Alucard and Integra are stranded on an island together.


Flakstad was the largest island in the Nusfjord archipelago--a tiny, jagged collection of rocky landmasses off the coast of England, speckled by rustic cabins rented primarily by sportsmen in the summer months. But during the winter, the little islands were mostly deserted. Sometimes, the unoccupied little cottages were the targets of vandals.

This year, they had been the hideout of rouge vampires. But Alucard had already seen to that.

"Good work, servant," Integra praised from her newly commandeered fishing boat. She leaned over the rusty railing, bundled up smartly in her thick, black winter coat and matching black scarf wrapped tightly her neck, almost concealing her mouth. As she spoke, thick white clouds formed in the frigid air. She smiled down at her vampire. "That was efficient, timely and I got a new ship out of it. What do you think? Perhaps Hellsing should acquire its own Navy fleet."

Alucard smirked at the forty foot old fishing boat. He wasn't bothered by the extreme winter cold. He only wore his typical red ensemble. "Something about it doesn't look…intimidating. Probably the whole 'I'm about to sink' look it has about it. you think it will make it back to England?"

"I think so. It's not that long a distance. All the same, I think I'll take the helicopter home."

"Me too. I hate the water."


They weren't in the air two minutes before the snow storm hit and the pilot nervously announced there was a problem and he needed to land immediately. Before he finished the sentence, the lights went out in the cabin and the engine died just as suddenly.

There was no time to react. Sir Integra just sat in stunned silence as it quickly struck her they were in a dire emergency, and she reached up for Alucard's arm. Oddly enough, it was Alucard she thought of first. If they crashed over open water, he would be unable to help himself, as vampires couldn't "cross open water," and therefore couldn't swim. She didn't think he could drown, but he would sink and become incapacitated and finding him would be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

"You need a life preserver," she told him calmly, looking around in the dark. After having listened to the roaring engine, it felt like she was shouting in its absence.


She had no memory of the crash following that.

Her head ached. Her vision was blurry. She was cold. Or, her left side was cold. Her right side was hot. She was laying down. Laying on something soft and comfortable. And she was wrapped in something, but her clothes felt funny. Like they were moving.

Integra could hear crackling sounds and she could smell wood burning.

A fire.

"Alucard?" she groaned, trying to blink. She couldn't see. Too blurry.

"I'm here," he answered. "Don't try to move. You're injured."

"We crashed?"

"We crashed."

She relaxed and did not try to open her eyes. "Where are we?"

"In a cabin on Flakstad. There's no heat, but there's a fireplace and lots of wood in a shed out back." Alucard was quiet for a moment. "Thank you for the life jacket."

The woman sighed, snuggling in her wrapping, trying to get warm. "I made the right choice. If I had kept it for myself, I would have lost consciousness anyways and I would have drowned or frozen to death. And you would be at the bottom of the ocean."

"That was a very rational decision you had to make in those precious few seconds you had."

Integra tried to nose her face under the blanket. She felt a slight blush. Of course it hadn't been a rational, conscious decision. She had simply thought of his safety before her own, even though she knew he had been in less jeopardy than she'd been in. After all, she was his master. It would have been wrong to abandon him. "You didn't refuse to take it," she pointed out.

"I should have."

"I ordered you to take it. Don't feel guilty for following my orders." She peeked back out of the covers. She still couldn't see. "Are you and I alone? Is the pilot dead?"

"If he lived, he didn't swim to the same shore I did."

"I don't think he had time to send any kind of distress message," Integra speculated. "Still, it will only be a few hours before we're reported overdue and Hellsing sends someone to find us."

Alucard shook his head. "There will be some delay. There's a raging blizzard outside. But your injuries aren't life threatening, and its warm here. We could hold up for a few days easily and be perfectly comfortable. Unfortunately, there's no food. Or blood, other than yours."

Integra shifted. "What am I wearing?"


Her hands flew up to her chest and she felt her bare breasts under the covers. "You…!" But she could not reprimand him. What had she thought, that he had left her in her wet clothes? Of course he'd stripped her and wrapped her in something dry.

"I was a perfect gentleman," Alucard teased.

Her face was red hot. "You stupid git. You better have been. And if you even…"

"What do you think I would do exactly, master, other than what was necessary? Snap a picture? I peeled off what was wet and hung it up to dry above the fire. I laid you down on this bed in a position that provided the most modesty and gave you my coat immediately to cover you. I did not help myself to any prolonged gazes at you or touch you in any needless way, as tempting as you may be." She could hear the smile in his voice. "However, what I did glean I will remember fondly. I apologize if that makes you uncomfortable."

"I don't want a mental picture, thank you. Stop talking." She sighed. "Thank you for doing it, nonetheless."

"I would be happy to do it again anytime."

"No. No more talking."

-- To Be Continued