, gripping Sebastian's pants tighter as his body shook violently. He cried out loudly as he came hard against the butler's hand and the sheets. He gasped for breath, his breathing loud and hard.

Sebastian removed his hands and unstuck himself from his Master.

Ciel felt all the heat that was on his body now focus on his face, his face still buried on the mattress in embarrassment. Even though Sebastian had seen him naked countless of times, even though he had washed him from head to toe, after this he felt like he wanted to just cover himself up whole.

"Ah, look, young Master made such a mess again." The butler shook his head and motioned to a spot on the mattress. The Phantomhive glanced down on the stained spots on the sheets.

"Really now, Master is so much work," the demon said lightly. Ciel didn't look up, allowing his hair to cover his face. He stayed still as he felt Sebastian slip off the bed and gather his Master's unwashed clothes.

"Goodnight, my Lord," the loyal butler said, turning and blowing out a set of candles that were giving the room some extra light. He looked at the Phantomhive and made a small bow, turned swiftly and left the room, closing the door behind him.

Ciel felt his body start to shake violently and he gripped the sheets so hard he heard the fabric slightly tear up. He gritted his teeth painfully so he didn't make a single noise as tears started to stream down his face.



Work. So that's what this is…




O.O This is the first ever kind of fan form I've done for Kuroshitsuji and the first time I've written anything in a long while.

Even though I LOVE this pairing, I can't imagine them being together when Ciel is so young as he is in the manga and anime, so I aged him to the age of 17. I mean how old is Sebastian? He can't be more than 20something.

I tried to keep Sebastians and Ciels personalities as simular as I could to the manga and anime. I've read fan fictions and most of the time I find the personalities of the characters too altered and that ruins it for me so I hope I did a somewhat good job on that part atleast? ^_^''''

Oh! And I got inspired on Ciel's long hair from a pic I found on this youtube vid. When I saw it was like "OYES." hahaha

I hope you liked! I've never posted anything in this site before, I hope I did everything right XD

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