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Some people in this world believe they have a reason to be here. My reason? Well it doesn't take a lot of thinking about, but people telling me to "go away" maybe a bit too kind. I do believe that everybody should have a chance to be who they are, it's a shame people in this world disagree. Including Jessie behind me, throwing paper balls at my head. It's my own fault; I choose to ignore every person in this school who tries to make my day as unpleasant as possible.

Just like Miss Mayes trying to get my attention, math was never my strongest subject, I always find myself gazing through the window from best view from Sinnoh High School wondering where I went wrong. I can see acres of playing lime green fields, with the shadows of trees that are spread around the school with their trunks covered in moss, their branches hanging with a canopy of it, with the ground surrounding them with crumpled dead leaves. Behind them is the main road that leads into the city, if I lay on the desk I can see it, it makes the image of school bearable, miles and miles of soft beautiful hills that I stare at just to lose myself into other worlds of exquisite imagination. I can hear the teacher constantly trying to get my attention in the background; I looked up to a staring vulgar face, obviously looking critical.

"Dawn for goodness sake pay attention" she snapped.

Suddenly I'm back in the real world. I could hear sniggers from Jessie and her army of skanks at the back of the class, as you can probably tell by now; she's not my most favorite person in the world.

"Pfft. Dopey DD is daydreaming again, what, a freak." hoping to get in a laugh from the class.

"Why don't you just shut the hell up and go buy a life on eBay?" a voice shouted from behind.

Now that got laughs from every angle, including me. It was May, just about the best person you could meet; luckily for me she's my best friend and also in every same class as me. We'd been inseparable ever since we me met in middle school, she's my rock. She's the type of girl who can turn a suicidal person, into someone who has the most positive outlook on life ever. She has the most gorgeous brown hair, that she always wears tied back with a red bandana. The best sports girl in the entire school and always wearing tight shorts revealing her legs which, seriously, never seem to end. She has flawless pale skin that always tanned immaculate during the summer which gives the only reason to hate her, need I explain more?

"Just ignore it Dawn" she smiled.

I giggled at the way she put so much emphasis on how she said 'it'.

"Thanks May, but I'm way ahead of you" I laughed back, as the bell rang for recess.

Finally, one of the many few positive things of school. I gathered my things and stuffed them all in my backpack; I tried to do it as slow as possible to make sure 'it' went out first, then strolled in the corridor. I haven't been in this high school long, in fact I'm a junior, almost sixteen mind you, but it feels like I've walked down the same corridor for a lifetime. I know where to find the same people hanging around the school, I hate labeling but it's the easiest way, myself? I wouldn't say I'm anything. I'm just average Dawn Berlitz, well; my old friends call me DD. Unfortunately Jessie found out and has tortured me about it ever since.

I keep myself to myself, with my humble chums, May of course, Misty and Candice. I guess I could tell you a little about them. Misty, every girl group has the loud mouthed tough girl, and I guess that's her. (But shh she'll kill me if she knew I said that!) But she's awesome really, great ginger hair she wears tied up on the side of her head, another one who one for wearing shorts, but they're short shorts if you know what I mean.

Candice the quiet one, she's the kind of person that wouldn't even want a murderer killed, not a bad bone in her body. If I'm honest she's defiantly the most beautiful girl in school, long platted hair and brown eyes to match. Candice is incredibly shy and gullible, but very passionate. She believes a person should put all their focus into whatever they do. She sometimes muses that she acts the opposite of the way people would expect a gorgeous girl in high school would act, warm and friendly instead of stuck up and superior; and the best thing about her? Even though she has looks to die for, she sends the guys packing, and because she's not the sharpest tool in the box, every single guy here would take advantage of her anyway.

I just wish there's one guy out there that could actually love, not use for sex and run for the hills. Speaking of which I see some of them now.

"Any slower girls you'll be walking backwards!" Came a voice in the distance.

"Oh, okay then!" Misty shouted back. We all started to walk backwards in slow motion and we could see the 3 guys throwing their arms in the air having a tantrum, we knew how easy it was to get them agitated but we were only fooling around. We all turned to one another and nodded, we knew exactly what to do next. We ran across the field but on stealth mode so the guys couldn't hear us, crept behind the huge tree they were sitting against, then after 3 we turned the corner and did a pile on them all, muahaha.

"ARRGGHHH STOP, STOP, STOP! You're kneeing me in my delicate area woman!" Gary yelled out, who unfortunately for him was stuck at the bottom, we all burst out laughing.

Ever since Gary hit puberty his 'delicate area' he prefers to call it has been his best friend, and probably not to your surprise he thinks of himself as the ladies man. Also one of the many guys that have failed to try hook up with Candice, poor guy, he's actually not that bad looking. Just too big for his boots.

"Okay cut it out guys we got a soldier down now!" Tracey pleaded.

Now I know what your thinking, Tracey? Isn't that a girl's name? Yeah, it is. Obviously his parents think differently, I think they wanted a girl, but I daren't say that to him. Don't get me wrong he wouldn't crucify me or anything, in fact he's the biggest soft guy in school, he gets teased and accused of being homosexual, and again, I'm saying nothing. But he does have quite long hair, but shh.

"What was that? You just called us GUYS?" smiled Misty, forcing her elbow more into Tracey's side below his ribs.

"OWWW QUIT IT SERIOSLY! No I actually meant to say beasts" he mumbled under his breath.

"Alright, that's it" May grabbed the nearest head to her and plunged her fist into the thick brown hair giving a noogie. And yes, more girly screams from the guys.

"WHAT THE HELL I DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING WHY ME?!" May lowered her head and turned to see who she mistakenly tortured and sweat dropped.

"Sorry Kenny!" she gasped "I didn't realize" scratching the back of her head.

Kenny's also a best friend of mine but unlike May we've known each other ever since kindergarten. People always asked us about being a couple, but when you've known someone for as long as that you think of them as a brother. I'd never look at them in any other way. Besides we'd never suit.

"Uh huh you'd better be sorry, and Tracey man would ya cut it out with your smart remarks before I damage YOUR area!"

"Candice get in here help us out!" Gary yelled at her, she was standing a distance from us looking worried; she never did like it when we fooled around like this because one of us always got hurt.

"No you'll only drag me in with you I'm not that stupid" she snapped back folding her arms.

"Can you all just stop now please before someone gets really hurt!"

You're probably wondering what I'm doing through all this, well I'm in the middle of everybody at this point using my only strength to breathe, I couldn't stop laughing for even a second.

"Stop, I, I can't breathe!" I screamed, still laughing hysterically.

Everybody rolled off and sat up staring at me like I've just grown another head. Did I mention I have the world's most high pitch laugh? I stopped and turned red finding a way to use my laugh as something good.

"Well, I got everybody to stop didn't I?"

Everyone laughed back at me as I got up and strolled back over to the tree and sat against it.

"Dawn I think only dogs think your laugh is normal" sniggered Gary.

May slapped the back of his head and came over to sit next to me. I just glared at him. Everybody took out their snacks and started eating like it was their last meal on earth, from all the commotion we only had 5 minutes of recess left.

"I would advise you to lay off the snacks girls; it was like having 3 elephants on the weight watchers register crushing us" he carried on.

Kenny laughed and high fived him.

I remembered the can of soda in my bag; I grinned at them with a smug look and took May's can out of her hand before she could open it.

"Heeeyy you got your own!"

"Shh, shake it as much as you can and follow my lead" I was gonna get my own back.

I shook my can briskly until I could feel its pulse and walked over to Kenny.

"You guys are right, all that sugar isn't good for me, you have this" I smiled and held it in his face. He looked at me suspicious and raised one eyebrow, but took it anyway.

May handed Gary her drink and winked, being gullible with girls he took it too.

I ran back over to the tree and put my bag over my shoulders and watched them attempting to pull the cans open.

"RUN!" Nobody else knew what was going to happen but they all made a break for it anyway, seconds later leaving Gary and Kenny sat completely lifeless and soaked through to their skin. The bell rang for next period to start and we made our way inside with the rest of the school, looking back with our faces creasing with laughter.

"Those bitches" breathed Gary, crushing the can with his fist.

Kenny, still lifeless but twitching one eye in total fury.

Getting to each lesson is a blur. The corridors are insanely thin, not to mention the lockers on both sides of the walls, to make it even more impossible you can't get passed without getting your foot tread on, or even an elbow in you. It's not a bad school; most around this area are filled with all sorts of, lets just say the people you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley. Its clean here, the walls all painted in cream with displays of work done by junior students, with the odd notice pinned here and there. The floors are also cream, however not as surprisingly clean looking as the walls.

The school has 5 very large buildings, now you'd think a school this size you'd be easily lost in or need a world map to guide you, plus with every corridor looking the same, but after a month you seem to know your way around like your own home. As I struggled to get to another positive of school, chemistry class, I made my way through waves and waves of noisy, crowded teenagers, I held onto Misty's hand who was guiding me through. I was too weak to make it on my own, and when people seen her coming they knew to make way for her.

Finally we got to the end of the corridor and made a right, on the end of the corner was our class. We stumbled through the green door giggling, and looked up to a man stood against his desk with his arms folded smiling. He was the reason this class is a positive; he didn't seem like a teacher, more like your fun uncle. He wasn't old, maybe about 23, he was tall and had jet black hair and wore black heavily framed glasses since he was practically blind. It was Mr. Hanson, the best teacher in the school. He made learning fun and something not to complain about; he would never shout and tell anybody off firmly and, overall a pretty handsome guy.

"So you managed to make it through the first scene of 'Saving Private Ryan'" he chuckled.

We giggled at his weak attempt to make a joke.

"Sir it's a blood bath out there" Misty sighed with sarcasm.

We heard a stumble and turned around to see Gary stood in the doorway, panting and holding onto the doorframe while other students behind him in the corridor are still pushing their way down the hall. His clothes were creased and he was holding his left sneaker in his hand.

"We got a soldier down" I laughed, nudging Misty. "And not the little man in his pants".

Gary looked up and saw us in a laughing fit, holding into each others shoulders.

He held his hands over his ears and yelled "MY EARS. THEY BLEED!" referring to my screeching laugh. Actually I wouldn't say it's screeching it's just kind of stuttering trying to say he.

I stopped laughing and scowled as I took my seat; Misty followed and sat next to me with her hand over her mouth trying to hold back the humor.

The class was sky blue with 5 rows long desks, which had 4 students per desk. Each desk had 2 gas taps and 4 electric sockets to share between 2. At the sides and back of the class, worktops went along with 2 large sinks and some empty test tubes and beakers left in them.

Jessie stormed in the room to the back of the class and took out a fold out mirror and brush to plump up her loud pink hair. She straightened her black, racy skirt out and flopped down on a stool, while everybody was staring at her sarcastically.

She raised an eyebrow and looked around at the faces as if to say "What are you all staring at?" they all widened their eyes and backed off her.

The last few people of the class came in the room and took their seats, as Mr. Hanson wrote today's objectives and date on the blackboard, and then sat at his desk behind him.

"I see we have a full house of survivors today" he laughed, scanning the room. Not to see who made it to class, to see how many laughs he could get out of us.

He took our silence as a hint that he should really give up his bad humor, picked up a textbook and began writing on the board again of what questions we'd do. I blocked out his speech as he started to explain what to do with an earphone to my iPod, and laid my head on the desk and gazed out the window at the beautiful autumn day.

With Gary and Misty sat either sides of me, like every other lesson I could hear them arguing over what the answers were. Sometimes get a nudge where they'd lean over me to show something to prove their point, as you can tell, their ego's are bigger than their heads. That's all the more reason why they belong together; I think I'm the only person who's noticed. Not even they have realized it, they are actually flirting, speaking of which excuse me for one second.

"Guys would you cut it out please?"

"Well tell HIM that ducks don't have teeth Dawn"

I unplugged my headphones and looked at them both in amazement, before slowly lowering my head gently back on the table.

"Guys, this is chemistry, and Gary what seriously possessed you to think of something like that?" I mumbled rising my head back up.

"Tell me something, how do they EAT then?"

"They just, swallow..." I replied, I was going to start to explain but looking at his puzzled face told me don't even bother, so I put my head back on the table.

The sound of Misty's phone loudly vibrating caught our attention.

"Hey, hey no phones in class guys please you'll get me done for if the Principal walked in" Mr. Hanson asked as Misty read her text.

"Shh sir" she whispered. "Oh my god, I can't believe this..."

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