AU In this story Gibbs has four children, Anthony 8, Kelly 5, and Kate 3 and Abigail 1.. I know that's not normal ages, but it works for this story.

There Goes My Everything


If someone had told him 10 years ago that he would be the soft kind of dad he would have laughed in your face. He knew know that hos children could make his heart melt. He had done good for himself in these last couple of years. He was married to the most beautiful woman on the planet Shannon. He loved her more than anything. She had given him the 4 most beautiful children. Anthony Jack his oldest was a spit-fire at 8 years old, his sisters were his life. It was his job when his dad wasn't home to protect the woman. He was a carbon copy of his dad except he had his mother's green eyes. He was a lanky little guy but he was his only son, and his pride and joy. Kelly his oldest girl was his little princess, with his hair and eyes. She was so prim and proper and always wanted to do the best by everyone. At 5 years old she held her daddy in her hand. She really didn't care about her brother except when he played with her and put her to bed. Caitlin was different from her siblings, she was his little lady bug. At 3 years old she knew what she wanted when she wanted it. She was mix of Shannon and him. With his eyes and Shannon's feminine features. A little spit-fire in her own way. She didn't like to picked on, but loved for her mommy to hold her. She was a mommy's girl but loved her daddy still. And last but not least was his youngest Abigail, who was his little Butterfly. She was the one who could make his heart melt. Being the only child he had that looked exactly like her mom. She made his swell, she was his youngest and was 100% a daddy's girl. He knew he wouldn't have anymore children. So he took what he had with everything in him. His children were everything to him. This was his family, and he loved every minute of it.