"What do you see B.B.?" said Beatrix holding the sword in one hand and the gun on the on the hand.

"I see a gun and a sword" said B.B..

Beatrix put the weapons on the sofa, grabbed the lady to both the arms and said: "Correct, and these will be your friends, when you will be in danger".

Headache, blurry vision, incredible sickness; it's not a good way to wake up, specially when you don't know where you are. B.B. Opened slowly her eyes and discovered the void: everything around her was dark, she couldn't see anything. When she got up, she saw the most dark thing she would have ever seen, an incredibly black room with no windows, no doors and no light but, strange thing, she saw her body, like she was under a lamp. Suddenly something happened, and it was not good.

When the lights went on B.B. saw a middle-aged woman, wearing a strange dress with numbers stamps and sunglasses with oval glasses, the shape reminded her the infinite sign.

"Dodge" said the woman, then she threw a little object to B.B., something like a shuriken with a number engraved. BB dodged it as the other ones that the old lady threw.

Unfortunately she wasn't fast enough and one shuriken hit her causing a little blood squirt. So B.B. ran at her, made her fall and killed her with punches and kicks. Good idea, good execution. The old lady was in a bloody paddle, and a light illuminated a wooden door. B.B. went at the door and opened it.