Author's Note:: Okay, so this would be my first 'Pretender' fic, though it's not my first one I've thought up. This is a mature, R rated fiction, will contain scenes obviously not suitable to younger readers; graphic sex scenes, erotica and incest. And will be fairly AU. I do hope you enjoy it and don't hate me for writing such an odd fic.

"You like what you see?" her voice, low and husky questioned him from behind as he stared longingly at the screen before him, his eyes bulging almost as he watched the scene play out before him. Broots whipped his head around to see the raven haired temptress standing in just her bathrobe, in his den!

"Miss Parker..." he stuttered as he tried to hide what he'd been doing, yet to not avail since she'd already caught him out.

"I know you've been watching me. Most nights on that camera you installed." she said, her voice even more husky as she stepped nearer towards the quivering technician.

" do? I...I don't know what, what you mean..." he played it dumb.

Miss Parker let out a chuckle, letting her head tilt backwards before she looked to him again, a smirk still playing the corners of her mouth, making them curve up, "Oh, I think you do." she informed him before she let her hand rest on the collar of her robe, pulling it back a little so she flashed the young technician her snow white skin underneath the silk material, just to tease him. She saw him swallow and give a crooked, goofy yet pained smile as he saw her skin, getting excited, "Okay, cool it! What is this testosterone headquarters?" she asked rhetorically, then caught a glimpse of the bulge in his jeans and she chuckled, sorry she even asked it.

"M...Miss Parker, I uh...I did install that camera, though under order." he explained.

"Under whose order?" she stepped right in front of him now, and leaned to him, looking him dead in the eyes, trying to intimidate him.

"I...don't remember." Parker made to reach for Broots' package, trying to hurry him along before she grabbed him, "It was Lyle!" Broots winced just before he felt the pressure of her hand on his crotch, ready to maim him if he hadn't given her the answer she'd hoped for.

She let out a breathy chuckle and nodded softly before she looked to Broots, seeing how pathetic he was at that very moment in time. She tilted her head and gave him a smirk before she then lifted her hand again, seeing him wince, "Oh relax...maybe I'll give you a show sometime." she told the already balding Broots before giving him a pat on the head and turning to leave to go along to her own quarters.

Broots couldn't believe what had just happened and he let out the breath he'd been holding unknowingly, his brows raised and he smirked to himself, "Wow..." he breathed.

* * * * *

"Daddy!!" Miss Parker cried out, seeing Raines hovering by her father, sneering as he looked upon the body of Mr Parker.

Raines whipped his head around to see the child standing there, before he turned to his lover, Catherine, "Get her out of here! Get the girl out!" he ordered Catherine Parker.

"Honey, come on. Come on!" Catherine was just as distraught as her daughter was to have seen her husband, Mr Parker, the glass still in his hand from the concoction Raines had made him drink. The mother took her daughter's hand, literally having to pull her away from the scene, away from her 'father' it was just as painful for Catherine even though it was Raines she'd chosen as her man over Mr Parker. She could not tell her daughter that though.

"Daddy! No!!" the girl whined, tears streaming her face as she was yanked from the room, out of her mother's arms by a man of two. A twin. Jacob. She could not be seeing her father like that, she was only nine for goodness sakes, Jacob had ordered her back to her room where she could be kept until he and Catherine, and Ben were to help the children escape. Looking up at the man, she sniffled, calming down slightly, she questioned, "Why did Mr Raines do that to my father? Was my father a bad man?"

Jacob felt his heart breaking as he marched with a young Miss Parker to her quarters, "He was Miss Parker. An awful man. You must stay here, your mother will be along shortly." he told her and softly let her inside, closing and locking the door behind him.

Turning, Miss Parker looked around and she sniffled, shaking she walked over to the bed. She frowned. This wasn't her room.

"Hello." a voice spoke up, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you." he said as he noticed she looked scared and was crying, "My name's Jarod. Who are you?"

"Everyone here calls me Miss Parker." she replied to the boy, her arms folded around herself.

He smiled softly to her and gently told her, "You're the daughter of the woman who's going to get us out of here...?" Jarod softly questioned Parker, "She's a beautiful woman. I wish I knew my mother, and she was as beautiful as yours."

Parker didn't respond to him.

He stepped a little closer to her, "Why are you crying?"

" father." she said.

"What happened?"

"Mr Raines, he...I think he poisoned my daddy." she looked up at Jarod now, finally into his eyes.

"Mr Raines is a bad man." Jarod told Miss Parker, "He's the one who brought me here."

Parker blinked away her tears and sat down on the edge of the bed, "He did? Why are you here?" she questioned him.

"Well, they all say I'm a genius. They call me a 'Pretender' and I can do great things."

"Were you stolen from your family?"

Jarod nodded softly, "I've overheard conversations between my mentor and Mr Raines. They always told me that my parents died in a plane crash, but they didn't. I was taken from them."

The little girl blinked a little, it must have been hard for Jarod, she reached down and took his hand softly in hers, looking up at him and smiling a little though still with tears on her face, "I'm sure you'll find your family soon, Jarod."

* * * * *

"Jarod! What the hell are you doing?!" Miss Parker scolded the fellow Pretender as he had walked in on her as she had been changing.

He chuckled and had managed to spy a little more flesh than the last time he'd tried it, holding up his hands he backed out, "Sorry, you should lock the door Parker!" the same line, and still she hadn't learned, it had been the fourth time in three weeks he'd done this.

Miss Parker knew she and Jarod shared an interest in one another, it was inevitable since they'd grown up together. They'd bonded as soon as they first met each other, the day Mr Parker had been murdered, and so they always were playing practical jokes on one another; Jarod trying to glimpse as much of Parker's body as possible and she trying to turn him on without satisfying him at all afterwards. They didn't care who saw what they were doing, and they didn't care that they were siblings. From the same maternal tree. She didn't mind being at The Center, it was home, she was around the people she had fun with; Jarod, Angelo, Jacob, Lyle, her mother...

Ah, Catherine E. Parker.

Miss Parker's mother was still at The Center, though she remembered nothing of her children. All six of them. At least, they were the known one's. Parker often mused when she was around her mother, hoping she would get her memory back, and trying to remember when she'd lost it. Was it when Daddy was killed? Or when Ethan was born? Parker couldn't pinpoint it, but she always went along to see the woman who had given her life. Had given many life. To Catherine Parker, little Miss Parker owed her life.

"How are you today, Momma?" she questioned the woman in the chair, stroking back that glorious, luxurious hair, remembering how she wanted her own hair to be the same when she grew up.

"You do know she doesn't remember any of us?" came the familiar voice from behind her.

Parker sighed obviously, and rolled her eyes and without turning to him, she replied, "Yes, I do. How kind of you to once again, remind me of it. You do know, if she could remember any of us, she would have told you herself."

"Oooh, that wit I love so much, sis. You've been reading Noel Coward again."

This time she turned as she heard him stepping nearer to her and Catherine, "You've been watching me again I see." she replied, the words tripping off of her tongue with ease.

"Possibly, you know that new technician is a total sucker. I got him to install a came-" he trailed off suddenly.

Parker whipped her head back around to look to her brother, "Install a what, Lyle?" she asked him, standing and placing her mother's hand softly back into her lap, raising her brows to her brother when she stepped up close to him.

"A camera. You know those little devices that film things..." he smirked.

She grabbed his throat, shooting him a warning glance, "I know what they are genius -"

"Wait a minute, that's Jarod." Lyle smirked back to his sister.

Seeing his smirk, Miss Parker couldn't help but respond to it. She let the same sly expression form on her own face before she pulled Lyle's face to hers, kissing him deeply. It wasn't a secret in The Center that Miss Parker and Lyle had a love/hate relationship, it was obvious there was pent up sexual tension between, even if they did happen to be related, they didn't care they just liked the company, most of misery. And what was better than misery having company?

Your company curing your misery by getting into a round of knee knocking.

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