This is based on the Mark Schultz song 'she was watching'. Blah, blah, blah

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Sam would always be Jacob Carter's little girl, no matter what happened between them. 4-year-old Sam Carter sat by the old oak door, almost every night, right around 7pm, waiting for her daddy to return from work, having been bathed and fed.

This night was no different. Sam had taken up post with her Major Matt Mason doll, and a toy rocket, at the door, waiting patiently for her father. Her mother stood at the kitchen doorway, watching her little girl. She knew one of the main reasons Jacob returned early was to put his little girl in bed, and as this thought crossed her mind again, the door opened, and her husband stepped through, a smile crossing his face.

2 hours later, Jacob took a seat next to his daughter's bed, a copy of 'Goodnight Moon' in his hand. She had heard it every night since she could remember, but she adored the story, and no matter how many times her parents offered to read a new story, she refused.

As he lay the finished book down on the bedside table, he caught a glimpse of his daughter. A crop of blonde hair framed her delicate face, and she had drifted into a peaceful sleep. With a small smile, Jacob bowed his head as he did every night.

Sam cracked open one blue eye and watched her father praying. She watched intensely, the same thought floating around her head. 'I want to be just like him.'

She memorised everything about that moment, except the words. She noticed how he bowed his head, and how he closed his eyes, as he asked the lord to look after his family. She quickly closed her eye again, when Jacob said Amen and kissed her goodnight.

About a year later, she still sat by the door. Suddenly, the phone rang, and she raced to answer it.

Jacob heard his daughter's voice, but immediately asked for her to put her mother on. She got to the phone, and he sighed heavily.

"They transferred me. To DC." Was all he said.

When Mark went off to play after dinner, Jacob excused Sam, and Lyn knew they needed to talk about it.

Sam complied with the request, but as she reached her room, she only half closed the door. Through the gap, she could hear them in the kitchen, and when she looked, her parents were dancing around the table. Lyn brought a smile to Jacobs face as she started singing his favourite song.

As Sam watched her parents dance, she wished that one day she would have what they had. Her father held her mothers hand as he twirled her around, and joined in singing. Sam can't remember the words, but she remembers the smiles on her parents' faces.

Sam would always be Jacob Carter's little girl, no matter what happened between them. A joke that Jacob always entertained the family with was that Sam had stopped aging at 23, leaving Jacob 50 years of age.

As he walked her down the aisle towards Jack, where Jacob would have to give Sam away, he knew he should say something, but he couldn't manage anything. So he just placed a kiss on her cheek, holding the tears in and headed for his seat. But Sam stopped him. She grabbed his arm, and pulled him into a hug. Into his ear she whispered a secret that he needed to know…

"All those times when I was young, I was watching you. I've been waiting to meet someone just like you, and now I have." He let himself cry then, before laying one more kiss on her forehead. In a spur of the moment, he bowed his head the way he did all those years ago. And like she did all those years ago, Sam Carter watched her father.