Not all that glitters is gold.

You walk down the hallways of high school, hand in hand, smiling and waving at everyone you pass, the perfect golden couple. He's the high school football and baseball star, on the fast track to any major college of his choice. You, his sweet girlfriend who is nice to everyone. Who everyone comes to for advice and sympathy. You've been together since the 8th grade, when he walked up to your lunch table and spoke with that soft, southern drawl, and looked just like your favorite movie star of that era, Cam Geary.

He asked you out. Of course you said yes. But insecurities started and he started to become more and more controlling. He wanted you to spend all your time with him, ordered your food for you, made you feel like you couldn't do anything for yourself. So you broke up with him, stating you like your independence too much. He threw a fit, raged and screamed and you, well you calmly walked away.

That was then, this is now.

Now it's back to the way it was in the 8th grade. Of course, you saw the signs but ignored them, convinced that all the lies he told you were true. That no one would ever love you the way he did, that no one would ever understand you. That he couldn't survive without you at his sporting events. Of course you went, you're his girlfriend and he needs you. You smile and talk to everyone, but no one notice that your smile dims a little more each day, that your eyes don't sparkle like they used to.

They don't know about the nights.

The nights where he hits you over and over, just because he thought you were flirting with some guy. When he calls you the ugly names that make you feel small and worthless. Where he blows up your cell phone, wanting to know why you weren't there five minutes ago. When he calls you repeatedly, and if you ignore the calls, he's going to show up at your house, demanding to know who you're with, why you're not with him.

They don't know about how he has driven all your friends away that he wouldn't even allow you to go to Claudia's funeral because it took time away from him. They don't know that he drove your stepsister away from you because of the ugly things he said about her in front of her, but you were too afraid to speak up to her. You know that Kristy knows what's going on, but your not allowed to talk to her because he'll get upset. All your time is with him, and no one else. He basically has you under lock and key, and while during the day you pretend that every thing is perfect in your and Logan's world, at night is when the truth's come out. When your laying alone in your bed and wondering how to get out of this fa├žade of a relationship. That your not the golden couple that everyone thinks glitter when they walk by. However, you know the hard truth:

All that glitters is not gold.