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"Oh, Crap." I mumbled under my breath "No, no! It was impossible, impossible!" I grumbled, but Mom, but Mom didn't know Carly! She forgot about Carly! There was defiantly something wrong. Could Sam really be gone? I continued asking these questions in my mind, until I grew confused, and got a bit dizzy. I rubbed my temples with my fingers. What is happening here. How come Carly didn't know me. What did Sam have to do with me, and Carly's relationship? I thought back to a very distant memory.


I sat their in my new desk. My first day of real school. I had my coloring crayons, and markers out all neatly lined up at the top of my desk. I pulled out Mr. Wuffles, my bear, very discreetly, and placed him in my desk with care. I stroked his soft fuzzy ears, and whispered "Don't worry, Mr. Wuffles. I won't let anyone hurt you." According to me Kindergarten was a pretty scary place. I looked around, shaking when I spotted the teacher. She was young, and pretty. She had a short bob, which gradually got shorter towards the back. Her eyes were bright blue, twinkling in the light, and she had a very wide smile with the straightest, whitest teeth which were framed by full red lips. I turned to the writing on the chalk board behind her where "Ms. Tina" was written in big curly letters. I examined the whole classroom when I say her. Sam. She had long curly blonde hair, and frosty blue eyes. She was dressed in jeans, and a yellow shirt with a flower on it. Instantly, I wanted to be her friend, so I got up and walked towards her.

"Hi!" I said, but she just scowled.


"Wanna be friends?"

"No." She answered bitterly

"Why not?" I was so puzzled

"Cuz, your a... Your a nub."

"A nub?"

"Yes a nub!" She yelled angrily "Now leave me alone before I slug you." She said. I began to cry, and I dropped to my knees. I curled up in a little ball, and leaned up against her desk.

"Alright! Alright! I'll be your friend!" She yelled out, only wanting me to be quiet. A smile appeared on my face.

"Then I need to know your name." I said, gripping the straps on my overalls.

"The name is Sam. Sam Puckett, and If ya ever call me Sammy, or Samantha, I'll kick your butt." She said, with half lidded eyes."Whats your name?" Sam asked, as she chewed on her nail


"Alright Freddie, we should play something. A game, and I have the perfect one." Sam said, with a develish smile on her face"The game is called Servant, and the Queen." She said, standing up, just barely shorter than me. "I'm the queen, and your the servant." She spat.

"Well, what does the servant do?" I asked with curiosity

"You do everything the queen says."

"Everything?" I asked, in utter awe.

"Everything." Sam answered, with a smirk on her face."First of is you get me a juice box." She said, as she sat down in her chair, and kicked her feet up on to her desk.

"Where do I get a juice box?" I asked

"I don't know. Look through some kid's lunch box, and take it." She said plainly

"I can't steal! They'll put me in jail! I said, now frightened

"Relax. Alright? You won't got to jail. It's perfectly normal to steal things. Just go up, and take it. It's not that hard." She said


"No buts! Just go get me a damn juice box!" I gasped at the use of the word "Damn"

"I can't be your friend." I said, taking a step back

"Sorry. You have to be my friend, so you can get me a juice box. If you don't get me one you have to got to jail." I felt like crying, but I held it in. I stood up a bit taller, and put my fists on my hips.

"I'll do it." And I turned way.

I searched for at lest five minutes when I finally spotted a lunch box. It was My Little Pony, and it leaned against a matching backpack. I looked up for I had been crawling, and I saw the most beautiful girl in the whole world. She was like an angel. Oh no! I couldn't take her juice box! You can't take from an angel. Maybe if I explain to her that if I don't get a juice box from her, then I'll got to jail. She'll be understand. Angels are very understanding.

"Excuse me." I said timidly, the girl looked up at me from a picture she was drawing. She had dark brown hair, and chocolate eyes.

"Yes?" She answered

"Um, do you have a juice box? If I don't give one to Queen Sam I'll got to jail." I said

"Oh my! Jail?"

"Yes. Jail." The girl was quick to lean over, and grab her My Little Pony lunch box, and open it. She grabbed a juice box, and handed it to me.

"Here you go." She said

"Thanks!" As I began to walk away, she stopped me

"Wait!" I turned around "Whats your name?" She asked

"Freddie!" I said, happy she was engaging with me

"I'm Carly. You can be my friend later. After you give 'Queen Sam' her juice!" She suggested

"OK!" She smiled, and I waved my goodbye. I needed to get this juice to Queen Sam, or I'll go to jail.

That was it! If Sam hadn't forced me to get her a juice box Carly wouldn't have met me. Right after Kindergarten, I remember Carly transferred, then she moved back to Seattle in 6th grade. I remember now. When Sam was around, In 6th grade Carly was in a different class from me, and we hung out after school, and during recess, and now since Sam was gone Carly was so popular she probably didn't pay much attention to me. She must have some vague memory of me. Back there somewhere. I sighed. Just then I realized my flash back had taken my feet all the way to school. I entered the building.

Ah, Ridgeway High School, where everything happens. I went towards my bottom locker, and began fumbling with my lock.

"What the heck." I said under my breathe. I continued to jingle the lock in my fingers, until I felt the presence of someone standing behind me. Someone big. I nervously turned around to face this "big" person. My eyes widened, and my jaw dropped when I saw him.

"H-h-i..." I stuttered

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY LOCKER!?" The huge guy yelled

"I-I-I-I-I thought this was m-m-my locker..." I croaked

"Well, you thought wrong." And he picked me up by the backpack, and threw me to the side. Oh crap! Since Sam wasn't around I hadn't switched lockers with her. My locker was one down from Carly. I walked toward my real locker, and twisted through my combo. Hopefully I got it right. I hadn't used this locker in a while. To my relief it popped open quickly. I stood there for a few seconds, and sighed.

"Man. I gotta get Sam back." And with that I slammed my locker shut without taking anything out.

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