I know this is nothing like how I normally write, but I honestly think this one-shot is the best one I have done. I'm not sure, something about it appeals to me. Hope you enjoy (I own nothing).


Tawni Hart

Having a best friend who wasn't herself was like wearing mismatched shoes to Tawni; she just didn't do it. All she ever needed was a mirror and her reflection and she was ready to go. Now that Sonny Munroe has come into the picture, Tawni has begun to treat her more like a close friend than just a co-star. Between sharing crushes, wardrobe tips and more, Tawni could honestly say that she and Sonny have become best friends. She could say that… but she wouldn't dare. Sonny was just not someone Tawni could have being labeled as her "bff", no matter how true it was. So Tawni keeps her glossy lips sealed, never revealing the fact of how much she enjoys having Sonny around her. Tawni Hart was in denial.

Chad Dylan Cooper

Having to care for someone other than himself was not something Chad could deal with. He never needed to rely on others to make him feel better, nor wanted the comfort. Now that Sonny Munroe has come into the picture, Chad has started being kinder to people, and not hiding his "sweet" side so much. He doesn't particularly mind hanging with the other people and casts at the studio (especially a certain brunette), and actually does some pretty nice things now and then. Chad could honestly say that Sonny has changed the way he thinks about others. He could say that… but he wouldn't dare. Keeping up an image for the press was all Chad could do for the time being, which means that his sweet side would once again be blocked by arrogance. So Chad keeps his celebrity mouth shut, never revealing the fact of how much he really cares. Chad Dylan Cooper was in denial.

Sonny Munroe

Having someone around you all the time who you completely love but at the same time must hate wasn't something Sonny was familiar with. She never had a real crush back home that she liked so much, she didn't mind when he was a jerk to her. Sonny had strict rules not to fall for the enemy, but she did. Chad Dylan Cooper, the bad boy of Hollywood, had swept her off her feet. Between their normal fights in the halls, or the rare sweet moments they shared, Sonny saw behind Chad's conceited side, and brought the real him out. Sonny could honestly say that she had a crush on the rival. She could say that… but she wouldn't dare. Chad was not the type of person her cast would approve of, they told her that from the start. So Sonny keeps herself quiet, hiding her true feelings in the form of comebacks and bickering, never revealing the fact of how much she really likes him. Sonny Munroe was in denial.

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