Chapter 15

"You taste like cupcakes.." He whispered, running his hand down her side till he had a handful of skirt. He kissed her again.

"I'm the Queen of Cupcakes." She reminded him, breathlessly, reaching for him again.

The movie played on, but no one was watching.

She was half on top of him and he loved it. His hands clenched in her skirt and he groaned. She looked at him questioningly, fear that he would reject her in her eyes.

He flipped her over so that he lay on top, between her legs, and he kissed her again. He smiled, undoing her cardigan and opening it so he could kiss her flesh. "Do you want to stop?" He whispered between kisses.

She arched her back towards him and pulled his head towards hers. "Never." She moaned.

He bit at her neck playfully as she undid his pants and pushed them down his hips. He laughed into her neck. "Maybe we should slow down." He kissed her collarbone. "We've got all night." He undid the clasp on her bra and opened it, running his hand over her exposed flesh.

"We could always do it again....and again." She whispered. His touch was shooting sparks straight through her, and she wanted him badly.

He chuckled and dipped his head to her chest, using his tongue slowly.

She couldn't think straight. She wrapped her legs around his hips.

He reached down and put his hand on her thigh under the skirt and kissed her on the mouth with a groan. "You're right.... Slow later....Take it off."

He opened his eyes and stared down at the woman sleeping in his arms. The sheets were tangled around them. He brushed the hair out of her face and smiled as she snuggled closer.

They had made love all night.

And half the morning.

And he still felt the need for her.

He checked the clock. Two PM. Good thing it was Saturday.

She stirred and opened her eyes, focusing on him with a hungry gaze.

He smirked down at her.

She reached for him. "Maybe we should go get breakfast.." She kissed him.

He ran his hand down her side and onto her naked butt. "Maybe we should get delivery.."

She giggled, and ran her hand up his chest. "To tired to move?" She teased, staring into his smoky eyes.

He pulled her on top of him. "No, I've got another sort of problem." He moved against her...

She looked at the clock and smiled. "Only 37 hours till we have to go to work." She raised her eyebrows. "According to my calculations, if we save 8 hours for sleeping," she licked his throat sensually, "That leaves 29 hours for...other activities.."

He wrapped his arms around her. "Well, then, we'd better get started."

The alarm clock went off, and he stared at it blurrily.

An arm reached across him and turned it off, before wrapping around his waist. He smiled, remembering the weekend. They hadn't spent all their time making love. They'd taken breaks to eat, shower, sleep, and play cards.

Although he supposed technically the showers didn't count as a break because.... And then the card games had also led to.....And those shoes! Those wonderful sexy shoes..His grin grew even bigger, remembering how he'd outplayed her at strip poker until all she'd had left on was those shoes.


She smiled up at him happily.

He kissed her on the lips gently. "I love you... And what the hell was in those cupcakes?"

"Secret recipe." She crawled out of bed. "And I love you too." She grinned at him wickedly and ran for the shower.

She didn't make it.....

And they were late for work.

The end