That one call that dreaded one phone call actually came. It's been two years since he has heard from any of them and the call has to be the one he has most dreaded since his second year at Ouran. Since he met Haruhi. Tamaki Suou has now been out of high school for three years, and even though he has become slightly less dramatic since high school, he has never stopped fearing this might happen. HARUHI is dying. The same Haruhi that had become one of the most important people in his life, no THE most important person to him ever. The Haruhi that he loved from the moment she walked into the third music room; he immediately accepted her as part of his family and loved her like a daughter though in time it grew to something much more. He doesn't know when it changed but when he realized it felt like an idiot for not noticing sooner. Though in the four years he hasn't been able to show his love for her. Ever since he was brought into the main house he had to cut off all ties with his beloved Haruhi. And then again two years later with the rest of the host club, to go after his dream of succeeding the Suou name. The wasn't a day that went by that he didn't think of the family that he left behind for his biological family; his goal is bring both of his families together so everyone can be happy. He hoped that they didn't blame him and, even though it's selfish of him, maybe support him in his decision. Oh his poor Haruhi, just wait.

He didn't even know what was wrong with her all Kyouya had time to tell him was that Haruhi was in the hospital dying before he snapped his phone shut. Within the next few minutes he had arranged a plane and a car to take him from Canada to Japan where the most beautiful girl lay dying without him by her hoped that she would hold on until he arrived. I Haruhi afraid of dying, like thunder? Grief washed over him as a memory came to him.

We were on the trip to the sea 'cause Haruhi said it was okay to go. Even though we were supposed to be hosting we all had our focus on Haruhi. The twins somehow roped usinto a competition to figure out Haruhi's weakness, even Kyouya was interested, offering the winner pictures of Haruhi from middle school. Finding out what her weakness meant bringing down her walls, it meant she trusted the person she revealed her weajbess too. All our efforts that day failed, I laugh at how stupid some of the attempts were. Then I watched as Haruhi almost go seriously hurt right before my eyes, all I could do was dive in after her. Afterwards her and I were fighting about her lack of judgement, ending up ignoring each other. Somehow that night we ended up alone in a room, the atmosphere really awkward and heavy. I was about to leave when CRACK. Thunder had sounded causing Haruhi to freak out and dive into the closet. It was then that I knew that she was afraid of thunder, and the first time she brought down her walls. It was also then that I promised I would always be there for her and never let her be alone again.

Well he really screwed up and broke his promise ten times over. For the pas four years he hadn't been able to keep that promise, wishing he had. But Tamaki knew no amount of wishing would take him back; all he could do now is get to the hospital and try to fulfill his promise for as long as he is able to. He loved Haruhi and decided he would finally listen to his heart; the same heart that's telling him to go to Haruhi, to be there for her.

Tears rolled down Tamaki's cheek at the thought of seeing Haruhi again, and worse the prospect of maybe having to permanently say goodbye to the beautiful ex-host. Tamaki fretted and worried as the plane travelled ever closer to the final destination.

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It was quite, too quiet. This room filled with such loud people like Mitskune Haninozuka, Hikaru and Kaoru Hiitachin, and Ranka/Ryoujji Fujiouka as well as Kyouya Ootori, and Takashi Morinozuka it was way to silent. In fact the room was dead silent. Haruhi didn't like it- even if she was dying she didn't want them to be this morbid. She felt as though she lived a great, if short, life; she had strived for everything she wanted and got most of it. This was the reason she didn't tell them sooner, she hated it when they were like this- it possibly scares her worse then dying. She won't lie to herself- she was afraid of dying, though Haruhi didn't show it on the outside. Haruhi had found out she was ill around 3 years ago, her last year at Ouran. The doctors had told her that there was a good chance she would die young. Three years later and she was on her deathbed surrounded by her family; and they were her family, over time the host club had become a needed part of her life. Yes here they were worrying about her, but the one she most wanted with her was no where to be seen. Of course he wouldn't come, they hadn't spoken in four years and he was aiming for his goals. Haruhi didn't mind, because it was his goal and she supported him by letting him go. Though she had never let go of him in her heart. Even after they stopped talking he was the only one she even hinted at her terminal illness.

It was at Tamaki-senpai's graduation, the last time she would probably ever see him. He was looking as insanely handsome as usual- seriously why are these people rich and good looking. Also as usual he was surrounded by screaming, crying fan girls. Everyone was crying of course because their beloved school idol was leaving the school and with that their chance of ever having a host club reinstated. Of course they were sad at the fact that Kyouya Ootori was leaving as well- but not as much as Tamaki- senpai. Honestly I didn't see the draw in Tamaki-senpai, then again I did fall for that same idiot.

Then it happened, Tamaki came up beside me and grabbed a drink (well I was standing at the refreshment table) and spoke to me. It was only from the side of his mouth (his way of secretly talking to me I suppose), "how have you been? I'm sorry I haven't talked to you in a while but trust me it's better this way." There was real concern in his face for me and I felt really bad because earlier that day I had found out about my terminal disease. Because of his worry i decided that even if I wouldn't come and say it out right i would tell him in my own way, I also decided then that I would try to live my life to the fullest and try to obtain everything I can. " well you know senpai, I'm just trying to live everyday I can and live it to the fullest. Life is just too short." And with that I walked away from the one I loved, possibly forever.

And she did eventually obtain everything she wanted, well almost. She had wonderful friends and families, she had a car and house she could be proud of, and a happiness that was good enough for her. She had also graduated law school two years early and had an internship at a prominent lawyer's office. Another amazing fact about her life is that she was actually allowed to represent a client in court as an intern- the company knew her situation and took pity on her- as well as the fact she won. I was actually right after she won the case that she collapsed and was brought to the hospital for her final days. That's right Haruhi did manage to obtain everything she wanted – everything except for one. Tamaki. And she knew she could never have him. He was her one regret in this life, the only one as she lay there dying. She wished she could see him one more time, even after all these years he was still the most important person in her life. Haruhi knew that she supported him in life and that she would support him in death too. He was the one she most likely cried out to in her dreams- but knew this was for the best.

She looked at the grave faces in the room who were staring at her and got frustrated again. In a vain attempt she smiled and told everyone she was fine once again.

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