Greetings everyone. I thought I'd try my hand on a challenge made by Tfiction, which involves attempting to make a fanfic about Kuki and Wally swapping bodies. Tis seems simple enough.

Operation: S.W.A.P.


Sector V were in the middle of a highly important mission, regarding Father's new invention, a gene splicer. Based on the mission specs given to Numbuh 1 earlier this morning, Father will be using it to take the DNA of adults, so he can clone them into more adults, making his adult army grow at an alarming rate. If this were to happen, KND Sectors would be overwhelmed by sheer numbers, and would fall in a matter of weeks. The C.O.O.L.-B.U.S. had just crashed into Father's mansion, thanks to a certain pilot's inability to fly while watching cartoons. After scolding Numbuh 2, a certain bald leader and his team, rushed out, their weapons pointed at Father. "Give it up Father, there's no way your getting out of this one," Numbuh 1 said with confidence. Father simply just growled at them. "Well well, look who decided to show up. And uninvited no less. That makes me very ANGRY!!!" Father busted into flames, blasting the team with fire balls. With careful timing, they were able to avoid most of them. Numbuh 3 attempted to get a shot off before Father could react, but the blast missed as he leaned to the side. Father retaliated with another fire ball, striking Kuki in the chest and flinging her into the gene splicer. "NO!" Father shouted, as his machine began to jitter, sparking violently. Kuki soon found herself caught in a painful shock, as the electricity sparked out of the machine, and into her body. "Numbuh 3!" Cried Numbuh 4, his eyes widening at the horrible sight. He attempted to save her, rushing up to her. "Numbuh 4, no!" But Nigel was a bit late, Wally already grabbing hold of her sleeve. This was when Wally understood why his leader tried to call him back. Wally felt something surging into his own hand, realising now that the electricity was moving from Kuki's body, into his own. Ah crud. Those were his only thoughts before being painfully shocked by the machine. After enough volts had passed into their bodies, the machine began to burst in an explosion of fire and hot metal, flinging the two across the ground, where they lay unconscious.

Wally's eyes finally began to open. He was back at the Treehouse, but something was wrong. "Huh? What the crud? Where 'em Ah? This isn't mah room. It's all girly and fluffy, and where's mah ring?" Anger began to rise within his voice "WHAT THE CRUD IS GOING ON HERE!!!???" Nigel and Abby rushed into the room, hearing his scream. Nigel raised an eyebrow, amazed at the person who just shouted. "Woah, easy there. You feeling alright?" "Alroight?" Wally said "Mah room has been girlified! Who's cruddy idea of a joke is this!?" "Numbuh 5 is confused. I thought you liked stuffed animals?" "Like stuffed animals? Have you flipped your lid!? Who do you think Ah am, Numbuh 3!?" Nigel and Abby shared a confused look, until Nigel responded with, "Um, actually yes." This only angered Wally even further. He dares insult him by calling him Numbuh 3? He dosn't care if he is leader, he's going to give Nigel what for. That is, until he passed by a mirror. He look in it, horrified with what he saw. "Ah am....Numbuh 3!?" Wally let out his old scream of shock, when ever he witnessed something that was too much for him. "WHO DID THIS TO ME!!??" "Numbuh 5 hates to tell you this," she said, laughing a bit "but you did this to yourself."

Gasp! Why has Wally turned into Kuki? What happened to cause this? Why am I asking you this? Who's sick mind is responsible for this twisted story!? Oh right, mine.