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Lucy looked at herself in the mirror and gasped. She hardly recognized herself.

"Oh Lu you look gorgeous. And so adult."

"Thank you Su. I can't believe thats me. I can't believe I am getting married today."

Lucy glanced again at the mirror. She had decided to keep her dress simple. It was a strapless white satin gown and it had silver embroidery around the top of the dress and the hem. The silver design matched the floral design of her crown. The veil was simple lace and it rest atop Lucy's head and her crown was placed on top of it, to hold it in place. Susan had done Lucy's makeup and they had kept it very simple, only adding a little eye shadow and mascara, with a touch of pink lipstick. Lucy had a natural beauty that Susan didn't want to cover up with makeup. The final touch was a matching set of ruby drop earrings and a small ruby drop necklace. Caspian had given the set to Lucy two days ago for their six month anniversary.

" I am so glad Caspian and I waited to get married. Back on the Dawn Treader Caspian had talked about Drinian marrying us before we got back to Narnia."

"I didn't know that. Why wasn't I told that you both were planning on marrying on the ship?"

"We weren't. Caspian was. Oh but Su you should have seen the glare that Peter gave Caspian. I thought that Caspian was going to run away."

"I would have loved to have seen that. What happened next?"

"Caspian said that perhaps he should leave all the wedding plans to me and that whenever I wanted to get married would be fine with him."

The girls burst out into laughter. A knock sounded on the door and Edmund and Peter asked if everyone was decent.

"Yes boys, you may come in."

Peter, Edmund, and Drinian entered the room dressed in their formal Narnia garb. When Edmund and Peter set eyes on their sisters they were speechless. Susan looked lovely in a scarlet red strapless satin dress. She was going to be Lucy's maid of honor and Ramandu's daughter was going to be a bridesmaid wearing a navy blue strapless satin gown. Lucy decided to keep the dresses similar and simple. But the boys were floored when they saw Lucy.

"Lu, you look like an angel."

"Who are you and what have you done with our tomboyish little sister?"

"Oh stop you two. Is it time?"

"Yes and we better get down there before Caspian comes looking for you. He is nervous that you are going to change your mind and leave him at the alter."

"Oh he is just being silly, but come along let us go. I can't get married if my groom runs away."

The four siblings laughed and went downstairs and waited outside the doors to the main hall listening for their music cues. It had been agreed that Peter would give Lucy away and Edmund would be best man. So Ramandu's daughter entered with Drinian, Susan was escorted by Edmund, and finally Peter and Lucy entered. All those in attendance would never forget the sight of Queen Lucy the Valiant. She truly looked like an angel and she was absolutely radiant as she glided toward Caspian, who looked magnificent in his kingly garb, complete with Peter's old sword.

Caspian stood at the alter with his mouth open. Lucy? Is that my Lucy? She looked magnificent and Caspian could not believe that the radiant creature gliding toward him was going to be his wife. She had chosen him and Caspian couldn't get over it. Finally Lucy and Peter reached his side and Peter kissed Lucy on the cheek and lowered her veil over her face and gave her hand to Caspian. Caspian smiled at Peter and then turned his eyes to Lucy.

"You look beautiful, my love," Caspian whispered.

Lucy blushed and turned to look at Aslan, who was smiling a the two of them. Lucy and Caspian knelt in front of the mighty lion and the ceremony began.

Later after the ceremony was complete and everyone had toasted the new couple and everyone had feasted, Caspian lifted Lucy up bridal style and carried her off to a part of the castle she had never been to.

"Caspian where are we?"

"I had this suite built separate for me. It just didn't seem right that I should take what used to be all your old rooms. So this suite was made for me and now it has been prepared for you and me. It shall be our suite Lucy."

"Oh Caspian."

Lucy leaned down to kiss Caspian. Caspian never let her lips go as he pushed open the doors and closed and locked them. Don't want anyone interrupting. Caspian placed Lucy slowly on the bed and slowly laid down next to her. He began kissing down Lucy's neck and she moaned.

"Mmmmm Caspian. This is my first time."

Caspian looked into Lucy's eyes and saw the love and trust she had for him.

"Lucy I am not going to lie. This first time will hurt slightly. If I could take away the pain I would, but I can't. But I can promise that I will try my hardest to make this as perfect for you as I can."

"I know you will."

And he did.

Four Years Later

"William where are your sisters and your mother?"

The baby in Caspian's arms just grabbed his finger and sucked on it.

"Ah at breakfast you say. Then lets go find them."

Caspian entered the breakfast room to find Lucy already there with one of their twin daughters, CeeCee. Peter and his wife were there with their son Rilian as well. Peter and Ramandu's daughter had gotten married one year after Caspian and Lucy had gotten married and they had already had one child and were expecting another some time in the next two months.

"Hello darling."

Caspian leaned down and gently kissed Lucy. He handed William to his mother so that Caspian could fix himself a plate of breakfast.

"Where is Helen?"

Caspian came back to the table and kissed his daughter on the head as he sat down next to her.

"She went off with Ed to go find Su. Another suitor came today and Susan couldn't escape to get breakfast first."

"Who pays visits at this time? Shouldn't they wait until sometime after noon?"

"Not if they actually want to talk to her without a herd of suitors surrounding her," joked Peter. Everyone laughed at his remark.

It was true. Suitors came from all over when the four monarchs had returned. Since Susan was beautiful and not engaged they focused all their attention on winning her affections. For the most part Susan didn't mind, but it got tiresome sometimes. But she wasn't the only one with suitors. Girls came to visit Peter and Edmund as well, but then Peter got married and so now they were all trying to entice Edmund, who wasn't interested at all. Edmund enjoyed spending time with his nieces and nephews. He wasn't ready to settle down and he didn't want to give any of the girls false hopes. So he would be polite, but never paid them much attention.

Edmund and Susan soon entered the breakfast room, following a very talkative Helen, Caspian and Lucy's daughter, CeeCee's twin.

"Mama. There was someone saying icky poems."

"Helen thats not a nice thing to say. I am sure it couldn't have been that bad."

"Oh trust me Lu. Helen is being kind. Whoever made poetry a prerequisite for courting, was definitely male."

Lucy, Ramandu's daughter, and Susan all laughed while the men balked.

"Hey we are not that bad at poetry," Peter replied indignantly.

"Of course you aren't love, but that doesn't mean all men are good at it."

"You have a point darling."

Peter kissed his wife and gently rubbed his hands over her swollen belly.

"So a change of topic. Pete what are you planning on naming the baby."

"I don't know Ed. We were thinking that if its a girl we are going to name her Gwyn."

"And if its a boy?"

"We don't know Ed."

"Well I think Gwyn is a lovely name."

"Thank you Susan."

"Um speaking of baby names, I have an announcement to make."

"What is it Lu?"

"Um well you see I am pregnant."

"What? Really?"

Caspian gazed at his wife in awe. They were going to have another child. He was thrilled. Everyone else on the other hand had another response.


Lucy looked at her three siblings who were staring at her in shock. Then Peter turned his look to Caspian. Caspian looked at Peter and gulped. Oh dear.

The guards outside the breakfast room were startled as King Caspian came running out yelling.

"Peter calm down!"

Former High King Peter soon followed, chasing Caspian down the hall.

"Have you never heard of restraint Caspian!"

There was laughter shared among the remaining occupants of the breakfast room.

The End