The Beautiful Dream

At long last I had gotten up the nerve to do it last night. Last night was the night I proposed to my girlfriend for four years Ivy Vega. Soon to be Ivy Danielle she is the absolute love of my life - er – death we are both vampires. So as I was saying we will soon be eloped. And there will be a new crypt in the cemetery for our family.

The Vega and Danielle families have been close for ever literally. So when our parents heard they were ecstatic. Sophia will be the maid of honor. But the wedding is still about nine months away and Ivy says there will be a surprise. And I know anything can be a surprise with her.

Right now she is sitting next to me. We are at an all vampire fashion show and im perfectly happy right now. As the night drew on every one left running out or jumping. We were some of the last to leave and as soon as we got home we hopped in bed and kissed good morning.