WARNING: LOTS of sexual content. Do not even think of reading with relatives in the room XD.




"I'm going alone."

"Young Master…"

"Shut up. I don't want to talk to you," the Phantomhive walked quickly to his carriage, getting inside and slamming the door closed. Sebastian let out a breath, shaking his head and walking over. He opened the carriage door, looking over at the Earl who was glaring out the window with arms crossed on his chest. The butler silently got inside and sat opposite him, watching the younger man pretend to ignore him completely.

It was the demon's fault for the Phantomhive's hostile mood, though he didn't intend for it. Every once in a while, Sebastian would accidently refer to Ciel as his 'soul'. Since they got together, whenever that happened, the younger man would get furious for being objectified. Since he knew that for Sebastian 'souls' meant 'meals', it was natural for him to dislike being referred to as one.

Sebastian watched as his master sulked. It was the time of the year that the Phantomhive would go to one of his estates in the country, and the ride there would take over five hours.



"Young master…I am deeply sorry," Sebastian tried saying after half an hour of only silence between the two. Ciel didn't even turn to look at him. The butler let out a sigh.

"I should have thought of my words before speaking," Sebastian continued. Ciel's expression became sour for a second before continuing to look out the window. Of course he should have thought about it before saying something like that. The younger man felt insecure sometimes. Yes, both of them had made their feelings clear for each other, but still, Ciel couldn't help but doubt Sebastian's. No matter how many times the butler had told him that he'd never lie, how was the Phantomhive to know if the demon meant it the same way Ciel did?

"Surely, young master knows that he means the world to me?" Sebastian tilted his head to the side slightly as he attempted to be forgiven again. The Phantomhive made a small huff.

"Sweet talking your way out of it? As expected from a demon," Ciel muttered, keeping his tone cold. Sebastian sighed.

"Young Master, you say the word demon like an insult, but that is what I am," Sebastian pointed out, not looking affected by his master's words. He put his hand on his chest.

"I belong to you, body, mind and heart. The contract only affects the body, young master knows that. I apologize for my words before, I didn't consider how it would make you feel," Sebastian continued. Ciel felt his heart swell and almost scolded at himself for falling into the trap of Sebastian's carefully picked out words. It was impossible not to though. Ciel still had a hard time expressing his feelings, but the demon seemed like he had no problem getting the words out if needed.

Ciel sighed. He couldn't stay mad at him. He would pretend to be though, just for a little while longer.



Sebastian didn't say anything else, and for another half hour, Ciel watched as they passed the town's busy streets and entered the first roads of the country side, only empty land visible outside the windows.

Once he was satisfied with how long he pretended to be mad for, or more like, after he had reached his limit, he made a small scowl, making Sebastian look at him.

Sebastian raised his eyebrows as his master stood up from his seat, only to sit on the opposite side next to his demon a second later. The butler fought back a smirk as Ciel returned his gaze outside the window.

"I'm still mad at you," Ciel mumbled, his cheeks slightly pink.

"Understood," Sebastian said simply.

Ciel's features softened as he felt Sebastian's hand cover his gently that was rested on the seat in the space between their bodies. He didn't say anything, but he didn't move his hand either.

"Young Master…" Sebastian said after a minute. Ciel turned his head, not pulling away as Sebastian leaned in and pressed their lips together softly. He closed his eyes, relaxing and kissing him back as Sebastian's hand held his properly.

"Am I forgiven?" Sebastian questioned once they pulled off an inch, the slightest of smirks on his face.

"Not yet," Ciel replied. He couldn't admit defeat just yet. Sebastian though seemed satisfied with his answer, leaning in and kissing him again, deeper this time.

Ciel made a content sound as their tongues met, raising his free hand and resting it on the demon's shoulder. He let Sebastian take control, surrendering to the kiss completely.

The demon pulled off after a couple of minutes, Ciel's breath already labored from the heated kiss. He closed his eyes and tilted his head as Sebastian leaned in and started kissing on his neck, whimpering quietly as he felt his teeth gently nipping on the sensitive skin.

"How about now?" Sebastian asked in a low tone against his master's ear, sending shivers up Ciel's spine.

"Not yet," he lied as he wrapped his arms around the butler's shoulders, trying to keep his expression collected. Sebastian looked like he appreciated the challenge, leaning back on his neck and kissing up to his ear. Ciel swallowed back a moan, glancing out the window. Empty fields were the only thing he could see, and it would be a while before there would be any sign of civilization again.

"How much longer till we arrive?" Ciel breathed out, a barely audible whimper coming out of his lips as Sebastian bit on his ear. The butler pulled off for a second, taking out his pocket watch and looking at the time.

"Three hours, young master" Sebastian said, putting his pocket watch back inside his pocket. Ciel thought for a second before reaching and sliding the window curtain closed. Sebastian seemed to understand what the young Earl was trying to suggest without words. He reached to the other window, sliding the other curtain closed before leaning and kissing him again. The small space of the inside of the carriage now only had the soft light that was coming through the curtains. He raised his eyebrows as the Phantomhive pulled away. He looked at him expectantly.

Ciel swallowed hard, a deep blush decorating his cheeks as he slowly straddled the demon.

"Feeling playful, young master?" Sebastian asked in playful tone, his hands snaking up the younger man's thighs.

"You're not forgiven yet, your comments are not in your benefit," Ciel answered, glaring slightly. Sebastian simply smirked, leaning and kissing his master passionately, making him unable to hold back a moan and wrap his arms around his demon's shoulders tightly.

Ciel closed his eyes as he felt Sebastian pull his head back gently, his mouth opening as he felt the demon's tongue trailing up his neck teasingly slowly. He could already feel his whole body flushing, aching to be touched more.

"Sebastian…" he breathed out quietly, his hands tangling through the butler's hair. He opened his eyes, unresisting as Sebastian pulled his dress shirt out of his pants slowly. He shivered as the demon's hands slid up under the fabric, caressing the skin underneath.

"Am I forgiven?" Sebastian asked again, not hiding his smirk.

"Not yet," Ciel said, knowing that this question wasn't as serious as it was playful. Sebastian's hand slid down once hearing his master's predictable answer, pressing against the bulge in his pants. The younger man gasped, making a small whimper of pleasure as his hand started to rub against the fabric. The demon looked pleased with his reaction, working on his neck and ear as he continued to tease the young Earl into a panting mess.

"Sebastian," Ciel moaned in a whiny tone a minute later. His whole face was flushed, his breathing labored from being aroused so much.

"What is it, young Master?" Sebastian questioned, his tongue sneaking out and licking the young Earl's ear. Ciel whined slightly, swallowing hard. He pulled his face away, looking at him through half lidded eyes for a second before leaning on the side of the demon's face. His lips rested on Sebastian's ear, though not doing anything besides breathing heavily. It was as close to 'please hurry up' as he could get at the moment.

Sebastian seemed to understand what his master meant, making a low chuckle and moving his hand away.

"Turn around, young master," he whispered against his ear, his tone low and seductive. Ciel bit on his lip, fighting back any feelings of shame as he did as he was told. Sebastian pulled him gently so he was sitting on top of him, his hands hooking on the hem of the Phantomhive's pants and sliding them down slowly. The younger man shivered as he was exposed, letting out of breath of relief as the pressure on his erection was removed.

He heard the familiar voice of Sebastian telling him to relax, and the sound of him taking his gloves off with his teeth. He swallowed hard, his mouth opening and letting out a strained groan as he felt the demon's fingers push into him.

"I can hardly believe you're letting me have you in a place like this, young Master," Sebastian commented as he moved his fingers, preparing him slowly. Ciel could hear the mischievous tone in his voice.

"Just…ah! Be quiet," the young Earl breathed, whimpering loudly as Sebastian's fingers brushed against his spot.

"You should be quiet, young Master, or the driver is going to hear," Sebastian whispered against his ear, smirking. Ciel just knew that Sebastian would be of no help in that. In fact, he would probably be the exact opposite of help on purpose.

The young Earl desperately tried to keep his cries of pleasure down as Sebastian's fingers prepared and teased him, his body trembling. When Sebastian's free hand started to stroke him again, he couldn't help but moan loudly, his head tilting back against the demon's shoulder.

"Young master, please be quiet," Sebastian said, though his movements didn't stop in the slightest. A glance at him confirmed Ciel's suspicions that the demon seemed to enjoy this. Instead of getting angry at him for teasing him, he only got even more aroused. His whole body shuddered, his back arching as he released against Sebastian's hand, trying his best to stay quiet.

"Ah…" he tried to catch his breath, his heart beating so fast he could practically hear it. His body rested against his butler, closing his eyes.

"Am I forgiven?" Sebastian asked, removing his fingers. Ciel flinched a bit, opening his eyes.

"Not yet," he said, turning his head and pressing their lips together. He felt the demon grin against his lips before kissing him back, biting on his lip gently.

"As you wish, my Lord," he said looking at him. Ciel swallowed hard, taking a deep breath as he heard the sound of Sebastian undoing his trousers.

"Ah!" Ciel closed his eyes tightly, gripping the fabric that covered Sebastian's arms as he felt him push in him slowly. It didn't hurt, but the burning sensation was still there.


"Shhhh," Sebastian whispered, almost soothingly against his master's ear. Both of them let out a breath when he was all the way in. Ciel must not have been the only person who really wanted to do this.

"Don't 'shh' me," Ciel scowled, making Sebastian laugh quietly.

"If the driver hears your voice, he'll probably stop the carriage to make sure everything is alright. Do you want that, young Master?" Sebastian asked, starting to grind gently. Ciel gasped, shaking his head in response.

Sebastian started to kiss the back and side of Ciel's neck, grinding at a slow pace. The younger man whimpered, his breath getting heavier as he slowly started to grind back against the demon's movements. He raised his feet slightly, hooking the heels of his shoes at the edge of the opposite seat, making him grind back more firmly.

"Hnn," Ciel moaned, tilting his head back. Sebastian's hands took hold of the young Earl's hips firmly, raising his own hips slightly as he continued with his grinding, harder this time. The younger man's whole body tensed up, a powerful wave of pleasure rushing through him as the demon found his spot again.

"Ah! Seb-mff!" Ciel couldn't help himself by cry out loudly, but before he could finish, Sebastian's hand had covered his mouth. His eyes opened, blinking for a second.

"Should I stop?" Sebastian asked, his heavy breath hitting the Phantomhive's ear. As if to make his question clear, his grinding continued even more intensely. Ciel whimpered, his eyebrows knitting together. He shook his head. He would think later on to the fact that even Sebastian covering his mouth turned him on at this point.

Sebastian kept his hand on the Earl's mouth, probably because he knew that in this situation the Phantomhive would not succeed in being quiet in the slightest.

"Hnn…" Ciel's made a muffled sound of pleasure as they started moving again, his legs starting to shake from trying to move his hips against Sebastian. The demon had no problem continuing whatsoever, thrusting and grinding inside him deeply, sending shockwaves of pleasure through the younger man's body every single time.



Ciel felt his body flush, his back arching as the bumps on the road sent Sebastian deeper into him, making him cry out against the demon's hand. Though his mouth was covered, his muffled whimpers and moans were still audible as Sebastian continued, now at an even faster pace. The younger man's hands tried to clutch at anything he could reach; Sebastian's suit, Sebastian's hair, Sebastian's arm that was covering his mouth, the edges of the seats, the sides of the carriage. His ankles tangled with Sebastian's firmly, now depending on the demon to move for the both of them. Though he wanted to move himself, the pleasure had almost paralyzed him, and his legs were already weak from their quick movements. Sebastian was successful in being quiet, only the occasional small grunt and barely audible groan escaping his lips as he moved quickly, driving them both closer and closer to the edge.

"Mmm!" the young Earl moaned desperately against the demon's hand, his body starting to tremble even more.

"I know…young Master…" Sebastian said, his voice somewhat strained. One of his hands reached to the young Earl's painfully throbbing erection, starting to jerk him off fast. If the demon's hand wasn't covering his mouth, Ciel would have probably cried out so loudly that not only the driver would have heard him but the nearest town also.

"Hnn! Nnnnn!" His whole body trembled almost violently, his loud cry of pleasure muffled as he came against Sebastian's hand. He whimpered as the demon kept grinding against him quickly for a few more seconds, Sebastian burying his face on the crook of Ciel's neck as he reached his limit. The young Earl shivered as he felt the butler's muffled groans radiating on his skin and his fingers digging into his hips gently.

Sebastian's hand fell from the Phantomhive's mouth, both of them sitting back as they caught their breaths. Ciel almost felt the need to comment on how amazing what they just did was, but stopped himself.

Sebastian managed to clean up their mess and dress the Phantomhive properly back in less than a minute before sitting back down next to him.

Ciel leaned on his chest, exhausted. The demon smiled, wrapping his arms around him gently.

"Am I forgiven now?" he asked, watching the young Earl close his eyes and make a small smirk.

"Not yet…" he said, closing his eyes and falling asleep.










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