Alright folks I'm back. With a whole new story but the same bunch of characters. This one goes some what by the book Yes it's filled with Vampires and hot sexy wolf boys!!! But I've tweaked it a little. See I hated how the book New Moon went. Really hated it. I mean Bella just disintegrates and when she finally starts to build her life back, Edward comes back. AND SHE TAKES HIS STUPID ASS BACK!

So I've decided to write my own version of New Moon. It takes place a few weeks after Edward leaves. I've also changed a few of the details. First and fore most everyone is either 17 or 18. That includes all of the wolves except Sam and Leah who are 22, and Seth Collin and Brady, who are 16. Emily, Sam's imprint is 22. Claire, Quil's imprint is 16. I just thought it was waaaayy too creepy that she was 2. I don't care how Stefanie Meyers justified it. It was just creepy. I've also shortened Bella's "grieving time", and by the time this story starts all the boys have phased to wolves. Bella doesn't know yet.

I am NOT a fan of Edwards. And I do not like how Bella just accepts the whole Cullen family back into her life so readily. So if you like Edward, I would turn back now if I were you. You will NOT like how I portray him

Oh yes and just so we are clear. I do not own Twilight or any of these characters. Stephanie Meyers created them, I've just been playing around with them. Besides, if I owned Jacob Black, I would have no time to write fan fiction. ;)

Okay now that we've gotten all that taken care of.....on to the good stuff!

Bella's POV

Be happy.

The last thins Edward said to me before he left. Happy? How could I be happy when the love of my life deserted me in the forest. I spent a week on my couch, crying. Charlie was beside himself. He had little idea how to raise a teenage daughter to begin with. How was he going to take care of one whose heart was literally torn to shreds. I didn't think I would ever recover.

But sitting on that couch did something to me. I spent a few days turning the last words he said to me over and over in my head. And after a while, I started getting pissed. Really pissed. I had devoted myself to him, hell I was willing to become like him so I could be with him forever, and THIS is how he treats me. Fuck him. He wants me to be happy. I'll be happy. And I'll be happy by doing all the things that he wouldn't let me do. Edward treated me like a fragile doll. And I was anything but fragile. He left me, wanted me to have normal human experiences. Well alright there Eddie boy, I'll do just that. I may not have been much of a party er of wild child before I came to Folks, and I wasn't about to turn into one, but I was going to cut loose, that's for sure.

So on the seventh day of "grieving" I decided to take action. It was time to reinvent Isabella Swan. Starting with my hair. It was ugly brown and ran to the middle of my back. It didn't curl, but it wasn't straight either. It was time for a change. I called up Jessica Stanley. She would know a thing or two about dying hair. She was ecstatic. So within a half hour of my phone call to her she and I were on our way to Port Angeles to go to Sally's Beauty Salon. There we picked up some black hair dye, and purple. Jessica decided that we would dye my hair completely black except and give me purple streaks. I liked the idea. After we bought the stuff we headed to her house. I didn't think Charlie would be too keen on (a) me using the bathroom all Saturday to dye my hair and (b) dye the bathtub. Which is exactly what happened at Jessica's. But her mom wasn't too upset about it, seeing as Jessica tended to do that too.

It turned out AMAZING. And Jessica had the brilliant idea to use a hot iron to straighten my hair out. It was me, just edgier. And I wanted edgier It matched my mood. Yeah I was still a little sad that Edward had dumped me, but I was more pissed off than anything else. Be Happy? I'll show you happy Edward.

"Hey Bella I have an AWESOME idea" Jessica said to me as she continued to work on straightening my hair.

"And what's that Jess?" I looked back at her in the mirror.

"Well Eric is throwing a party tonight. His parents are out of town, and his house is kind of out of the way. Why don't we go and show off the new you!"

"Hmm." I thought for a moment. I never really was a party-er, although I had been to a party or two in Phoenix. "Why not Jess, sounds like fun. And let's call Angela."

Jessica nodded and handed me her cell phone as she finished up my hair, and then decided to work on my make up.

I called Angela, she was hesitant at first, but I told her it was all part of me working on forgetting Edward, and she was all for it. She told us to give her a half hour so she could throw some clothes and make up on.

Oh Shit! Clothes! I was wearing a beat up old pair of sweats and an equally beat up tee shirt. Jessica must have read my mind, because as soon as she finished our make up she headed to her closet and started throwing out clothes.

"We're about the same size, these are my "party clothes". Look it over and pick out what you like. Oh and next week we should totally take Angela and go to Port Angeles to shop for your own party clothes!" I nodded weakly at her as I dug through her pile of clothes. I had never been much of a shopper, but if I was going to reinvent myself, new clothes would be part of it.

Jessica threw on a pair of TIGHT dark wash low rise boot cut jeans, and a tight sleeveless purple shirt with a plunging neckline. She wore black spiked healed boots complete the outfit. I was having trouble picking something out. Jessica sighed and rummaged through the pile. She pulled out a pair of fake leather pants and a red sleeveless shirt with rooshing at the bust and a plunging neckline. She also handed me her shin high black leather boots with only a small heal to them. She winked at me and walked out so I could change. I took a deep breath. Here goes nothing!

By the time we got to the party it was already popping. After we had picked up Angela we took a wrong turn and were lost for ½ hour. We could hear the music and the talking, laughing and just general commotion when we got out of the car, but when we got inside everything seemed to cease. And all eyes were on me. Grrrreat. But I mustered a smile, and waved. After a few seconds more a staring, everyone went back to what ever they had been doing and I went to look for some alcohol. OH LOOK JELLO SHOTS! Mike came up to me and wrapped his arm around me. He was already pretty wasted as he leaned in to talk to me.

"Bella! Looking good girl! What's this all about.." He used the hand that was holding his beer to motion up and down my body.

I smiled at him. "Just thought it was time for a change is all. Do you like it?" I knew he would like it. I could be wearing a cardboard box and Mike Newton would get a hard on.

He nodded fiercely at me, grinning.


I snapped my head in the direction of the voice that had just called me. Jessica was laying on a table with her shirt pushed up above her navel. Some guy was pouring some sort of liquor into it and then sucking it out.


"I don't know Jessica, I'm not too keen on having some random guy suck booze out of my belly button."

"Oh come on your noooo fun."

Next thing I know I'm laying on the table with my shirt just above my navel and Jessica is pouring tequila into it. Mike Newtons eyes are on fire. But before he even has a chance to bend down another set of lips are on my stomach. Warm lips surround my belly button as very warm hands gentelly held my hips. Who ever it is finished his shot and reaches a hand to help me up. I sit up to stare into the eyes of.....Jacob Black.

He smiles at me, this big toothy grin that just melts away the pain and anger. It lights up my whole mood. He helps me off the table and we move away from the crowd. I look back up at him. His father is best friends with Charlie, and I've known Jacob since we were babies. We are only 2 months apart. He and I used to make mud pies together when we were kids, and when I used to spend my summers in Forks. I actually hadn't seen him since my prom, which he crashed. He had gotten huge.

Jacob must have been about 6'4" now and he was all muscle. His shirt was too tight on him and I could see the bulging muscles in his arms and chest. He had cut his hair short and lost a lot of the babyness in his face. I looked him up and down, and when I got back to his face I realized he was doing the same thing to me. Our eyes met and I bushed. But Jacob kept staring at me. With this look on his face that is hard to describe. He looked at me like I was the only person in this room. His eyes were full of devotion and awe. It was almost creepy. And I think if it was anybody else, I would have been creeped out. But with Jacob I wasn't I had an overwhelming urge to touch him. To hold his hand. To be with him and not let him go. Damn those jello shots.

Alright, so what do you think so far. Be honest. I am trying to take suggestions from my other story so I am working on the paragraphs, grammar, and spelling. But I promise no miracles. So Just tell me what you think, and I'll see you in chapter 2 with Jacob's POV.

And yes, there is underage drinking. No I am not condoning this behavior. But it happens. So it's in my story.