Author's Note: So this is set way back when. Parker, Jarod, Lyle and Broots are like in their late teens. Catherine is still alive but mute. Faith is alive too. Mr Parker is dead. Please don't hate me for making it kinda AU. Enjoy gang.

With Ethan's words, each pair of eyes turned and focused on the boy. Such big words, not necessarily long words but powerful and coming from such a young boy, the family all stared at the youngest member with shock. But it was Parker who nodded and agreed, moving to her youngest brother's side to back up his words with some of her own.

"Yes, Ethan's right. We have to take down this wretched place. Once and for all." she looked between the faces of her siblings, Sydney and her mother. She saw each of them staring between she and Ethan with the same blank expressions across their faces. She sighed and flared her nostrils slightly before she spoke up again and she said to them, "Look, Momma started out those years ago when we were all only small. She wanted to finish this place off then, and by trusting Raines she killed Daddy...that was the start in taking down The Center." Miss Parker explained to them.

"Parker..." Sydney then tried to chip in with his own two cents worth, but Parker cut him off, raising her hand to silence him.

"No Syd, hear this out, okay." she told him and looked from him back to her siblings again before finally turning her eyes to her mother, "We have to take down Raines first. To get to Raines, we have to find Lyle." she said and nodded to her mother.

"You can't kill your brother." Catherine said, she panicked a bit at what Parker had said.

"I'm not going to kill that Ken doll!" Parker scoffed a bit, "Faith's going to bring him to me, and I'll work the information of that little weed." she sneered and then looked to her mother, "Don't worry, we're all going to get out of here alive, well...minus Raines." she smirked and looked to her little brother.

Ethan looked up at his sister and nodded, he could read what she was thinking without her even having to say it. He too had the gift like she had. They had gotten it from their mother. Catherine had noticed she had the gift when she was training in becoming a nun, before she was about to take her vows and when Mr Parker had come onto the scene. The boy smiled to his sister and he gave her an affirmative nod to agree with what she was thinking.

"Faith is going to bring Lyle to us. Jarod and Angelo are going to hack into the mainframe...Jarod, you should find Broots to help you." Ethan said before he then looked to Parker and he muttered, "You should talk to Broots first..." he told her before looking back to Jarod and Angelo, "Yes, find Broots and go shut down everything." the littlest brother told them and then looked up to Sydney and his mother, "Momma, should get everybody out. Everybody who is worth saving." Ethan said, slightly grimly.

"Are you really certain that this is all necessary Parker?" Sydney asked Parker in his usual quiet tone.

Parker looked to him and she raised a brow to him, "You're questioning this, Syd?" she asked him.

"Why evacuate everybody?" he asked her, not replying to her question.

"Because things could get a little hairy, Sydney." Jarod then stepped into the conversation and he narrowed his eyes a little, "Especially since Raines is going to be involved in this."

"And you're sure you want this to go through, Parker?"

"Listen Syd, do you wanna spend the rest of your life cooped up in this cage?" Parker tried to hint to him that that was what would happen if they didn't at least try and take down The Center. They would all spend their days inside the walls, being used in military experiments or scientific findings. She shook her head, "I know I don't, and I know Lab rat here doesn't either." she gestured with her head to her brother, Jarod.

Catherine gave a sigh and she looked to her daughter, she could see there was so much anger there. The mother furrowed her brows to her daughters' words and how she carried herself; wearing those tiny skirts and tight fitting clothes. She knew that she and her daughter couldn't be more differed but then she recognised that same passion, the anger was a front to mask the passion Parker had. It was a drive, a drive for her to accomplish things. Catherine knew her daughter really did feel under all of those layers of harshness, she could see that Parker was still the troubled, frightened little girl she had been when Catherine had been put into the Renewal Wing those years ago.

Since Sydney hadn't answered Parker, she nodded once and smirked to him, "Didn't think so. So, are you going to choose to be a Scientist or a mommy, Syd?" she questioned him, smirking more.

Looking to Parker, Sydney took his time before he responded, "What do you want me to do?" he smiled.

"Ethan's got the plan, ask him. I need to go find Broots." Parker said, "Faith, I'll be back in my space within the hour, make sure Lyle's there." she smiled to her sister as Faith moved to leave.

Jarod and Angelo were next to leave the Renewal Wing, already on the hunt for the tools to get into the mainframe, and some floor plans to make doubly sure they knew where they were going when they were to hack into it. Ethan had already left the room, after giving his mother a kiss on her cheek, and he had left with Sydney. It was just Parker and Catherine there now. Miss Parker turned to leave when Catherine spoke up to her daughter.

" really remind me of someone." Catherine smiled gently to her daughter as Parker turned to face her.

"Who, Momma?"

Catherine let a silence wash over them. Nothing could be heard but the gentle hum of the heating and the mainframe, and the lights. She spoke up then, still looking to her daughter and she let her smile turn warmer, more maternal. Reaching out with her hands to Parker, she replied, "Me."

Parker took her mother's hands and she knelt down in front of her, "You?"

"Yes. You have the same passion and drive that I did. I can see myself in you." Catherine replied gently, her voice always soft, like Parker had remembered it to be.

Hearing her mother's words, Parker froze. It wasn't an unpleasant freeze, but she was taking in what Catherine had said to her. She nodded before she said, "You're a good mother. I remember you told me, when you see yourself reflected in your child, you have succeeded in the upbringing of good." Parker said gently, looking into Catherine's eyes. Miss Parker couldn't have agreed more with what her mother had said to her, "We are the same. I see it now." she whispered.

The crash outside the Renewal Wing, brought them both back to reality with a humungous bump, and they whipped their heads to face the door. Parker stood up defensively, protecting her mother in an instant at who she saw standing there, staring at them with that awful sneer. And that oxygen tank.

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