64. The scenery from a car seat

A/N: Song: "Blue Christmas" by, like, a bajillion different people. (Yeah, that's right—bajillion.) I was listening to the version from the David Foster Christmas Album, though.

Takes place during Roy's apprenticeship, but he's coming home for… whatever wintertime holiday.

Roy sighed and propped his chin up with his hand.

Central was beautiful in the winter: lights and garlands strung up everywhere, the diamond dusting of frost in the mornings, a general air of merriment that touched the most inanimate of objects… he could see how everyone called it magical or wonderful or a million other things, not one of them disparaging.

While he could even agree with the nostalgic wintertime sentiments, he appreciated the warmth inside the taxi as it brought him from the train station to Chris's, too.

As the sun went down and the lights started to glow softy, he couldn't help but think that the Hawkeye house was infinitely more comfortable. There was something to be said for Central's big city romance, but to Roy, the sense of family he got from the Hawkeyes, never mind how very disjointed and dysfunctional, was something Central could never compare to.