Cameryn Mahoney was worried, she was moving into her dorm at Fort Lewis Collage and she had yet to meet her roommate. There was a girl in the bathroom when she walked in. "Hello? I'm Cameryn Mahoney, are you Jenny?" The girl just said "Yeah." And continued to do whatever she was doing in the bathroom. Cameryn walked over to the bathroom door. "Do you need any help?"

"No! What I need is to be out of this place!" the girl rounded on her, "So, you're my roommate, God could life be any less fair."

"Um, did I do something…" Cameryn asked confused. "Like, only everything, I wanted a single room but my daddy decided that I get the "average" experience of collage just because I broke his M3." Cameryn got the distinct feeling that they would not see exactly eye-to-eye. "Um, like I said, I'm Cameryn." She said extending her hand. Jenny looked at it for a while then just turned her back. Cameryn bit back the remark building in her throat. "Suit yourself," Cameryn said, "Just tell me when you need something." Witch only got the response of "Whatever."

Cameryn started unpacked her things when she glanced at the clock, her dad should have been her by now. She thought about calling him to see if everything was ok. Then she thought of Ouray and Amy Green, her stomach turned sour. She was fine with her father's relationship with Green until she left for Fort Lewis then he began spending more time there, she had tried to pop in occasionally when she was on lunch break only to find that he was headed to Ouray. She knew she should not feel jealous but she still did.