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This takes place after the Winter War and sometime during part II of Rosario + Vampire.

Bleached Vampire

Chapter 1: Calling for Help

It was a quiet day in Yokai Academy, the secret school where monsters went to learn how to live in the human world, to pass as human, to live among them in secret. In the past there had been many bloody battles and this place was created to help the younger generations adapt to the new world. The entire area was hidden behind a powerful barrier that kept it out of the human world, in its own pocket dimension that only special routes could gain access to it. The place looked very gothic; you had forest that looked right out of old monster films with their dead looking trees, graveyards, and a constant red sky in the morning light. Even the water looked like blood at times, but despite the scary look of the place it was filled with young people.

Although for the most part with so many different types of monsters they got alone, there were problems in the past. One had been the Student Police, originally created to promote peace that had been corrupted over time. They had been silent ever since last year when the Newspaper Club defeated their leader Kuyou. Although it had been a team effort, many believed that it was solely Tsukune Aono, a part of the club that had defeated him by himself. In fact the Newspaper Club got into a lot of trouble and had also fixed many problems plaguing the school. The last major foe they had defeated had been the group ANTI-THESIS. A group of hybrid Yokai that hated the 'pure blood' monsters, their leader a former human of all things, had tried to break the barrier and flood the human world with monsters again, leading to a new age of war between human and Yokai.

But they had been stopped, although the barrier had weakened enough for many to see the school for a short time it was back up with no problems. At least, that's what many believed.

Currently a young girl and boy, first years were running through one of the forests that actually had the leaves still on it. They were pretty average, well in their human forms, just a regular young couple out for some fun. They wore the standard green tops and brown pants/skirt uniform for the school as they were currently ditching a class to sneak off alone. There were rumours that this section of the school grounds was being haunted. They wanted to see if the stories were true, plus it was a chance to be alone. The boy Ash had been trying to get the dark haired Lucy alone for some time. He figured a little scary trip alone, maybe her lumping into his arms and he could pretend to be the big strong 'hero' for her.

"So you think we'll find anything?" Lucy asked as they looked around. "I mean spirits are pretty rare here."

"That's true," Ash commented as the green haired boy looked around as well. "Normally spirits don't bother to stick to Yokai areas for some reason. At least that's what my grandfather told me as a kid, I've never even seen one before."

"Yeah same here," Lucy admitted. She too heard all kinds of stories about ghosts and spirits but they mainly stuck to the human world for some reason and she did not like going there. She preferred the Yokai territories herself. The human world was too crowded for her taste, she preferred nature.

They continued on looking for signs of this so called haunting that people were talking about recently but so far no luck.

"Awww, I was hoping to see something today," Lucy pouted.

Ash grinned as he came up behind her and suddenly wrapped his arms around her. She yelped as she jumped in his arms and turned to glare at him. "You jerk!"

He only laughed a bit, "Sorry, but I couldn't help it. Besides you wanted to come out here but since we got this place to ourselves, how about we at least make the most of it?"

She grinned, that was part of her plan as well. She was moving closer when she thought she heard something in the forest.

"Wait did you hear that?" Lucy asked.

"Oh, maybe it's a big bad monster then," Ash grinned moving in closer.

"No I'm serious I think I heard something," she insisted as she pushed him away looking into the thicker part of the forest. "Hello is anyone there?"

At first there was nothing, just silence although it was a deep silence, not even animal noises. Then they felt it, a terrible pressure suddenly on them. It was like a bucket of cold water had been splashed onto their bodies and the water stayed there, weighing them down slightly. It was a very cold and empty feeling, something dark and totally alien to them. Something that felt like it was not meant to be here, something that felt hungry and terrible.

"W-what is this feeling?" Ash asked. "Is this some kind of Yokai power?"

"I don't think so!" Lucy said as she felt pure terror as the feeling she was getting. This was not like any monster power she had felt in her life. The power was something totally different and it was getting closer. It was then that they heard it, a sound unlike any other. It was like howl mixed in with multiple cries overlapping. It was a horrible sound, one of hunger and pain that seemed to cut right into you. You could just feel the screaming sound right to your bones.

It was then that a large creature of some kind bound out of the forest. It was very large, three times the size of a bull. It was dark screen with scales and claws. It looked like a cross between a lizard and a snake. The very odd thing was the large hole in its body and the large white mask it had on its face. It leaped at the two teenagers as they cried out in fear. Just before it attacked them, large thorny vines shot out of the earth wrapping up the monster. The two didn't waste any time in running away, they didn't know what was going on but they would never again skip class after this.

"Well I hope they learned their lesson," a female voice in the sky said to herself. This was Ruby Toujou, sixteen year old witch that worked at the school. She had many jobs as the school took her in, gave her a home and a job not to mention a new wand. She was a pretty young thing, with several pigtails in her long brown hair and wore a gothic style black and pink dress. She looked down at the Hollow she had captured.

She was currently flying with the use of large magical raven winds on her back. "These things are starting to become a nuisance," Ruby said to herself as she commanded the thorns to rip apart the evil spirit. It howled in pain as it was shredded, the body disintegrating as it 'died' if you could say that a spirit that had already died, can die again. She floated on down to take a better look at the area, these creatures had started to show up soon after the barrier had failed. Now they were showing up more and more, and they seemed to be getting stronger as well. As a member of the school, she was tasked with defeating the Hollows as they showed up and keeping it from panicking the student body.

But if this kept up, she was worried that she might get over her head. But the Chairman didn't want the students to get involved.

"Well at least that was just one, last time three showed up," Ruby remarked and felt the presence just in time as something large and dark nearly attacked her in the sky. She turned to see a very large multi-winged Hollow had also been in the area. It had a very long neck with a mask that was shaped like a bird's beak. It howled at her making her wince at the sound, she was still not used to that sound they made was it charged towards her. She quickly flew up to dodge but the tail it had wasn't a single long piece but many smaller ones. As it passed under her, one of these smaller tails grabbed her foot and dragged her along. It swooped down into the trees and she knew that she could get seriously hurt if it dragged her uncontrolled through the branches.

She raised her staff as many magical black crows appeared and started to peck at the mask. She had been told by the Chairman that was the main weak point of the Hollow. It thrashed its head side to side trying to prevent the destruction of the mask. It was distracted enough that he flew too close to the trunk of a tree, smashing partly into it. It crashed to the ground as it let Ruby so, she managed to slow down but not enough before she too hit a tree. She took the blow with her side and gritted her teeth as the pain shot through her.

Normally she liked pain but not when her life was at stake. She quickly recovered and saw the Hollow was trying to get back up. She called forth her powers of nature and the roots of the trees came out of the ground to hold it. It wouldn't hold for long, the Hollow was a strong one. She flew quickly right at the monster as she slammed her staff into the mask. Her power shattered the mask and the Hollow started to decay like the first one. She slumped against a tree, that one had been too close.

-Chairman's Office-

It was later and Ruby had given her report to the Chairman of the school, also known as The Exorcist. His office was always dark, in fact you could hardly make out anything with all the deep shadows. His desk was brightly lit with candle light. The man himself was dressed in white robes like that of some kind of priest with a hood that hide his face under shadows at times. His glasses always seem to reflect enough light so you couldn't see the eyes behind them. He was one of the three Dark Lords of the school, the most public one at least. Even though Ruby worked for him, she still had no idea what the other two looked like.

"I see, so Ruby what do you think of our little pest problem?" The chairman said in a somewhat creepy tone of voice with a smile that had no warmth to it.

"I think that the Hollows are increasing in number and power," Ruby said honestly. "Do we have any idea how they keep getting through the barrier Mr. Chairman?"

The Chairman rested his elbows on the desk as he folded his hands together. "Sadly no, somehow they keep getting in. It happened when the barrier fell for that brief moment so it could have left cracks that they are exploiting but so far I haven't seen anything. However I think it's time for some special help with this, so I've called upon for some help."

"Help sir?" Ruby asked.

"Yes, in fact if they are on time they should be here any moment," The chairman grinned looking at a certain spot. "Be so good as to get some tea for our guest would you?"

"Oh, of course," Ruby said although she had no idea what was going on for sure. She had been filled in on certain things. When the Hollows first showed up, he explained how they were corrupted souls originally. It made sense that an exorcist would know this of course, but then he explained to her a few things like Soul Society and the Shinigami. She didn't know everything but she got the basic understanding down. How to kill Hollows and that feeling you got when they were near was from what was called reiastu, a spiritual pressure that was felt in their from their reiryoku, the spirit power that was very similar to Yokai power. In fact, it was because of this similarity that many Yokai could feel and see spirit forms than say humans.

As she was getting the try with warm tea ready she saw something surprising. An old style Japanese door suddenly appeared in the large office. It opened down the middle as the doors slid open, it was a very bright light coming from it as a very large form came out of it. Ruby looked up at the large figure, it looked like some kind of Yokai, like a giant werewolf in their true form. Only she knew that even Ginei wasn't that large in his natural form. The man was also brown in black robes with a white cloak with the number seven in kanji written on the back.

It took her a moment to realise this must be that Senkaimon gateway she had been told about, the portals that could lead from this world to Soul Society.

"Ah, I take it that you are Captain Komamura?" The Chairman asked the new figure.

"That would be me," Komamura nodded politely. "I must admit, when we received your message through Urahara we were surprised. The Yokai world was supposed to be isolated from Hollows so we haven't had a need to patrol them."

"It would seem that things have changed," The Exorcist said. He gestured to Ruby who laid out some tea for them. Komamura nodded his thanks to the young witch. "We still have no idea how they are getting through the barrier but I fear that with so many Yokai here and no other source of food, the Hollows are drawn to the Yokai energy. It will only be a matter of time before they find the school and then all the children will be at risk."

Komamura nodded in understanding, although Hollows did prefer souls, from what the 12th division theorized, is that Yokai energy is close enough to be a valid food supply for Hollows. Although what would happen to a Hollow that ate them wasn't sure, it had been a very long time since Yokai and Hollows had been in the same area. Normally the monsters that lived among humans, their power was masked by all the human souls in the human world. So Hollows generally ignored them like they usually do with living humans. But this area had no human souls, so the Hollows would be forced to find a new food source.

"You want Soul Society to send help in your message," Komamura stated. "You picked a troubling time, we are currently stretched thin. With the end of the Winter War and Aizen, there is chaos in Hueco Mundo we believe. They have no real leadership and all the Arrancar and other Hollows have been running rampant. Normally there have never been so many Arrancar but with Aizen's experiments he created an army of them."

"We currently have no experienced Shinigami to patrol this area, and if the situation worsens they would not have the power needed if an Arrancar or a Menos shows up."

"Hmm, that is indeed a problem," The Chairman said thinking about the problem. "It would have preferred if they could have passes as students as well, it would allow them to be seen everywhere without suspicion. I don't want to worry the students after all, this school is a very important place."

Komamura thought about it and an idea hit him. He would have to run it by Head Captain Yamamoto but it might work. "There is one possibility, but the problem would be convincing him and maybe his friends."

"I thought all Shinigami follow orders of the Gotei 13?"

Komamura paused a bit, "Well...let's just say that he's a special case and his friends are not Shinigami but they are very capable."

The Chairman leaned forward on his chair interested, "Please, tell me more."

-Karakura Town, One Week Later-

Karakura town was a Western Tokyo town that was pretty normal, well at least on the surface. You would never have known that the place was the greatest source of spirit power in the world currently or that the place was usually plagued with Hollows, human spirits and had been the battle ground that could have destroyed the entire town. But after the Winter War things had changed a bit. The spirit power was slowly leaving the area, at least to what Urahara had said. Also Hollows had been slowly dropping off. Something about all the left over spirit force from the battle was like a warning to all the Hollows. Kind of like how prey smell the scent of a predator, and with all the Captains that had gone fighting full out, many of the weaker Hollows avoided the town.

This was the cause for one Ichigo Kurosaki to be a bit bored. The tall orange haired teen was walking home from school. It was just another ordinary day in his life, at least more normal now. With so little Hollow attacks he had more time than he knew what to do with again. Sure they did show up now and then but nothing like how they used to. Sometimes even his friends managed to get there ahead of him and had already dealt with them. So he spent some of his free time with his friends or training with the Vizard. Given the way his mask had changed he wanted to learn about why this happened. Of course they had no idea, being a Vizard was still largely uncharted territory.

Ichigo still didn't know how to use abilities like Cero, although he kind of wished he did. That would be useful in a fight. It was also a bit bored without Rukia around, after the war she had gone back. He did kind of miss the midget even if she did get on his nerves. He just got used to seeing her with his family in the mornings but he knew it wouldn't last. Plus Kon kept whining about how Rukia was no longer around.

Things had changed that's for sure, he also didn't have to keep any more secrets from Tatsuki, Keigo and Mizurio. Although Tatsuki had waited until he was back in his human body before kicking the crap out of him. She was still not happy how he had lied to her and hadn't told her about, well everything. To make matters worse she made sure that Orihime wouldn't heal him for a few days afterword. But it had been months, spring was here and she was no longer pissed. Although she did feel a little left out with not having any powers. Thankfully Keigo and Mizurio were a bit more understanding. Even if Keigo kept bugging him about Rangiku, that boy was a glutton for punishment.

The odd thing is, back when this first started with Rukia giving him her powers, he wanted to go back to an easy life. Now that he was basically there, he was restless. He had been fighting battles for so long with such intensity that he was missing it. He actually missed battling strong enemies, or going against the odds. Hell one day he actually caught himself thinking of going to Soul Society to see if Kenpachi wanted that damn rematch he kept on bugging Ichigo for. Of course the second he thought of that he mentally slapped himself and was worried for his sanity. Actually going to Kenpachi and asking for a fight? Just how bored was he to do something so suicidal?

He arrived home, the simple yellow building was both home and walk in clinic that his insane father ran.

"I'm home," Ichigo said and ducked on instinct. The flying heel kick of this father just missed his head, he didn't waste any time, Ichigo just gave a left punch to the man's sternum. He looked down at his father who laid on the ground gasping for air. "Don't you ever learn!?"

"You...you have done well my son..." He groaned out.

Ichigo left them there, it would be awhile before the old man could get up for a counter attack. Seriously, what kind of father kept trying to do surprise attacks on his own son? He put the thought aside as one of his younger sisters ran up to him.

"Nii-san," Yuzu came to him with a letter. "This was dropped off for you."

"Huh. Oh thanks," He blinked at the letter. Who would send him a letter? He opened it up as he read it, it was simple and to the point.

'Come to the Urahara shop at 6, don't be later or something bad might happen.'

That was it, that was the whole letter. Ichigo had a very bad feeling about all of this. When things involved 'Mr. Hat and Clogs' something bad usually happened. And he really didn't want to risk the whole 'bad things might happen', he could read between the lines. Most likely he would send another one of those damn blood message balloons into his room. It took him a damn half-hour to clean up the mess from the last one. He sighed, well he might as well go and see what the man wanted.


When Ichigo arrived at Urahara's little shop he was surprised to find several others already there. Sitting there was Orihime, Sado and of all people Uryu. He had to grin seeing the last Quincy there trying to look dignified, he wondered how Urahara blackmailed the guy into coming. Since Uryu still was technically under that promise to his father about not getting involved with Shinigami again.

"So you finally showed, huh Ichigo." That was a voice he hadn't heard in months as Rukia walked in from another room in her Shinigami robes.

"Ah, Kuchiki-san!" Orihime smiled at seeing her friend again after so long. She had only gotten here a few minutes before Ichigo and had no idea what was going on. She had just been told to take a seat and wait for the others.

"Nice to see you again Orihime," Rukia smiled at the long haired girl. "And to the rest of you, it's been too long."

"Rukia, good to see you, how have you been?" Ichigo asked taking a seat at the small round table.

"Not bad," she commented with a shrug, "It's gotten a bit busy lately so sorry I haven't kept in touch."

"Oh? It's pretty dull here," Ichigo said as he wondered about that.

"As much as reunions are great and all why are we here?" Uryu asked pushing up his glasses. The only reason he came was because Urahara said that he owed the man one for letting him know that Orihime had been kidnapped and for getting him into Hueco Mundo. So he was here to listen to what was going on but he couldn't go against his promise. He gave his word as a Quincy and his pride wouldn't let him break his word.

"It seems that there is a unique problem," Rukia said as she sat down with the others. "Some time ago, Soul Society was contacted by another group for help. It seems their school is being attacked by Hollows and they need help in dealing with them."

"Why would they go after a school?" Yasutora "Chad" Sado the half Mexican and very large man asked.

"I'm wondering how they even knew about Soul Society," Uryu said as he caught that bit of information. "No normal school would know about that."

"You're right it's not a normal school," Rukia said to them. "It's a school for Yokai."

There was a pause in the room as Ichigo looked at the short dark haired Shinigami. "Yokai...you mean as in monsters, like vampires and stuff? You're telling me that there is a school for them and that they exist?"

Rukia looked annoyed at the boy, "What you don't believe me?" She challenged him after all this reminded her of their first talk when they first met.

"No I believe you," Ichigo said to her surprise. "Given everything that's gone on with my life since I met you, I'm not really surprised by this kind of stuff anymore."

"Oh...well...good then," Rukia wasn't sure how to take that comment and decided on moving on. "I've been assigned to go, since I have the most experience in school life so I'm going to pose as a student there. But given that more powerful Hollow could show up, I was asked if any of your could come with me."

"Wait you want us to just up and leave and go to some strange school to fight Hollows?" Ichigo yelled out. "Are you insane? Who will protect the town or what will I even tell my family not to mention I can't just leave school just like that!"

"I know that!" Rukia said angrily. "Let me finish! Anyway, if you agree, there have been preparations by Yokai Academy for transfers. You can transfer out of the school for however long the mission is and also you can be transferred back. You can tell your families that you're being accepted into a private school."

"Yeah...well what about the town then?" Ichigo hadn't expected such a detailed plan, something seemed off. Rukia never planned things out this well, but there was still one large hole in her logic. He protected this town, and even if it was relatively quiet it could get more Hollows eventually.

"I have a plan for that," As the man himself, Kisuke Urahara former Captain of the 12th Division and Shinigami in exile. Although he had been pardoned for his former crimes by the Head Captain after the war, he still stayed having grown attached to the human world life. The man walked out with his ever present green and white robe and stripped hat. His fan unfolded in front of his face fanning himself for some unknown reason. "Shinji said he'd do it."

"Shinji said what!?" Ichigo nearly jumped up, this was the first he ever heard of this.

"Oh yes, the Vizards are bored to be honest so they agreed to take over your duties." Urahara grinned to himself. "Plus I'm sure that a low level Shinigami can be sent here to help with soul burials. So there is no problem! You can go at any time now."

"Hey I haven't agreed to anything yet!" Ichigo yelled back at the man.

"Well, how about you at least listen to the request from someone from there?" He smirked seeing their reactions. He stepped aside as Ruby walked into the room, she was a bit nervous as she bowed to everyone there. Everyone hadn't been expecting a normal looking girl (albeit in strange gothic dress) to show up.

"Hello, my name is Ruby and I'm here on behave of Yokai Academy," Ruby looked everyone over. There was a very prim and proper looking boy in glasses. She could see that he sat very straight, good posture and looked very sharp. Then there was the extremely large dark skinned boy that didn't look fully Japanese, although his size was intimidating, there was a feeling of gentleness about him. The girl was looking at her with wide eyed wonder. Ruby couldn't help but see similar person as her friend Moka, the girl seemed to be the very positive type, long reddish hair and a chest that was in league with Kurumu.

It was the orange haired boy that she looked at the most. At first he looked like a tall and handsome looking boy but with this scowl that seemed to be etched into this face. But it was the eyes that caught her attention. Although they were a plain brown, it was the intensity in them that Ruby was caught by. The look of a warrior, someone that would never back down a look she had only seen when Inner Moka was released. It was the same type of eyes he shared with the vampire.

"Oh what kind of yokai are you Ruby-san?" Orihime jumped up excited at meeting the girl.

"Oh, I'm a witch," Ruby said shocked by how the girl was so openly friendly. From what she was told this girl was a human with strange powers that were unique to the world. Ruby was a lot better at dealing with humans now, but there was still a small part of her that was uncertain around strangers.

"Oh that's so neat!" Orihime had a million questions about that. "Can you turn people into things, can you fly on a broom or how about cats? Do you have a black cat? We have one that talks named Yoruichi, well she's only a cat sometimes, other times she's this beautiful woman. She's not here for some reason but she's most likely out doing something."

Ruby was surprised the girl had such lung capacity to say all that in one go. "W-well I can fly but I use raven wings, I don't have a cat or anything and I don't turn people into things, that's actually a stereotype that witches don't like."

"Oh sorry I didn't know," Orihime apologised.

"Oh it's okay," Ruby smiled at her as she sat down with them. "Not many people know what real witches are like. But I'm here to ask for your help." She looked to everyone there. "We're keeping things quiet for the students but I'm afraid that sooner or later it will get too much to handle normally. The Hollows are increasing in number and strength. I'm afraid what will happen if something very powerful enters."

"How have you been dealing with the Hollows?" Uryu asked as he noticed something about Ruby. There was a bandage on her arm that she was trying to hide. "Did you get that injury from fighting them?"

Roby was surprised he noticed the small wrap on her arm and slowly raised her left arm from under the table. "I got this a couple of days ago. I've been fighting the Hollows but with all my other duties it's starting to put a strain on me. We don't have anyone that can keep the students safe and it's my duty to protect the school."

"You put yourself in such a position for a school?" Ichigo asked her.

"You don't understand where I come from," Ruby looked down. "Before, I only had my master and I hated all humans. My parents were killed by someone in a car and I was alone for a long time. But then my friends came, at first we were enemies but they showed me something. I no longer hate humans and Yokai Academy took me in. I have a new home, friends and everything I've wanted. I have a place where I belong and I will protect the school and everyone there."

Orihime moved over to the witch as she looked at the injury, "Can I see it? I can help with that."

"Well I already put a healing potion on it, it should be fine in a couple more days," Ruby didn't know what Orihime's powers were at that moment but it was a moment she would never forget.

Orihime just smiled kindly at the other girl as she held out her hand to her. "Please."

Ruby didn't know why she did but the look in the other girl's eyes told her to trust her. She lifted her arm and Orihime looked at it. She gently removed the bandage and everyone could see the wound. It was closed up and Ruby knew she would have a scar from it but she accepted it.

"Souten Kisshen, I reject." Orihime said and Ruby watched in wonder as two entities from the hairpins on her head came to life. They looked like small birds or something as they flow to either side of her injury then a golden shield was formed. Ruby watched as the wound was healed up; she had never seen such healing talents or even read about such a thing. It was beyond anything that she knew was possible. Even the greatest of healing spells would take a lot more effort to do what Orihime was doing.

Within seconds her injury was gone, like it had never happened, not even a scar or anything. Ruby looked at Orihime with new eyes, this girl was special. Ruby knew that she could spend her entire life looking for someone that would never match up to this girl. She only smiled at Ruby and Ruby had to smile back. She hoped this girl would come to the academy, she wanted to learn more about her and her powers.

"Thank you," Ruby said to her.

"Oh it's no problem," Orihime smiled while sticking her tongue out a bit, slightly embarrassed form the open praise. "I'm really good at healing. Plus I don't like to see others get hurt, and you seem to really care a lot for the school."

Ruby nodded, "I do, plus it's not just important to me. The school is a place where young Yokai can go and learn to live in peace among humans. You see long ago humans and yokai were at war a lot of the time. So much death and destruction, that there is still a lot of misunderstandings and mistrust among the two. The school hopes that it can help make it so both races and learn to live in peace."

She bowed to them all, "So please help us. On behave of Yokai Academy; we pled for you to lend us your strength to defend the school and the students."

Ichigo had a lot to think about at the moment, sure he wanted to protect the town but the girl was putting herself on the line to defend what was clearly important to her. He could understand that. He looked to the others. Uryu seemed to be warring over the issue, most likely thinking about how his pride and honor as a Quincy would demand he do this. Chad looked at him and he could see it in his eye, he would do whatever Ichigo said but he was interested in helping. Orihime, well he didn't have to guess, she always wanted to help out anyone, even an enemy.

For himself, well he had been really bored and he needed some action. He felt like an animal in a cage just walking from point to point looking out at the bars, eager to run free again. But was it really alright to just leave? He had left before, to save Rukia and then to save Orihime. Was this any different? Plus at least his family would have an explanation.

What was he to do?

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