Bleached Vampire

Chapter 53: Epilogue

It was a bunch of tearful goodbyes as the Newspaper Club said goodbye to their friends. Everyone was gathered out by the road to the tunnel that lead out of the school and into the human world. The bus that had taken all those from Karakura town was back along with the creepy bus driver. Most of the hollows were already sitting in the back of the bus waiting although Nel was saying goodbye to everyone while Harribel stood by the door of the bus. Her fraccion waited inside with the others as Harribel wasn't one for goodbyes she was just waiting for Nel to finally finish with hers.

"I'm going to miss you Ichigo!" Nel wailed crushing Ichigo in a bear hug so tightly that he was going red.

"Nel-san he's in his human body!" Orihime warned her as Ichigo felt like he was about to pass out from the strong woman's grip on him.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" Nel quickly let him go feeling bad about crushing him.

"No problem," Ichigo waved her off although he thought that a few ribs might have been close to breaking from that hug. He was still feeling some of the bruises that were already on his body.

"What happened to you two anyway?" Rukia asked Renji and Ichigo, both were covered in some bruises ever since she had seen them this morning.

"The kendo club wanted to give us a proper goodbye apparently," Ichigo muttered still feeling some of the injuries.

"We told them we wouldn't be back when the school reopened and the club captains wanted to have a 'special' farewell." Renji couldn't believe that he and Ichigo had to fight the entire club. It was like being back in the Eleventh Division all over again with some of the insane traditions. By the time they had ended both of them were given two wooden practice swords as a gift.

"Are you sure that you all can't come back to yokai academy?" Fong-Fong asked them as Nel said goodbye to Orihime next only this time a bit more gently as the girls said their goodbyes.

"Sorry but we had a job to do here and it's done," Renji told the boy not getting too into the whole reason. "Plus they need to head on back to Karakura town and Rukia and I need to head on back as well."

"Oh so you're being recalled by her brother?" Fong-Fong stated knowing how things worked in the mafia.

"Uh...yeah something like that," Renji muttered scratching the back of his head as the boy still thought that the Gotei 13 were some kind of mafia organization. Then he turned an annoyed look to two others that were saying a tearful goodbye. "What the hell is up with those two?"

"I'm going to miss you so much!" Kon the little stuffed lion wailed as he hugged Gin who was also having manly tears of goodbye to the little guy.

"Same here little guy, we were a great team," The werewolf was going to be disappointed there was no one else that he had met that rivaled his love for women like this little mod soul. Plus who else could he get to carry his camera through the air ducts to take pictures into the girl's locker rooms? Or how he was able to slip in and take some 'souvenirs' from girls who didn't learn to lock the doors of the lockers.

"I really don't know but I think I don't want to know," Rukia said evenly as she had a really bad thought of what those two had gotten up to when no one was looking. She felt a tug on her sleeve as she looked down to the little witch girl looking like she was on the verge of tears but holding them back.

"Rukia-san, I'm going to miss you the most!" The little girl hugged the shinigami woman. Rukia was a little surprised but gave a smile as she hug the little girl close.

"I know but I'll remember my time here with all of you fondly, it was fun wasn't it?" Rukia asked her.

She pulled away wiping her ears putting on a smile, "Yeah it was fun."

As everyone was saying their goodbyes to various people Mizore and Kurumu only had a certain someone they wanted to say goodbye to. Mizore went to Chad as the two silently said their goodbyes as she hugged him and he engulfed her into his large arms. She could hear the beating of his heart as she wanted to memorize the sound of it, the feel of his body against hers.

Kurumu hugged Uryu tightly not wanting to part from him knowing who knew how long it would take for them to see each other again. "You better call and write me all the time."

"I will," he said gently stroking her hair.

"I mean if, if you don't I won't forgive you."

"Then I shouldn't disappoint you then," Uryu told her.

Everyone had said their goodbyes to each other as the Karakura group got onto the bus. Urahara and Yoruichi were the last as apparently he had to clean up a few things and make arrangements to have a few items sent to his store. Both of them sat together as he looked out the window to the school.

"What's on your mind?" Yoruichi asked him.

"I think I'm going to miss being a teacher here, it was kind of fun." He told her.

She smiled and nodded, "Yeah it was fun, maybe we can come back and teach again? Not like we got much else going on at the moment."

Urahara thought about it, it was a possibility. It would be something to think about he couldn't run the candy store forever after all. Maybe after a few more decades when he was sure things would quiet down he could do that, there would be plenty of research but it might get boring.

He smiled at her, "Sure thing but only on the condition that you are there as well."

Her eyes widened a bit but she got a large smile on her face, "Just stop me."

As the bus started up there were many people waving goodbye to each other, some were tearful but all were heartfelt. Those left behind could only wave their friends away, they had only known each other for a little time but in the time everything had changed since then. New relationships had formed both friendships and love, bonds that all hoped that they would bring them together again one day.

-One Month Later, Karakura Town-

The group of friends walked towards school, Ichigo and Orihime walked hand in hand as usual. Ever since they got home he took it upon himself to walk her to and from school, even if it was a little out of the way he didn't mind. He got to see him every morning and afternoon, sometimes Tatsuki would join them. She had teased them a little when they got back about their relationship but she was very supportive.

That had been the biggest change for Ichigo the whole girlfriend being back home was a big change. As soon as the school found out he had to deal with a few annoyances. First of course there was how annoying Keigo had been about the whole thing that he had expected. Then both he and Tatsuki had to explain in great detail to Chizuru that her groping Orihime was now no longer going to happen. The girl had sulked for a week but eventually she turned her attention to some other student thankfully.

Then of course there were the other male students, but he had dealt with the same glares from kids who were actual monsters so from humans he wasn't even phased at all. Although looking at the others in his group he couldn't help but feel sorry for Chad and Ishida. Chad hadn't said much but it was clear to everyone the big guy missed Mizore. The same could be said of Ishida although the Quincy was a very private person although he did seem a little more repressed lately than normal.

Honestly Ichigo didn't know how to deal with it, if Orihime was suddenly out of his life he wouldn't know how to deal with that himself let alone help someone out of it. He felt Orihime's soft hand in his as she chatted happily with Tatsuki as they got to the gate of the school. He just wanted to look at her at how her long hair moved and how her smile made him feel warm inside.

Of course the moment was broken quickly enough.

"Ichigo!" the loud voice of Keigo yelled out as Ichigo lazily raised his left arm to close line the boy.

"Hey Keigo," Ichigo said in a bored tone he really wished the boy would learn by this point.

He got up like nothing happened, "Ichigo you meanie, how can you do that do a friend?"

"Maybe if you weren't so loud it wouldn't annoy him," Mizuiro the shortest of his friends said. The dark haired teen boy was texting most likely another of his 'girls' on his cell phone. How someone that looked so nice could get so many girls was beyond Ichigo but he somehow managed.

Uryu walked on ahead he wasn't interested in what was going on, personally he just wanted to get to class and lose himself in that. School work was one of the few things that would take his mind off the other issues that he was dealing with. He had been keeping in touch with Kurumu but hearing her voice or getting e-mails from her just wasn't as good as having her there.

Ichigo and Orihime noticed Uryu and the dark cloud over his head as both knew he was still hurting somewhat. Orihime the ever constant healer wished she could use her powers to get rid of the pain he felt, she hated seeing others especially her friends in pain.

What no one noticed was a pair of feet walking towards them with long socks pulled down. They stopped for a moment before starting a running dash.


Everyone froze for various reasons at the high pitched yell, those that didn't know the voice turned wondering who was yelling, the others quickly snapped their heads around in surprise. Uryu froze in place at first thinking he had just day dreamed that voice. He slowly turned around hearing stomping footfalls of someone running at him. Just as he turned he just had enough time to see a blur of blue before something slammed into him.

The others stood still watching the girl give a flying glump to the sullen boy as the girl wrapped her arms around his neck and pulling him into a deep kiss.

"W-what the hell!?" Tatsuki asked blushing at the public scene.

"How the hell does that guy get a girl like that throwing herself at him!?" Keigo wailed seeing the beauty that was still kissing the boy. By this point other students had seen and were watching the scene. There were many interested looks some blushing themselves at the scene.

"Kurumu, what are you doing here?" Ichigo yelled out the first to break out of the shock at seeing the yokai girl. She was totally ignoring him though all too eager to make up for lost time it would seem not that Uryu was fighting off the girl at the moment.

"Jeez I think she's giving him tongue," Tatsuki muttered hearing about it but never seeing it done before.

"Looks like it," Orihime said absent mindedly before Tatsuki gave her a sideways look making the girl blush.

"And you would know this how?"

"A friend told me about it." She said quietly fiddling with her hands looking down. Although that friend had been Rangiku when she had visited, in fact the older woman had told her a lot of things. Plus she wasn't going to admit that she had gone that far with Ichigo either first she wanted to know why her friend from Yokai Academy was even here and looking closer she noticed something else.

"Is she wearing one of our uniforms?" Orihime pointed out as everyone took another look, the girl was wearing a Karakura High School uniform.

"What is going on here?" Ichigo demanded.

"Sorry I think Kurumu-chan got a little ahead of herself," yet another familiar voice coming behind them spoke up. Everyone turned to see even more old friends showing up, as Tsukune with Moka hanging off his arm, Yukari there in the new uniform but wearing her witch hat, Kokoa standing next to the little witching with her arms behind her head and surprising of all was Fong-Fong.

"You guys!?" Ichigo wasn't sure he could take any more surprises this early in the morning. "Hey wait, where's Mizore?"

"Over there," Tsukune pointed giving a nervous laugh. Everyone turn to look to see the snow woman cuddling up against a surprised Chad as they hadn't even noticed her there.

"We wanted to surprise you all," Yukari said happily and then did a little twirl. "Urahara-sensei gave us the uniforms today."

"So wait since you're all wearing our uniforms," Tatsukie spoke up drawing to the conclusion.

"Yep we all transferred here today," Tsukune said scratching the back of his head. "Since the academy is closed down for the rest of the school year we still needed an education and certain things kind of fell into place that let us go to school here."

"Yes I was able to arrange certain things," Fong-Fong spoke up proudly using his family's influence and money to get things set up. There was no way he was letting Tsukune, Ichigo and the others go without trying to get them to join his Chinese Mafia family. The Family needed strong people and these people were the strongest he had seen so if he could keep everyone together to help try and convince them he would.

"Academy, oh wait that means you're all yokai then huh?" Tatsuki heard all about this from Orihime and Ichigo especially when they got back and got to hear all the stories first hand.

The Yokai students stiffened at that even Kurumu finally let go of Uryu to take notice plus she needed a bit of a breather as she held on to the boy casting a look to the dark haired girl.

"Don't worry about it," Tatsuki seeing the panicked looks on a few of them. "We're used to all the weird stuff and they filled us in on what was going on awhile ago."

"Yes given that we all see spirits and hollows now so being around yokai wouldn't be a problem," Mizurio stated with a small smile trying to let them know that they were all friends here.

"Yeah dealing with seeing strange things that others can't is enough stress," Keigo stated and then looked at the girls. "Besides anything that looks that pretty can't be scary, although just my luck they all seem to have boyfriends."

A sudden shout followed by a large impact got everyone's attention.

"Do that again and I'll cave in your skull!" Tatsuki yelled out her face red as she was in a fighting stance standing over Gin who was lying on his back holding the side of his face with his hand.

"Oh great he's here as well," Ichigo said deadpan.

"You know this jerk?" Tatsuki demanded, "I felt this guy pulling up my skirt!" She hadn't even felt his presence until he had done it. The older boy got up as he dusted himself off as Tatsuki got a good look at him. He was a tall and actually handsome looking guy, he also smiled at her without a care and she got a very bad feeling about him. He was too confident and she could tell he was trying to act charming, this was someone that was the enemy to women her mind warned her.

"Sorry I couldn't resist you had such a cute look to you and I appreciate strong women as well," He grinned at her rubbing his jaw he had been surprised by the human girl's speed and strength. She was cute to him her dark hair had grown out a little behind her head while the front was kept nice and trim. She had a slim but athletic look to her but she did have some qualities he could enjoy, her legs looked very nice in that grey skirt.

Tatsuki could only take a little step back, was this guy actually trying to flirt with her after she had decked him?

Gin looked to the others, "Well I couldn't leave my beloved juniors alone. Plus the deal is that there had to be a more senior student to keep an eye on things. As you know the school was to help us blend into human society. So this is going to be the next step for us, blending in. No powers or abilities and we have to fit in."

"So you're all here then," Orihime clapped her hands and hugged Moka and Tsukune as they were the closest ones to her as both of them were glad to see their friend again.

Uryu finally over the fact that Kurumu was there in his arms and from her hello kiss as well as he looked down at the blue haired girl. "You didn't say anything to me about this."

She shyly smiled at him, "I wanted it to be a big surprise, me and Mizore."

"I'm not normally one for them but in this case I think I can make an exception," Uryu told her.

"So are we going to hang out here all day or are we ever going inside?" Kokoa said visibly annoyed. She didn't much care for human schools but her sister and everyone else was going here and she didn't want to be left out.

"We should register," Mizore spoke up knowing that they had a lot of work to get done.

"Crap we're going to be late for class at this point," Ichigo ran a hand through his hair. "We should catch up later."

-Later that Day-

It had been a long day for everyone as they all wanted to catch up but first the yokai had to register and also be assigned to their classes. Fong-Fong and Kokoa ended up in the same class as they were both first years. The rest were scattered among the two second year classes. Of course there were many questions, such as why Yukari was there when it was made evident she was a child genius that got around the school quickly.

So did the fact that three of the new second year girls were all had boyfriends, one being one of the new male students. Gin was the only one in the third years and already was flirting with all the girls.

Currently the yokai group were leading their friends to where they were staying while in Karakura town. Fong-Fong told them that his family owned the building so they were staying in. He had gone to the Exorcist about his idea and had been surprised and delighted that he had agreed to the idea. Both Ichigo and Uryu felt a little paranoid when it came to the Head Master the guy was a little too much like Urahara in some ways although while Mr. Hat and Clogs came off as a goofball most times, the Exorcist was the total opposite.

They arrived to a residential area that looked normal enough but they came up to a two story building that was a bit larger. It was cubed and had a very minimalist design to it but there were lots of windows on the second floor oddly enough. It looked like the second floor had plenty of living space from how it was designed. There was a seven foot wall surrounding the building made from solid concrete making it a little higher than normal in the area.

Although what surprised them was seeing yet one more familiar face at the front with a broom sweeping the entrance. There stood Ruby with an apron on humming to herself.

"Ah Ruby-san!" Orihime called out happy to see the older witch.

The brunette looked up and smiled as she waved to everyone. "Hello everyone!"

"You're here too huh?" Ichigo stated.

"Oh yes many, many things happened," Ruby giggled. "But I am now the dorm maiden for Yokai Dorms."

"Yokai Dorms?" Chad asked as Mizore tugged on his sleeve and pointed to a plaque on one of the walls. Right there it literally said 'Yokai Dorms for Young Students' there in simple text.

"I hate to be the one that ruins this whole thing," Ichigo commented as something had been bothering him. "Although we're all glad you're here you all do know that this town isn't exactly safe from hollows. Hell we get them nearly every day it seems."

"That is something I've been thinking about as well," Uryu said pushing up his classes with his only free arm as Kurumu hadn't let go of his other one ever since they got out of class.

"Oh we have wards on the building that hide our presence," Ruby told him happily. "We had this place prepared."

"Prepared by who?" Orihime asked.

"Urahara-sensei," Ruby told them as all the Karakura town members should have guessed at least those that knew the man personally.

"Still we know it won't be easy," Kokoa stated knowing that even outside of the building the hollows might be able to sense them. "We're hoping with so many humans around it will be hard for them to pick us out unless they're right on top of us but even so it's usually just the weak ones that show up right? If that's the case then we'll just crush them, I took out dozens of them on my own after all."

"Looks like things are going to be interesting around here," Keigo spoke up.

"Yeah it looks like it," Tatsuki said with a grin. "Oh look Mizurio is already hitting on that Ruby girl."

"He always did like older girls," Keigo sighed.

The End

Well it took me awhile to finish this story but I'm glad I did it, I think I'll end it here and do some other works. Maybe one day I'll come back to this world and do a sequel. Thanks for everyone that reviewed the story.