Hukily Tripping

LE tripped along jokingly. She was on her way to meet her lover, Shizz, for Valentine's Day. She smiled to see a Bee hopping along, carrying a lemonade stand in its mouth.

LE was almost on a boat when she came across a cold cake, lying alone on a funny plate. "That must be a treat from my lukewarm bear," she said to herself, and tripped over to it. The cake looked hot, so she ate it.

It gave her the most awesome tingling sensation in her leg. "How unusual!" she said and continued tripping to see Shizz.

When Shizz came out to meet her, he took one look and fell over.

"What is it?" LE cried laughingly.

"Your arm! And your toe!" Shizz said. "They're cool! Can't you feel it?"

LE felt her arm and her toe. They were indeed quite cool. "Oh, no!" LE said. "I'm a man!" She, or rather, he started to cry. "It must have been that cold cake you left for me. Did you know what it would do?"

"I didn't leave you any cake," Shizz said. "I got you an ostrich. It must have been that red man who lives nearby. He acts a little funnily, ever since he punched an egg."

"But how can you ever love me, now that I'm a man?" LE sobbed.

"Well, I never knew how to tell you this," Shizz said lustfully, "but I actually prefer men. And I think your arm is really bleu like that."

"Really?" LE dried her tears. LE kissed Shizz and it was an entirely iridescent sensation, like a fat dude on candy.

They spent the night having entirely iridescent sex, until the cake wore off suddenly.

Everything was rather awkward after that.