Authors Note: Hey all. This story is a romantic Matilda/Jenny fic so if incest makes you squeamish don't read. It's nothing over the top but it is obvious so I figured I'd better throw in the warning. I don't own Matilda or anything to do with it. Enjoy the fic and please review!

A Time and Place To Be

Jenny turned her attention slowly from the book she was reading to the women in her arms. Matilda had her own book and was relaxing against Jenny's chest without a care in the world.

The two did this every night. By day they were mother and daughter but by night they were soul-mates and lovers.

Jenny had known since the first moment she meet Matilda that the two were meant to be, it had just taken her 13 years to figure out how.

Matilda was now 19 and deeply in love with Jenny, and Jenny was deeply in love with her.

Every night they sat on the couch in each others arms until they were tired when they headed up to bed. Only once they got to bed, the tired feeling always seemed to disappear.

Jenny loved everything about Matilda, her intelligence, her smile, her eyes, her soft skin, the way she would brush her hair out of her eyes as she read and the soft sounds she made when she came across something interesting. Everything about Matilda drew her in. She knew their relationship was taboo but she just couldn't bring herself to care. She was in love with the 19 year old girl and she refused to let her go now she had her.

Matilda had saved her in so many ways right from the first day they meet and now, every day and night, she repeatedly saved her heart.

"Matilda? Sweetheart?" she softly asked.

"Yes, love?" Matilda replied just as softly, her attention shifting from her book to Jenny in seconds.

"I think it's time for bed." Jenny whispered in the younger woman's ear.

Matilda grinned at her, placed her book down and pulled them both up.

"I think your right." She breathed before leaning up to capture Jenny's lips.

The second best thing she had ever done was to adopt Matilda Wormwood.

The best was to ignore that fact.

The End.