Life after Max

Hi it's me Indigo life has changed now my mum's happy then she was. We've moved into a nice new house there's no damp at all its really airy. Misti is now 10 years old and has turned into a real little lady. My hasn't had boyfriend after Max she says she doesn't want what happened to happen again. After all that drama with my friends I've got some new one's my new best mate is Jenna she just lives next door so it's really easy to see her! I also have a boy friend his name is Dan he loves me for who I am and I love him right back! So yeah my mum didn't press any charges she didn't want to get into a mess again. Also my um look's beautiful now she wears lots of different colours not just blue anymore. She's got into music and is learning to play the guitar. She says that me and her should start a band she says I have a great singing voice.

Dear Indigo

How are you? I hope your okay and I want to come back. I still have the same all job and everything so what do you say give it an another go? Please I'm desperate I just want to see you your mum and little Misti I've missed you and her growing up please Indigo

Max x

I never did open that letter so here it is that's what he wants! To be back with us well no Max mum doesn't want to you back at all so I replied

Dear Max

I'm good thank you. No your not coming back we have a nice life I have a boyfriend called Dan and mum's lucky colour isn't blue anymore you haven't missed much anyway so stopping playing the I miss you game because you don't okay were all fine


He never replied after that. We can all move on from him but the scars he left will never be forgotten