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AN - This is the sequel to Scribblings of a Red Head and a Quidditch Captain. If you haven't already read it, it's probably a good idea so that you get to know the OCs and also the backstory.

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Harry sat in the cellar of his parent's desecrated home in Godric's Hollow, ready to start reading about the next chapter in his parents' lives. It had been sheer luck that he had found all their diaries in the first place - he could hardly believe that all their stuff was still there, given the publicity that their deaths had received and the preservation works that had obviously gone into the house.

He was incredibly grateful for the opportunity to hear about what happened while they had been at Hogwarts, even though some of it had been quite confronting - like the personalised letters from Voldemort. However, he wasn't sure if he was ready to read about what happened next. After all, he already knew how the story would end - with a traitor, a godfather in jail and dead parents. It was a sort of morbid fascination that urged him on. He had to know what had happened in the years and weeks and days leading up to the day that had changed the course of history for the wizarding world forever.

Harry was just thankful that his friends were there to give him support. Ginny's presence was particularly important to him, more so now that he'd learned about how devoted his parents had been (by all accounts) to one another.

He had probably learnt just as much about Sirius and Remus as he had about Lily and James through their written records and photos. He would never have guessed that Remus had had such trouble with girls or that Sirius, the seemingly nonchalant, perpetual bachelor-turned-hideaway, had come inches from marrying his high school sweetheart. With feelings of slight trepidation as to what he would read next, Harry selected the first piece of paper from the pile - it was another excerpt from his mother's diary. He took a steadying breath then began to read.

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