What I should have said

It was the morning after the world turned upside down. Paul had died leaving his family in complete shock and despair.

Bridget, Kerry and Rory had slept in their mum's room that night and had woken up to see their mum already up. She was sitting over in the chair in the corner of the room looking at a wedding photo of her and Paul, at the doors of the church 20 years ago. Bridget was feeling ever so guilty because the last words she had said to her Dad were "I hate you". She just wished she could see him again to change how things ended. She was lying in the bed with the covers over her head and occasionally sniffling. Kerry lay beside her and said, "It's okay Bridg, you have to know that he will always know how you really felt about him and not just on the last three words you said to him. He knows you don't mean it; knows that words like that get thrown around from day-to-day, and simply have no meaning to them anymore."

"You don't understand Kerry, you don't understand how awful it is to remember that the last thing you ever said to you dad was 'I hate you'."

Kate, was still sitting over in the chair but had been listening into the conversation of Bridget and Kerry. Her look of sadness changed into a look of sympathy. She stood up and walked over to the edge of the bed, and sat down on it. She was talking to Bridget and Kerry, trying to reassure them of happy thoughts, like the dreadful Halloweens in the tree house, and the family game nights. This made them laugh; or true to say, bare a smile.

Rory sat up and said, "Bridget, there is always a way to fix things you just need to believe that he is up there, looking down on you, protecting you and listening to you, then all your problems will be resolved."

Kate, Kerry and Rory decided that it was time to go downstairs and have their breakfast, but Bridget felt sick, so refused to eat anything, so stayed lying down in the bed. Many thoughts were running through her head and she decided to give Rory's advice a shot.

She closed her eyes, thought for a while, and then she started speaking; speaking to her Dad…………