Inner Workings

By Captain Torres

(Exert; possible future story)

She looked up from where she lay, strewn in the corner, and, there She stood, the Dark, Warrior Goddess, in all her exotic glory. Exotic to the average person, that is; something to be oohed and ahhed at, and held in in both awe and disdain. But, for the woman, the divine creature was more then exotic, she was erotic; in ways that made toes curl and belly's flutter. It was a feeling that set her cool soul aflame with passion that only one other person inspired.

And that person was the Pale Goddess, who entered the dark residence only seconds later. She was both erotic and exotic to Janeway as well. This, because the woman was not accustomed to her surroundings anymore. The Borg, yet not Borg at all, Goddess. They stood together, two sides to her coin of passion; twin Goddesses of her heart. Like the Yin-Yang, one would not be possible, or as precious as the other.

When they spoke, they spoke as one: "What's wrong Kathryn; we've not seen you for many days. We were worried that something had happened to you." The Dark Goddess' deeper, steady voice, and the Pale Goddess' delicate, soothing one blended together to make the most heavenly sound she had ever heard. They were perfect in her eyes. From their beautiful, concerned expressions, down to their unifying vocal tones. All perfect.

"Don't concern yourself over me." she said, shrugging a shoulder in false indifference, it would not do to show weakness in front of the Goddesses; they did not comment on the unified term, they were quite accustomed to her referring to them as the same person. They seemed to find it endearing.

Inside she longed to cry in her true pain, and ask for the sweet solace that only they could offer. Though inside she bled to hold them, outside she sat like stone; a figure carved in so much mysterious Jade. She wore her falsehood like a shroud, cloaking her inner workings, and in essence her soul, from them. And for this, to her delight, and horror, they mourned.


AN: Can you guess who the "Dark Goddess" is?? One guess. ;p Seriously, what did you think? I'd really like to know.