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Itachi's Poem

You're so passive

I'm more active

You just stare

While everyone else would glare

Always to show that you don't care.

Kisame's Poem

You think it sucks to be you

Just because you are blue?

You are wrong

You are very strong

Swinging with your sword

So that you never become bored

Be good to your weasel friend

Your loyalty will never end.

Kisame and Itachi's Introductin of eachother. (Kisame's point of view)

This is the first time we meet,

I ask you if you'd like a seat,

You merely nod and I say

"Your amazing appearence takes my breath away."

You say nothing and sit down,

I watch the tip of your blue shoes turn to brown

Is it dirt? Or is it mud?

You reply "Don't be such a dud."

I turn silent and look at the sky

He follows suit and doesn't say a thing,

While I just think of silly things like eating pie

Sometimes I struggle and stare back at you,

You ask

"Why is your skin blue?"

I go and say

"I was born that way."

You would nod and stand up, walking off.

The back of your head wasn't a beautiful image enough.

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