"Good morning Beautiful," Sara whispered as she walked up behind her girlfriend, wrapping her arms around the woman's slim waist and drawing the startled blonde back against her chest.

"Good morning." Catherine replied with a smile on her lips as she leaned back into Sara's touch enjoying the way that their bodies moulded together, almost as if they were made to go together like they were at that moment.

"Mhm, it is now that you're in my arms again." Sara replied, leaning down to place a series of kisses on Catherine's neck, trailing them up the side until they met the woman's ear, which she playfully blew into causing the older woman to duck her head and laugh softly.

"Hey!" The blonde replied as she rubbed her tickled ear, "That was mean."

"I'm waiting for something." Sara answered softly, using her hand to point to her lips.

"Oh, you want a kiss after pulling that little stunt do you?" Catherine asked in replied as she turned in Sara's arms hooking her own around the brunette's neck and leaning forward.

"Please?" Sara asked as she leaned just that little bit further so she could just about place her lips on Catherine's.

"Alright," The woman replied pressing her lips to her girlfriend's softly and lovingly, "I love you Sara."

"I love you too Catherine." The brunette whispered softly in reply as she placed her forehead against the blonde's and looked deeply into her eyes.


The call came from upstairs, knocking the two women out of their love filled haze and settling them back in the knowledge that Catherine's daughter was just upstairs.

"Coming Lindsey," Catherine returned rolling her eyes and moving out of Sara's embrace.

"Just like always," The brunette muttered as she moved to prepare their breakfast. It was just a normal day in the Willows-Sidle household, and she hoped that it would never change.