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Bleach: The 4th movie

Ichigo was in bed sleepin, havin a dream about when he defeated his hollow


"Shit. Looks like your instincts, and your desire to fight, aren't completely gone. Guess there's no way around it. You got me. I have to recognize you as the king, for now. But don't you ever forget! Don't forget that either one of us can become the king or the horse. If you ever give me the chance. I'll drag you down and crush your skull! And one last warning. If you really want to control my power, make sure you don't die before I show up again!!"



Ichigo was standing, with Hollow Ichigo in front of him

"Ichigo, give into your instincts, if you want to defeat you opponents then become more like a hollow, or else...I'll kill your most precious person"

"No! I won't! If it means becoming more like you I won't do it!"

"Tsk, it's already too late!" A bright light appeared in front of Ichigo, Ichigo closed his eyes, when he opened them, he saw flames everywhere,

"What happened?! Who did this?!" He then heard a voice behind him say

"You did Ichigo" Ichigo turned around and saw his hollow

"You liar, you did this didn't you!" His hollow nodded in disagreement

"Your wrong, you did this Ichigo"

"What?!" His hollow smiled

"Look at your hand Ichigo" Ichigo looked down to see him holding Tensa Zangetsu, but blood was dripping from the blade

"No! I couldn't have done this, its not possible"

"Ichi-go" Ichigo heard a familiar voice when Ichigo looked around and saw who it was, his eyes widened

"Rukia!" He ran up to her

"Rukia who did this too you!?"

"You did"

"What?!" He held Rukia in his arms

"Rukia! I would never I just want to protect you! Keep you safe!" She then closed her eyes

"Rukia! Rukia! Wake up, please! RUKIA!"


Ichigo stood up from his bed sweating

"Rukia!" After he yelled out her name, he started breathing hard, Ichigo clutched his head with his hand, and thought

"It was a dream"

"I shouldn't worry it was just a dream" He laid back down

"But... No! I shouldn't think about it, I would never harm her, I will only protect her" Ichigo closed his eyes and went back to sleep

Next day

It was Saturday, and Ichigo was sleepin, until his badge went on,'

"AHHHH! Huh?" He looked at his badge

"Oh, another hollow" Rukia then came in

"Ichigo, are you ready" Ichigo looked at her for a sec

"Yeah" As he was about to exit his window, he heard a voice

"Ichigo..." Ichigo looked at Rukia

"Did you say somethin Rukia?" Rukia blinked

"No, why what's wrong Ichigo, last night I felt you reiatsu go up for a minute, but then it stopped"

"Nothin, I just had a bad dream, let's go" Ichigo jumped out the window, but before Rukia followed she whispered

"Ichigo..." As they headed towards the hollow, Ichigo asked

"Rukia, how far is it?" Rukia took out her phone

"Don't worry, were not that far" When they finally arrived they saw a hollow destroying trees

"There it is, Let's go Ichigo!"

"Right!" The hollow looked like a lizard, with 10 sharp pointed tentacles, and with horns on its back, Rukia used a spell

"Hado 33 Sokatsui!" The hollow dodged but the lightning got one of its tentacles, the hollow screamed in pain, Rukia landed beside Ichigo

"Ichigo go now!"

"I know!" But before Ichigo moved something happend

"Ichigo, you need me, let me out and I'll make sure you win!"

"Ichigo!!" After his hollowed stuff

Ichigo lowered his blade and clutched his head, Rukia noticed that he hasn't moved

"Ichigo what's wrong?" Ichigo lowered his hand

"It's nothing" Ichigo charged, but because Ichigo took so long, the hollow used that oppurtunity to hide one of its tail

But Ichigo saw its tail headin for Rukia, but Rukia didn't see it coming

"Rukia! Look out!" Rukia turned around to see the it coming straight for her, but she didn't have time to react, she closed her eyes

Blood splashed, but it wasn't Rukia's, Rukia opened her eyes to see Ichigo standing in front of her, with his arms spread out. The hollows tail was in his back

"Ichigo..." Ichigo had difficulty opening his eyes,

"Ru-Ruki-Rukia ar-are you alri-alright?"

"Ichigo why did you do that?"

"Ca-cause I ne-need to ke-ep you safe" Ichigo fell to the ground

"Ichigo!" The hollow retracted its tail, it howled

Rukia looked at Ichigo but then turned her head towards the hollow, she got up and put her sword in front of her

"Mae, Sode no Shirayuki" Her sword turned pure white, with a ribbon at the end

"Some no Mai, Tsukishiro" A white circle appeared under the hollow, the hollow tried to escape, but before it escaped it was encased in an ice tower, the tower cracked and the hollow was killed, Rukia's sword turned back, and ran to Ichigo

"Ichigo! Wake up!" Ichigo was bleeding badly

"Shimata!" Rukia then began to heal Ichigo's wounds

"I have to take Ichigo to Urahara" Rukia grabbed Ichigo, and carried him to Urahara

Urahara shop

Rukia slammed the door open,

"Urahara! Come out! Ichigo needs help!" Urahara came out from a door

"Well if it isn't Kuchiki-san, what can I do for you?"

"Urahara, it's Ichigo he need help" He looked at Ichigo

"Come quick" Tessai took Ichigo to the back room

"Come Kuchiki-san, let's have a drink and wait for Kurosaki-san to recover"

Rukia and Urahara sat down at the table with cups in front of him

"Kuchiki-san I'm guessing that Kurosak-san saved you"

"What makes you think that?!"

"Well first Kurosaki has injuries and you don't" Rukia looked down

"Hmph I was right"

Tessai then came out

"Manager he's healed, he should wake up soon"

"Arigato Tessai-san" Rukia got up and went to Ichigo's room

When Rukia came in, Ichigo started to wake up


"Ichigo your okay"

"Where am I?"

"Urahara's I had to carry you here" Ichigo got up and put on his shinigami clothes

"Ichigo you need your rest!" Ichigo looked at her

"I'm fine" He opened the door

Urahara looked

"Ah! Kurosaki-san feel better already"



"No problem"

"Ja na" Ichigo walked out the front door with Rukia following

Ichigo's house

Ichigo came back through the window, and went back in his body, Rukia following

"Ichigo?" Ichigo turned to face her


"What happened to you back there?" Ichigo turned away

"Nothin, I just got a headache" Ichigo laid on his bed, Rukia decided to leave him alone

Ichigo stayed in his room for the rest of the day

Inner world

Ichigo was standing in front of Zangetsu who was standin on a pole

"Zangetsu what's going on, why do I still hear his voice"

"I don't know Ichigo, but I don't think I'll be able to help you, I feel your hollow getting stronger


"Ichigo, you need to stop him before someone gets hurt"

"I know, I will Zangetsu!"

Inner world


Ichigo clutched his head

"AHHHH!" His eyes then started to turn black and yellow, he then closed his eyes. Rukia ran up to him putting her hands on his shoulder

"Ichigo what's wrong?!" Ichigo didn't answer and continued to scream

"Ichigo! Ichigo!" Ichigo stopped but was breathing heavly

"Ichigo...." Ichigo got up

"I'm fin-" Before he finished he collapsed

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