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That was all it took- that one, simple glance into Komui's office- to make Kanda realize his true fear. His eyes grew wide with shock, the scene reflecting off his eyes. Reever was bent over the top of the desk looking horrified, Komui on top of him, finger hovering over the other's chest. And then the dark-haired Asian bolted, leaving a confused Komui looking after him before turning back to his scientist, mumbling, "what's his problem?"

Reever feebly attempted to get back up, only to be pushed back down by the curly-que. "Oh no, don't think you're getting off that easily. People who look at my precious Lenalee like that get capital punishment." And he produced at scalpel from his front pocket, Reever squeaking and whining about how thoughts such as that never crossed his mind...


And suddenly Kanda became aware of every little touch, talk, and simple contact between two males. It haunted him along every damp street of every mission, down every dark hall of the order, in the deepest and cob-webbiest corners of his mind. Kanda had become quite the homophobe.

His current mission was with one of his current suspects of the crime, his Baka Usagi. Well, Lavi wasn't really his. But nobody else ever called the redhead 'baka usagi', he considered it his own nickname for the boy. NO, Kanda was not childish. Not even a little.

They were walking calmly, (well, Lavi anyways. Kanda was quite annoyed), Lavi chattering away, Kanda glancing around ivy tendrils and old gothic buildings, looking for signs of innocence.

Suddenly his eye caught on something he hadn't wanted to see, and he instantly regretted forcing his attention to the front door of a run-down shoe shop. Standing outside, facing each other with their arms around one another's waist, were two teenage boys. And fucking christ, their faces were flowing together until they were litterally conjoined in that sickening form of strong emotions that he hadn't learned about until after he'd escaped from his prison. (*) They were kissing. Those two teenage males, both existing with Y chromosomes, had their lips practically glued together.

And when he'd finally recovered enough to tear his eyes disgustedly away from the sinners, his ears were met with the obnoxiously high-pitched laughter of the Usagi. Jesus Christ, the Baka was fucking laughing at him.

"Yuu- Yuu-chan, you're face!!" He was laughing so hard he was almost crying. "You- the almightly Yuu-chan is showing emotion!! He's actually showing fear!!" And again the usagi was thrown over in a fit of hystericals, breath coming heavily as he vainly tried to get some air in his system. "I didn't think it was possible!!"

"Shut the hell up, Usagi, you're drawing attention." Kanda said, whacking the top of the fiery red hair with Mugen's sheath. "Besides, how in the damn hell can you be laughing about that??"

Lavi was slowly regaining his composure, lifting a hand to his face to wipe a tear off of his one-eye. "Yuu-chan, you're face!!" He repeated, sighing in contemptment. Which met him with yet another whack on the head.

"Don't call me that, Baka." The Asian barked, hands death-gripping his precious sword in rage. "There is nothing funny about that type of shit."

However, he wasn't expecting to be shoved roughly against a nearby brick building. "Wha-what??!" He cried, surprised to find the Usagi's face looming only a few inches from his.

"Kanda's a homophobe." Lavi'd said it so matter-of-factly, Kanda felt himself backing away from the face and furthur into the wall. "I never would have guessed that to be Kanda's one and only fear."

And not only was Kanda surprised by their current position, he also found himself wondering why the hell the redhead was calling him 'Kanda' rather than 'Yuu-chan', and why the hell Lavi's breath smelled so good. Wait, what?? "Get off of me." Kanda seethed, glaring right into Lavi's gorgeous, emerald green eye. Wait, where were all these thoughts coming from so suddenly??!

Lavi simply chuckled, and suddenly the small space between them was cut off by a sloppy kiss.

Kanda's eyes widened slightly at the motion. He hadn't expected to feel chapped, yet wet, lips pressed roughly against his own. Less then that, he wasn't expecting it to feel so expierenced. Scared and suddenly extremely embarrased, (they were still in public, after all) Kanda grabbed Lavi's shoulders and roughly pushed the other off of him, Lavi's back hitting the wet concrete with a slap. "What the fuck??!" He spat.

Lavi smiled that goofy-grin of his, and wiped the the dark-haired boy's saliva off his own mouth. "Damn, I was hoping I could deepen that a little more." Was the only explanation he gave, before turning away and walking forward, flicking his hand for the other to follow.

Kanda, convincing himself that he was feeling surprised and sickened to his stomach; yet actually feeling happily light-headed; stumbled after the rabbit, muttering curse words in Japanese and desperately trying to pull his thoughts away from the kiss. As badly as he wanted to cuss the other out about what had just happened, he really didn't want to think about it. Seriously, really. Instead, he uttered out a simple Che. Not that he really ever said much more.

Lavi burst out laughing again, crying "You're just scared because you're in denial!!" And he was very pleased by the totally disturbed reaction outlining the other's handsome face. After all, he was only teasing his Yuu ... right??


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