"Very good B.B. You answered almost perfectly the math teacher questions, as chemistry and religion questions. You explained the photosynthesis phenomenon in a complete but synthetic way.

You had some problems with the Literature and Art questions, you fell on Shakespeare and Salvador Dali, but don't worry, you passed the exam with 88/100". Said the head teacher.

In a confused feeling of fear, amazement and happiness, she realized to have passed the examination of high school with an excellent vote. In front of her there were the old math teacher, the tall religion teacher, as the small chemistry one. Art teacher and math teacher were very happy to see stupor in her eyes for the high result.

"I'm awake" she told to herself, she imagined the interrogation as a very bloody fight. She felt like she fought for real, exhausted for the talking and for the fear that exploded into a scream of joy.


B.B. got up and shook the hand to the teachers, she went outdoors from the classroom and greeted her mother, Beatrix. Her mother kissed the girl and asked her: "How did it go?"

B.B. simply answered: "It was like a fight".