I little ff7 thing I decided to do. Hope this one actually gets noticed :3 this is 3 years after Advent Children, so it's purely fiction.


Chapter 1: 3 Years...

"Hello, Strife Delivery Service. You name it, we deliver it," echoed a voice after an annoying ringing was ceased. "Hello?" the voice asked. The voice belonged to Tifa Lockheart, who was mildly known by friends all over the world, more so for one person in particular. "Huh...," she muttered and placed the phone back onto the receiver.

"Who was it?" asked a boy with brown hair, curly-ish hair. This was Denzel, one of the two orphans that lived with Tifa, and occasionally another person.

"I dunno, they didn't answer," Tifa told him, shrugging.

"Woah, that's kinda creepy," said a girl behind Denzel, a girl that was slightly younger than him and wore a red ribbon in her light-brown hair. This was Marlene, the second member of Tifa's 'family'.

"I bet it's the ghost of Sephiroth coming to take revenge!" Denzel joked, laughing at Marlene's yelp of fear.

"Not funny, Denzel!" Marlene shouted, her hands balling into fists.

"She's right, Denzel, Sephiroth is no joke," Tifa said as she went past the two, rubbing Denzel on the head.

Denzel blushed and pouted, shrugging slightly. "It was only a joke," he muttered, sighing as Marlene giggled at his embarrassment.

"Come on, Denzel! You're a big boy now, right?" Tifa asked and laughed as she disappeared down the hall.

After Marlene was sure Tifa was gone, she turned to Denzel. "Say, Denzel?" she asked, her laughing subsiding.

"Yeah?" Denzel answered, looking to her curiously.

"You think Tifa misses Cloud?" Marlene questioned, crossing her arms.

"Of course, we all miss him," Denzel said, placing both of his hands in his pockets as they both made their way to his room.

"I mean, more than us. Do you think..," Marlene paused and leaned in to whisper, "Tifa likes Cloud?"

"You mean, like as in love?" Denzel asked back, also lowering his voice, "I dunno, I just thought they were good friends."

"Maybe so, but... we haven't seen Cloud in like a... year," Marlene stated sadly, sitting on Denzel's bed.

"yeah, since he said he had to go somewhere. I wonder where he ended up going..," Denzel muttered, leaning on the wall close to the door.

Suddenly, the jingling bell of the front door cut the two out of the tense conversation.

"Could it be-" yelled Marlene, running toward the staircase. She stopped short on the fifth step when she realized it was only a costumer.

"Gee, Marlene. Why do you do that every time we have a costumer?" Tifa asked as she slowly went down the stairs, wearing that fake smile Marlene always noticed. She knew that Tifa, every time that bell was heard, wished and hoped it was Cloud. It never was, and as Tifa went down the stairs, she always wore that false smile, hiding her heartache.

Marlene sighed and held the end of her dress. She tightened her fists with determination and walked up stairs towards the phone. She picked it up, but her hand hesitated over the dials.

"What are you doing, Marlene?!" Denzel asked, grabbing her wrist to the hand that held the phone.

"Let go! I'm gonna call Cloud!" Marlene shouted, trying to free her hand.

"We're not supposed to use the phone, Marlene! And do you really think he'll answer you?! If he does, what will you say? What could you possibly say to get him to come back?!" Denzel yelled, swiping the phone from her hand and replacing it back into it's slot.

"But!" Marlene screeched, tears forming at the edges of her eyes, "We have to try, Denzel! Please.... Just let me try!"

Denzel stopped and sighed, letting go of her wrist. "Fine, but only one try! Got it?" he asked, stepping back a few inches.

Marlene smiled at how easy that was and grabbed the phone back. "Alright, one try," she said and held up one finger. She dialed in the number and waited as it rung...