Hi everyone, it's been a while. 3 years to be exact haha.

Where do I begin.. Well I told you all I'd never abandon this story! Its strange actually, I completely forgot it existed until I checked my e-mails and found that people are still reading and commenting. You guys.. Thanks so much for the love, its so nice that people enjoy my crazy imagination!

I am my worst critic, I read this story now and think wow, what was I thinking haha, I could have changed a lot of things to be honest, but I guess that's because I'm older and slightly more mature now. (Only slightly!)

A lot has happened, I met a person through this story who used to be very important to me, and when that fell apart I didn't want to bother with the story any longer and eventually wanted to forget. If that person is reading this now.. No hard feelings. You did me a huge favor.

Anyways! To the readers who followed me 3 years ago, massive apology guys, and I will make it up by finishing the fic, as a thank you for the kind words on every chapter.

Not sure when I'll update, it will be sooner than 3 years haha!

I'll keep you posted guys, thanks again!