100. Until That Day

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SPOILERS FOR THE WHOLE MANGA THROUGH 108, assuming Roy got his eyesight back. Also, pretending that Riza and her father lived somewhere in east Amestris. Takes place five years to the day after the Promised Day.

Totally inspired by looking at too much fanart.

All right, so the day off hadn't quite gone as planned. Roy just smiled wryly and rolled his eyes—he was used to it. It was better than that day five years ago…

He'd nearly gone insane with hatred and revenge, watched Riza's throat being slit without being able to do anything about it, forced to perform human transmutation, lost his eyesight, and still somehow help to assure a victory over evil.

To that point, there was still great debate over what to call the day. "Victory Day" didn't express the hard work, "Atonement Day" wasn't right at all, "Armed Forces Day" didn't take into account that the enemy had been within the army, "Unification Day" presented the wrong idea (though the souls of Amestris and Xerxes had united to fight)… nothing could convey just how much had happened or the significance of the day. It was just "a day to remember forever".

As such, it was a holiday for absolutely everyone.

Roy had arranged to have Riza over for breakfast, and then to spend the day together, but he had stayed late at the office the previous night filing paperwork, and, as a result, had answered the door still groggy and only half-dressed. Riza, as usual, had been polite and matter-of-fact about it, helping herself to a glass of water and making breakfast while Roy stumbled around a bit.

When they'd finally set off, though the past few days had been hot and dry, a sudden rainstorm had blown in. Now, Roy and Riza stood under the awning of a closed store, somewhat damp, but otherwise in good spirits. Hayate snapped at the occasional raindrop, but mostly lay obediently at the two soldiers' feet.

"Just like old times, huh?" Roy murmured. "Eastern weather always was surprising. Some things just never change."

Riza nodded, smiling. "And yet, I'm still not used to it."

"Heh." Roy shrugged. Then, something caught his eye. "Hey…" He picked up a discarded umbrella. "Well, shall we continue our walk?" he asked, putting up the umbrella, then holding out his unoccupied arm.

"We shall, indeed." Riza slid her arm through his.

They walked for a few moments in silence, then Roy stopped. "There's no one out," he mused.

"Why should there be? It's a holiday, and it's raining," Riza pointed out.

"Yeah… Do you remember that day we were on our way home from town while I was your father's student?" Roy queried. "How it started pouring out of nowhere, and we found that abandoned shed to wait it out?" He chuckled.

"I don't think either of us could forget." As soon as she said that, Riza knew exactly where this was going to go. But why shouldn't it, on a day like today?

Roy could sense her dilemma, but at least he knew Riza was debating it. He raised an eyebrow. "For old times' sake? Unless you really don't think it's a good idea."

Riza shook her head. "No, not for old times' sake. For now. For us. Because I refuse to live and die knowing I had a chance I didn't take." She turned to fully face Roy, then rolled forward a little onto slight tiptoe, and pressed her lips to his, wrapping her free arm around his neck to steady herself.

Roy slid his free arm around Riza's waist to hold her there for a moment, then released her as they broke the kiss.

"A little bit of sunshine for an otherwise rainy day," she quipped, one corner of her mouth quirking upward. Once again, she threaded her free arm through his, and they began to walk again, each bearing the grin they'd worked so hard to earn, and would continue to work for so everyone else could smile long after the holiday was over.

There would be rainy days, and there would be sunny days, but through it all, they'd always had each other, and they always would. And that was all that truly mattered.



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