Author Note(s): I wrote this little ditty in English today. When we were talking about 'joining with devils...' Hahaha.

I don't own X-Men.

They claim joining with a devil causes eternal damnation. Well, Ah'll be damned.

His lips are too sweet an soft to deny. His hands are like an artist's, knowin' just the right brush strokes. His voice like sweet, succulent honey as he murmurs his terms of endearment. His hard, strong body pressin' softly against mine. His powerful arms holdin' me in a protective bind.

But the thing that captures me the most is his smolderin' rubies against a black night sky that he calls eyes. How they stare at meh with such adorin' love that Ah can't tell him no. And that's something Ah'd never wish.

He's mah angel.