Twisted soul

As you all know the kyubbi attacked the Hidden Leaves but the reason is hidden. There is a man who was to be a god but failed at that goal. However he somehow figured a way out of death and did the impossible. He found a way to escape death because of his extreme intelligence. The Kyubbi was in slumber in its den when a voice awoke him.

"Hmm… this beast has quite the power. I must have it." Said the voice.

"Who are you! How did… wait… you're a spirit of the dead. What brings you here spirt?" asked the beast.

"I have come to obtain your power for my own uses, and can't do anything to stop me.

"Oh, and how is that?" asked Kyubbi mockingly.

" Like this." said the spirit as he grabbed its head and tried to combined with it. Key word is tried. The Kyubbi went in a fit if rage and ran out the cave. Meanwhile in a hidden village a man is happily awaiting the arrival of his son, unknown to him the danger that is heading his way.

"Come on Kushina you can do it! Push just a little bit futher" said Minato.

"Ahhhhh! Oh my god hurry up dammit!" Yelled Kushina

She pushed one more time and the baby came out. The nurse picked it up and handed it to her. "Oh look it's a boy. What do think we should name him Minato-Kun?" asked Kushina. "Hmm… how about Naruto?" suggested Minato. "That's a perfect name for him! Hey Naruto, I'm your mommy and this is your daddy!" she said happily. Just then Kakash burst though the door.

" Sensei! The Kyubbi is attacking! What should we do!" said a young Kakashi.

" What! At a time like this! Alright, I'll be right there." Said Minato.

" Minato what are you going to do?"

"There is only one technique that can stop it." said Minato sadly. "Reaper death seal." he said in a depressed voice. Kushina was shocked that he would even consider such a thing. She said in shock "What! Minato what about Naruto! Are you just going to abandon him like that! Besides who are you going to use it for!?" she shouted. Minato stayed silent as the answer came to Kushina like a ton of bricks. "Minato you can't! Don't you know what kind of life he will have!? They are only human and humans tend to act on there emotions. Please reconsider!" she said angrily. "I can't! What kind of man would I be if I asked someone else's child! Kushina please we have know other choice. I have to do it." He said as he walked to her and Kissed her on the lips and took Naruto. "Ok, but I hope you are making the right choice." she said as she went unconscious.

Minato ran out of the hospital and summoned Gamabuta. "Alright, stall him while I perform the jutsu!" shouted Minato. "You got it! Alright giant furball, come and get it" said as he charged. Meanwhile with Kyubbi. "Ahhh! Get the fuck out my head! I'll oblitirate your entire soul!" yelled the beast as he fired fire from his mouth as it burned 20 ninjas. " It's no use. Soon your body and soul will be mine and nothing can stop me. MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAA!" laughed the mad spirit. Just then a bright light glow and appered the shinigami in all its glory.

" Hmm, what's these? Ohhh it seems my hunt for your soul has finally ceased. This is just a happy day indeed!" said the shinigami. "Ah shit! Dammit, you again. What happed to peace in death?" said the spirit. (Don't worry you'll know who he is in do time.) "You know what?" said the Shinigami. " I have a better punishment for you. You're going to join the Kyubbi in his sealing." Said the Shinigami as he laughed. "What/What!!" said both the spirit and the Kyubbi as the shinigami reached out and put both they're souls in the seal on little Naruto. The 4th Hokage started to fall but was caught by Gamabuta. "Rest well Minato. You were a good man." Said Gamabuta as he put him down and disappeared in smoke.

Meanwhile in the seal.

"Fuck! See what you have done spirit! We are locked up in a damn baby! I hope you're happy." Said a angry Kyubbi. " You know this could be a good thing. We can manipulate the boy in to doing our bidding. You know how humans are, they will want to put there hate on the boy for what we did to the village. What do you say partner? Said the spirit. "Hmm… you do have a point. Alright lets try that. By the way what is your name spirit?" asked Kyubbi.

"My name is Albert Wesker."

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