The rain poured outside. The sound of the rain drops splattered against the window made Kat feel more depressed. She closed her eyes and laid back on her bed. Just to mourn the prom.
"How could he be so cruel to me?" she thought.
Suddenly Patrick ran inside her room.
"Kat! Kat! Let me explain. Please!" he wailed.
"You had your chance. Now your chance has become extinct."
Patrick felt the tears in his eyes form.
"I am so sorry. I love you." He mumbled.
Kat could sense the pain he had behind his brown and "green-specked" eyes. It hurt her inside, but how could he even come close to imagining the pain she held deep within her own body. Yet, little to her knowledge, he knew.
Patrick new she was hurt, and he would do anything to get her back within his arms. If only he could hold her near and kiss her lips one final time.
They made eye contact and slowly moved in to each other, and for the first time in 24 hours, they kissed.
"I love you" Patrick said.
"I love you too." She whispered.
"I cannot hold on to this pain any longer. I wish this love would last. We were so perfect. But it can't Pat, we just cannot hold on any longer." She said sadly.
The rain stopped outside. Patrick watched the stars in the gray sky slowly begin to pop out and shine. This was the only time he had.
Patrick bowed on one knee.
"Marry me Kat." Patrick said.
Kat looked him in his beautiful eyes. He held such innocence. It burned her that he loved her and that she really wanted him to be her husband. What about her father and Bianca? What would they say? And then even more so, college, the distance and the greatness. Could it work? What should she do?
Kat's eyes filled with tears when she looked Patrick in the eye and said,
"Okay, let's get married."