1. Military Personnel

Being a soldier always came first.

Most of the time, they didn't have a problem with this. They had joined the military of their own free will, and for good reasons.

They wanted to help people, to save them and make their lives better. They were going to make it to the top and change the entire country.

They could—that wasn't the problem.

They just hadn't counted on becoming so close. Sure, soldiers were allowed to have feelings, the same as everyone else, and even if they said fraternization was frowned upon, it happened anyway.

The trouble came when the decision was between one of them and the country.

They'd become soldiers to better Amestris, true enough, but also, perhaps secretly to stay close. But when you became too close you couldn't be objective, couldn't do what you'd always said you would, if that meant any negative consequences for the other person.

But being a soldier always came first, and they just had to hope that they never had to make those decisions.

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