Just a basic day in the world of Pong in the modern day as the two paddles and the ball relish their good old days. Nothing too interesting or whatsoever.

It was just another ordinary day at the arcade-cabinets and systems displayed simple soundtracks as colorful animations danced back and forth across the monitors of the display.

Although the arcades were populated with gamers loaded with quarters in their pockets, nowadays it seemed like all of them just died off for some reason. Why, you'd be lucky if there were more than at least 20 of these happy, dedicated gamers hanging out in the arcades.

At an old beat-up arcade cabinet at the back, two paddles and a ball moved back and forth across the screen, with the ball ricocheting off the two moving paddles that caught it. Nobody was playing the game, in fact-it was just a demo.

"Man, it feels like we've been dead for decades. Does anyone even come here anymore? At the most, I see 4 guys either playing that dancing game or shooting terrorists with a light gun." The left paddle groaned, getting irritated from seeing no action for pretty much forever. "Why don't we get to be in the hands of those enthusiastic gamers?"

The ball sighed in a disappointed tone, despite it being extremely active on screen. "We're not the only ones-the golden age of video games has passed. We're just a bunch of forgotten relics that rest in the graves of old-age classics."

"I suppose we aren't the only ones…" The right paddle referred to a few cabinets that displayed a few other classic Atari games such as Missile Command and Asteroids. "Even those games are far more advanced than us oldies, but they don't even get customers anymore."

"Remember the time we were the center of attraction? The time where we had like twenty people fighting over the controls to see who would be the better paddle?" The ball spoke in a happy, yet disappointed tone. "But now, they might as well disconnect the cabinet and throw us into the landfill!" He wanted to cry but he couldn't as he was only graphics.

"We can always play with each other…"

"Yeah! My right brethren is correct!"

"…well…I suppose. They may have forgotten us, but we can remember one thing-we pioneered the golden age of arcade gaming. Without us, those fancy youngsters wouldn't even be here!"

With that, the two paddles and the ball got straight back to their usual routine-move and bounce back and forth for pretty much the rest of their existence until someone decides to plop a quarter in the coin slot and give them a workout.

Otherwise, they'd play with each other. After all, they had existed together ever since they were programmed-the ball, the left paddle, and the right paddle. They didn't know anyone else except for each other.