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Ruth sat there on the grass looking at the chaos around here. Harry was on the floor, blood oozed from his head. Tariq had shot the sniper dead. The marksman training he had applied for at Ros' suggestion obviously hadn't been needed. Ros was in shock but knew everyone would be looking to her to take charge. She couldn't bring herself to look at Ruth, knowing if she did then she'd dissolve into tears too.

Ros ordered Zaf and Tariq to check the sniper. All she could see from the distance was it was a white male with black hair. The pair ran off towards the body as Adam ordered a clean up team. Ros took a deep breath, knowing that she would have to check Harry's body. God she thought Harry's body!

She knelt next to her boss, placing a hand on his chest she thought her eyes were deceiving her. His chest was moving. Ros could feel her hands shaking; she was still unable to lift her eyes to look at Ruth. His chest is definitely moving. She felt for a carotid pulse and jumped as Harry opened his eyes.

"MEDIC!" Ros screamed as Lucas ran towards her "GET A BLOODY MEDIC!" she yelled as Harry struggled in to a sitting position.

Lucas called for Ruth to come over as Harry pulled his tie off and gingerly opened his shirt. His ribs were killing him and he was acutely aware of the head wound. Ros helped him into a sitting position as Ruth looked on, not trusting her eyes to believe what she was seeing.

"Old school" he whispered as he continued pulling his shirt open.

"Bullet proof vest" Ruth muttered as she stood next to Lucas. She felt exhausted.

"Yeah" Harry held a hand over his ribs as the sirens of an ambulance could be heard getting closer. Ruth was still crying and covered her eyes with one hand.

"Impossible man" Ruth smiled through her tears.

"Jammy sod" Ros deadpanned as she rolled her eyes.


Three days later Harry had ignored medical advice and was back on the Grid. The aftermath of Dolby's demise and the extent of his betrayal were only just coming to light. It seemed as though Nightingale had lost it's UK branch, although Harry knew they could never be complacent.

He sat at his desk and looked out onto the Grid. Zoë was concentrating on her paperwork while Ruth was also tapping away on her computer. The only two officers missing were Lucas and Ros. He smiled to himself. Ros had gone for her first scan. He smiled at the thought of Ros getting annoyed as Lucas fussed over her.

He felt guilty that he hadn't told Ruth about the bullet proof vest, but there really hadn't been any time. He had only decided to wear it at the last minute. He could see Ruth looking tired and was worried that he'd pushed her too far this time.

Zoe had been quiet since the shooting. No one had expected Tom to be the sniper. He had been so embroiled in the UK end of Nightingale that he had lead them right into a trap. Whoever was the mastermind behind the organisation had wanted Dolby silenced and Harry out of the picture. She was angry that Tom had double bluffed them, telling them enough information to rescue Christine and Andrew but then trying to kill Harry. She tapped away furiously at the keyboard as she worried what effect shooting Tom would have on Tariq.


The day on the Grid ended, like many others with just Harry and Ruth left on the Grid. His ribs still ached but he had otherwise recovered well. He hadn't been surprised that Tom had been the gunman. There was a certain irony to it he supposed. He stared out of his office at the main Grid. Ruth was sat there tapping away at her computer despite the late hour, he smiled as he watched her concentrating on some obscure piece of information. He decided he could stand it no longer.

Ruth was researching a piece of information Special Branch had asked for. She want really interested, but it would keep them off her back for a few more days. She didn't notice Harry cross to her until she felt his warm hands on her shoulders.

"Ruth" he whispered in her ear. "It's late. Lets go home" she closed her eyes briefly at his voice.

"No, I just have to finish this" she stared at the screen.

"Ruth, please" he knew she was still angry at him for getting shot. In the days since the shooting she'd veered from being overwhelmed at events to being angry at him.

"I wont be long" Harry lifted his hands away from her shoulders, he wouldn't let Tom win. Not now. He spun Ruth's chair so she was facing him.

"I'm sorry I was shot. That I didn't tell you I had a vest on." He saw her frown as she refused to meet his eyes. He gently placed a hand on her cheek forcing him to look at her.

"Harry" she whispered "I was so scared"

"I know. I'm sorry. If there was any other way I'd never have done it. I'm sorry" he watched mesmerised as she stared at him confused.

"You promised me you wouldn't get shot" she was recalling a conversation years earlier.

Harry nodded. "I know" Ruth nodded as if she had decided something, a single tear falling from her eyes.

"Don't do it again. I never want to have to tell Catherine her dad is in hospital again. Don't you dare get shot again. If you do…." she sobbed as Harry pulled her into his arms.

"I wont, I wont" he whispered as he held her. Her arms wrapped themselves around Harry as she felt herself relax into his embrace.

"Harry. Take me home" she whispered into his shirt as Harry nodded.

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