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The sorting was over and Harry Potter had not turned up Albus Dumbledore, (a Santa wannabe But with out the cookie problem, His was lemon drops and they were not as fatting) sighed to himself he had not only hoped but needed Harry to be here he had a nice little set up where Quirrell was now host to Tom (Aka he who must not be named (due to copyright laws) The dark lord, and Lord Voldemort) he had a priceless artefact from his friend that was a good bait and he even went out his way to make sure if Harry did turn up for his stuff in Diagon Alley Hagrid,(Aka the worst secret holder ever, he who thinks deadly animals are cute, maker of the ! Most terrible rock cakes ever) who could let slip that he had just picked up something for Dumbledore and start the whole process of.

His musing and the shudder of what would happen if Harry did not turn up(Damn prophecy. I am the greatest Wizard since Merlin) stopped when the Hall doors were flung open. A fog started to creep into the Hall and the Hufflepuffs and Gryffindor's who were closest started to bum shuffle further away from the door.

5 figures could be seen in the fog as it settled into a carpet maybe a foot thick on the floor swirling and sending out tendrils in all directions like a Squid trying to find some prey. An unlucky Hufflepuff found out just how cold and tenacious the fog was when it touched her cloak ,and it started to freeze as she tried to pull away the fog sent another tentacle and tried to get her foot, but only managed to get her heel (that shattered after it was frozen when she managed to get away) her cloak hem hit the table as she tried to get on it and shattered like a fine crystal glass hitting a cold hard floor.

She fainted and was pulled more into the middle of the table by a friend.

He noticed the two adults first.

The women was tall maybe 6ft or more she had long jet black hair that hung like a silk curtain around a Hurst, (why the hell that image came into my mind I will never know, thought Dumbledore) But her hair looked so silk like and was long past her shoulders and maybe down to her elbows. It did not cover her face,one that had a look of total disdain on it (She makes Narcissa Malfoy look totally happy. Dumbledore thought to himself not even Lucius can look that disdainful)her hands were inside her long black dresses arms and she seemed glide (He could see no movement in her skirt were her legs were,at this he blushed and was glad he had a beard)

Next was the man dressed in a suit. (and what a suit I must have one made purple and red stripes with a Bright green tie, what a dress sense,wonder who his tailor is?)

He was maybe a good 6 inches taller than her with a cigar in one side of his mouth (presumable so he could grin with the other side) he had a chearpy look (like a banker about to foreclose on an orphanage. Why do I keep getting these images in my mind?)

Next he noticed the three children the first seemed rather rumbustious and was playing with a sword that looked a lot like the one from the suit of armour in the hallway. He was rotund (fat) but seemed in good health he had piggy eyes and Dumbledore wished he had noticed that because now he had to check out the child's parents? Eyes.

The man's were alight with some inner fire but the women's bore into him it was like looking into a coal mine while inside of it and still being unable to stop your feet from moving forward even though you did not know if there was a 200ft drop just in-front of you or not.

He tried but she smiled and then he was able to blink(can snakes blink? What they hell is it with these images in my mind) he got back to the boy who some how was now sitting by the fat friar and they seemed to be telling each other jokes. (how long was we staring at each other

? he mused)

He moved his head to the other two and came to rest on the girl she was about the same age as the other two and carried a headless doll in her hands (OK so not weird at all) She seemed to be in clothes that he remembered in his youth as ones worn by a girl when she had died.

He smiled to himself "laying out clothes" as they were called her hair was as dark as her mothers then he head lifted and he was once again stuck in a gaze he desperately did not want to be in.

A smile came to her mouth (well a each corner of her mouth moved up a tiny bit) and he found he could move again. Pigtails her hair was in pigtails. He finally finished his original thought.

He moved onto the last child and as he did the boys head came up. His hair was black as coal and seemed to be slicked down in a similar way as to the man. He wore a suit but this would not be out of place on an undertaker.

Then Dumbledore (who still had not got the hint) Looked into his eyes. "Hell-fire green hell-fire" was all Dumbledore could think of as he started to sweat.

The boys eyes seemed to glow brighter and Dumbledore found he was having trouble to breath. More sweat ran down his face and he started to feel faint.

The Man spoke up "Gomez Addams at your service this is my family my angel my reason to live the tick to my tock my wife Morticia. (she nodded her head by a very small degree) My first born and heir.

He pointed to the boy still laughing with the fat friar and who seemed to have forgotten he had a long sharp sword in his hand as he was swinging it about as he explained something to the friar (Hufflepuff students seemed to be sitting on the table not the benches) Pugsley Addams.

Then next we have my daughter she who will break many Hearts.

He was interrupted "no father I shall eat many hearts why break them? when they taste so much better whole."

Many blanched but did not think it was a good idea to say this sounded bad very bad.

"Sorry my child you are correct. As she said she will partake of many Hearts. Wednesday Addams.

Last and by no means least my adopted son but still my son and the reason we are here Harry Potter Addams."

A murmur went through the hall was it possible was this the 'boy who lived' was this spawn of a demon (even if he was adopted)How?

The Headmaster stood.

" Am I to understand this child(he points to Harry) was known as Harry Potter before you adopted him?"

Gomez smiled (How the hell has he 6 very sharp and most defiantly visible canine teeth. Thought Dumbledore)

"My good man you are quite correct but you seem to have forgotten your manners I have introduced us but you failed to do the same courtesy. If this is the level of manners you have what hope have I my child shall not be corrupted into laziness and bad manners?"

Dumbledore did not like the sound of this.

" I am Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore – Son of Percival and Kendra Dumbledore, brother of Aberforth and Ariana Dumbledore, Hogwarts Headmaster , Order of Merlin First Class, Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards, Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot." he took a breath ( I really could do with a shorter name) then he introduced his staff.

"Now as I was saying before I was ."

Gomez spoke up "Reminded of your manners?"

"I was going to say interrupted, but you are correct. (how the hell was he a 150 year old man feeling like he was 6 again and caught pinching his mums muffins) Is this child(again he points to Harry)" Again he was interrupted by the same person.

"See Morticia I knew we should have took them to Salem."

Morticia spoke "Mr Dumbledore were you never told it was rude to point?"

Her voice was like an angels (one of the fallen angels. Full of venom and disdain).

Dumbledore blanched and looked at his hand and the guilty finger.

He bowed "Again I must apologise it seems."

The Addams family looked at him all had one eyebrow raised.

"well we are waiting" Gomez said

Dumbledore blanched "Okaay {sounding like a petulant child} I am sorry for pointing I know it was rude and will not do it again."

To all he sounded very much like a 6 year old who had got caught stealing fresh cooked muffins.

The whole devil family had a smile on their faces (well all had at least one corner of their mouths turned up. He preferred to think of it as a smile).

" Was the child you identified as Harry Potter Addams originally know just as Harry Potter?"

Gomez smiled "why yes old bean he was Some friend of the family came over here was told by another friend about Harry and we were sent for a simple adoption later and we had a new child"

He smiled "Petunia Durlsly was most happy with the arrangement and the £40,000 to cover any legal fees after we had done. Though what legal stuff I do not know? as I am the Head of the family and a Barrister in my own right."

To many it was obvious she had sold Harry to these people. (many wanted to think freaks but as soon as the letter f appeared in their mind a head would swivel and they would be looking at an Addams.)

The Headmaster shook his head why the hell was it so damn complicated.

"So do you wish Harry to learn here it is one." He was about to say the most premier schools of magic but for some reason he knew this would be looked into and confirmed.

"That his parents." he blanched at the looks directed at him "His birth Parents I should say came to." He let out a breath.

"We shall let him have a trial time here if it is not up to standards then he shall leave for a better school."

The headmaster nodded once to Gomez.

" Harry needs to be sorted into a house. If he could just take a seat here and we will place the sorting hat on his head. This will determine what house is best for him."

Morticia and Gomez nodded and Harry started his walk to the sorting stool.

Morticia spoke up before Harry sat down. "My son will not be sitting on a milking stool."

She waved her hand and the stool transformed it grew for legs each one looking like some sort of reptiles leg. Then it turned as black as obsidian arms grew out of it and twisted till they also looked like some reptiles legs but this time the claws were face up and open as if a person was holding their hand out to receive something (probably a still beating Heart. Thought Albus. "were the hell do I get these images from") A back rose up and was covered in scroll work it was topped by a skull on each side off the skull was a scythe with a hand holding it.

Draco who was quite close to it lost control of his bladder he would be pleased to know he was not the only one. He knocked over his drink so he could blame that later.

Harry sat down in the know very impressive sorting stool (throne of death).

Professor McGonagall came forward and was shocked to feel her knees were knocking. She placed the sorting hat on Harry's head and waited.

The hat spoke up "He has mind shields they are to strong for me to penetrate."

Gomez spoke up "Of course he does why would we leave any of our family defenceless in any way surely all responsible parents do all they can to protect their loved ones??"

The hat spoke "Mr Potter would you mind dropping your shields a bit. I just need to see what your character is like"

Gomez spoke up "Unimpeachable as is any Addams." He seemed most put out with this slur against his name.

The hat spoke again " I meant no disrespect I just need to see what sort of person he is. Slytherin are known for cunning Hufflepuff for loyalty Ravenclaw for studying Gryffindor for being brave. This is just a basic of what each house stands for as many children have all these attributes but one will stand out more than the others. Again I must apologise as I forgot you was not here for the sorting song that would have explained this"

Gomez smiled "Think nothing of it old chap after all I think I would be in Hufflepuff as my loyalty to my family is unwavering."

The Hat smiled "I would have to agree."

Harry looked at his parents they gave him a nod. "I shall keep any secrets locked away from you do not try and get into locked rooms you will not like the results"

The hat gulped but thanked him.

The hat found itself in an old mansion and a solid looking Harry standing their "Welcome to my mind. Please look around but do remember my warning." with that Harry faded from view.

The hat went to the first door and opened it inside the entity know as the sorting hat wished it could throw up.

Tom riddle was on a rack he was covered in cuts and scars his eyes were open and he was screaming.

He seemed to notice the door open and started to beg "Please help me get me from this hell I swear I will be good please help me." Tears of blood ran down his face.

"What are you?" the hat spoke and was surprised when Riddle answered.

"I killed his family and somehow a part of my soul got stuck in him. They they taught him how to contain me and when they found out who I was they come in here and take turns torturing me all the time saying 'this is what you get for messing with family' please help me or at least loosen the rack."

The hat stepped out of the room and shut the door fast. "Oh god what had Dumbledore let into his school"

The next room showed Harry and his family learning about swordsmanship. "No son stab for the Heart only when you want to end their suffering now try again here go for the Stomach it will make there stomach acids eat them from the inside out."

The hat left Quickly each room had some horror and the hat did not want this person(it decided it was not a good idea to even think a bad thought here) Harry appeared again "now my turn to see if this school deserves me or not?"

The hat felt a presence in it something was working it's way through him "well are you not going to show me around or at least introduce yourself?"

The hat was shocked Potter no Addams was in him like he went into others. It tried to form a thought but was to shocked.

Harry's "OK then I shall look around myself."

Bit deep into the hat leaving a sense of dread.

"Harry looked through the Hats Memory's and followed his own family tree back to one Godric Gryffindor.

Something hit his head harry reached under the hat and to the amazement of all pulled out a jewel encrusted deadly looking sword with a stylish Griffon motive.

Quirrell was not happy his master had been looking for that sword for years and now this thing just pulls it from the hat like a magician pulling a rabbit from one.

Dumbledore also was not happy this in front of every one proved Harry's heritage (one he hoped to keep hidden so no one found out about his little spending habits)

"Lord Gryffindor I think only Gryffindor will suit you"

There was a stunned silence no one clapped as Harry took the hat of his head and handed it to a shocked McGonagall and walked away.

The hat sighed in relief by taking the sword he could be sorted and had no reason to be in contact with the hat (The hat was more than happy with this).

The sorting stool returned to its former look.

Harry went and stood at the head of Gryffindor's table the sword held at his side. He looked behind him and almost guiltily the sorting Stool floated up-to and behind him again transforming into a throne.

Harry sat. "Wednesday will you join me for a meal?"

The Girl glided across to the other end of the table and looked behind her.

The fog came and rose around her it changed into a solid black mass then altered to look like Harry's 'chair' it was smaller and instead of a hand holding a scythe on each corner hers had a guillotine. Her skull also had a knife through it.

The Addams parents smiled "It seems we are not wanted shall we go?"

No one saw them move but the 3 Addams children were next to their parents before anyone could blink.

"Gomez smiled "we were having fun children go back to what you were doing I am sure the headmaster will not mind"

He looked at the shocked headmaster who could only nod. "See he does not care maybe you two should be sorted as well?"

The hat spoke up "Pugsley Addams Hufflepuff ,Wednesday Addams Gryffindor. If you are interested?"

"Will we need to get twigs like Harry?" spoke up Wednesday.

"I am afraid so as they seem so backwards to us my dear" spoke up Morticia.

"Harry spoke up "I shall lend them mine till we can get them ones of their own."

They bode farewell to their parents and went and sat back down

The Addams family had arrived at Hogwarts.

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