Sorry if this fanfic is a little short. I made this for papersak. It was inspired by her artwork. Hey, papersak. If you're reading this, SURPRISE! It's a surprise fanfic just for you. Enjoy~

Alice was on her way home from the arcade. Normally she left the arcade happy when she had a great time with her bestfriends, but that day was different.

Some people liked to play IN THE GROOVE, and a gang of ITG dancers would make fun of the people that played DDR. ITG and DDR were going through some competition against each other. It made Alice mad when Ado Kinzoku and his gang started to make fun of her friends. On her way home, she found a boy with black hair, green eyes, a blue shirt with a with a white t-shirt under it, and brown pants. Of course she was shy and silent, but she wanted him to stop teasing her friends.

She bravely approached him. "Ado,"

He turned, and saw Alice. "Oh, you."

"Please leave my friends alone..."

Suddenly, Ado's eyes started to light up. He saw how blue her eyes were. They were the same color of her hair.

"You may not listen to me... but please..."

He wasn't listening, but he couldn't help but stair at Alice and couldn't help on how beautiful she looked.

"I can't belive I'm actually talking to the Alice Ip." he thought.

"I hate seeing my friends being made fun of!" she yelled. "I can't remain silent anymore!"

"But she's so cute..." he thought once again.

"Why is he staring at me?" she asked herself. "Is this a good sign...?"

"She's one of them. I can't believe it." Ado grabbed her hands, and held them tight. "Will you go out with me?!"

Alice squeaked. "What?!" She looked at his face and hands back and forth. "I.... uh... oh..." Alice started babbling with confusion.

"Yes," he interupted. "For you, I will make our group leave you guys alone."

Alice remained silent for a moment, then smiled. "T-thank you very much."