This story should be interesting. A little bit of romance, hurt/comfort, and friendship are all in two-shot. I plead ignorance to Japanese culture 'cause I don't know enough about it to properly represent it that why I would love to go to Japan someday. A little side note, it's Haruhi's birthday today (February 4th).

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Through Blindness

Tamaki Suo had never been so mad at himself before, but today, he was and it was because a simple little trip he wanted to take with the host club with Haruhi being the always unwilling participant. As he paced the waiting room, he wanted no more than anything to change how their day had went. First, the car ride had been as peaceful as it could've been with those twin devils. Then everything at the beach had been fine until he and everyone went to walk up to the top of the cliff. When they had reached the top of the cliff, a freak accident occurred causing everyone to have some sort of injury and of those injuries, Hikaru's and Haruhi's were the worst and thus was the reason for Tamaki to be pacing the waiting room. "Sit down Tamaki," said Kyoya for his seat in the waiting room.

"They haven't told us anything, mon ami," Tamaki replied stopping momentary his pacing.

"They will once they know what is wrong, Tamaki," said Kyoya rolling his eyes as his glasses glinted so that no one could see it.

For Kyoya, it had been one annoying day and being dragged out of your house at an insane hour in the morning was not the plan, but neither was the freak accident on the cliff causing him, Tamaki, Honey, Mori, and Kaoru to have some minor cuts and bruises. At the moment, Honey and Mori were eating cake in the hospital cafeteria, at least Honey, and Kaoru was sitting in a seat next to Kyoya with hands clasped together with a face of utter despair. Knowing the twins, Kyoya knew this was effecting Kaoru because they had never been apart because one was injured so badly to end up in a hospital. A few minutes went by when a doctor came to them. The doctor told them that Hikaru would do fine now that they had fixed his blood vessel that was bleeding in surgery and would be kept for two days. Before the doctor left, Kyoya asked if he knew about Haruhi and doctor said he didn't have her charts, but told them that the doctor taking care of her would come to them sooner or later, if her father gave the okay for them to know.

"I want to know about Haruhi," said Tamaki as he rose up to resume pacing again.

"I will talk to Ranka about letting us know," said Kyoya before another doctor came up them.

After being led to a special room, the doctor told them the news about Haruhi that they had been waiting for, but it was not good. As the doctor told them the news, Tamaki's jaw dropped, surprised by what he had been told. Haruhi was blind and there was a mere ten percent chance that wouldn't change. Still stun, the doctor told them that only two of them could go see her with her father by her side. Kyoya merely told the doctor that he and Tamaki would be the two to go while Kaoru would stay to wait to see his brother and to deliver the news to upperclassmen.

When he entered her room, Ranka came to him and forced him to take the seat next to her bed surprising Tamaki. "She hasn't waken up and insect, you better not make her cry," said Ranka with a venomous voice directed to Tamaki.

"Then I am assuming the three of us have to tell her," said Kyoya before walking over to Tamaki and leaning close to his ear to whisper the next part. "You'll need to be gentle and don't take advantage of her. From what I've heard from my brothers, once she stirs call out to her before even touching her. If you do that, her respect for you will not be diminished the slightest. And don't treat her any differently."

Tamaki nodded before Kyoya pulled back and then walked over to Ranka. Then the two walked into the hallway leaving Tamaki alone with the sleeping girl. Tamaki noticed this and remained still until he noticed Haruhi was starting to move. He began to reach out to her, but slowed his arm's progress as he remembered Kyoya's words. "Haruhi," he called out with a voice laced with concern before taking her hand into his.

"Senpai," she replied squeezing his hand.

Tamaki knew instantly when she spoke that she was scared somewhat. Noticing that her eyes was closed, he took his other hand and brushed her bangs to the side of her face. "I don't know how to tell this," Tamaki started trying to keep his voice calm, as calm as he had been when he spoke to her during that thunderstorm. "The doctors said you're blind and there's only a ten percent chance of you not regaining your sight."

Hearing those words, she squeezed his hand hard out of fear as she opened her eyes to realize he was not joking. Closing her eyes, Haruhi tried to recall what her senpai had said after saying she was blind. "What was that second part that you said, senpai?" She asked.

"To be positive, there's a 90 percent chance of you regaining your sight again," he replied before squeezing her hand again. "I don't remember the exact details."

The two soon fell into a comfortable silence until Kyoya and Ranka entered the room. "I see you're awake, Haruhi," said Kyoya as he gazed at her hand in Tamaki's. "I assuming he told you the basics."

"Yes," she replied.

"The doctors will be keeping you here for two days," said Kyoya as her father went to her other side to wrap her hand in both of his hands. "A week from today, if your vision has not returned, you will come back and have surgery. The chance of you getting your vision back is 90 percent. If you feel up to it, you can go to class next week like normal except for your sight."

"I will probably go. It would be boring otherwise."

"I will leave and go see Hikaru," said Kyoya before starting towards the door.

"Is Kaoru handling it well?" Haruhi asked stopping Kyoya.

"I don't think he was when he was waiting," said Kyoya.

"It would've be Hikaru that freaked out like he did that one time."

"During your class's fright fest, I am assuming. If I see Honey and Mori, I will tell them that they can come and see you," said Kyoya before leaving.

"So what happened to freak out Hikaru?" Tamaki asked trying not to let an uneasy silence settle upon them.

"We got caught in a net together. Hikaru was squirming and yelling about Kaoru being alone without him. At least, I had scissors that I had borrowed and was able to get us out of that net, but Hikaru took off leaving me behind to catch up with his insane running pace," said Haruhi earning a laugh from Tamaki.

"That does seem like Hikaru," said Tamaki after quelling his laughter. "Now, what should we talk about next?"

"I don't care what you choose."

Tamaki launched himself into telling her about his childhood in France and only stopped when Ranka had to leave. At the request of her dad, she opened her eyes for a far longer period than when she had first opened them. As soon as the door closed, she immediately closed them in an attempt to deny the darkness to have any pleasure over her. As Tamaki was about to continue telling her about his childhood, the door opened again causing her to slightly open her eyes before closing them once hearing Honey's child-like voice call out. The two upperclassmen, mainly Honey, told them about how Hikaru was faring. When they finished, Honey asked Haruhi how she was doing and she replied that she was doing fine as long as she kept her eyes closed and didn't think about being blind.

After the upperclassmen expressed their happiness that she was doing fine, she asked Tamaki to continue calling him senpai like aways. Tamaki agreed to her request and continued from where he had left off. When he finished, Mori and Honey told them that they were going back to see Hikaru and Kaoru before they were going to head home. As they left, a nurse came in bringing food for Haruhi and Tamaki offered to help, but she refused, only to take back her refusal once she almost knocked her plate to the floor. Reluctantly, she allowed Tamaki to guide her arm to her food and made sure she did not make a mess. Once she was done, silence fell over them, but it became unwanted. "We're back to the same problem," said Tamaki breaking the silence. "Maybe you should choose the topic."

"Hmm...could you possible speak in French?"

"If that's what you want, I will, but would you like to learn French, at least how to speak it?"

For the first time since she learned she was blind, she wanted to open her eyes and see her senpai's expression in order to know he was telling her the truth. She turned her head to her right and opened her eyes. "That would be nice," said Haruhi without a hint of what was currently troubling her.

Tamaki, however, was shocked by the expression she was currently wearing. Through her expression, he knew that her blindness was troubling her. Carefully, he took her hand and brought it to his lips to lay a kiss on the back surprising her ever so slightly. "Je suis désolé," said Tamaki in French before switching back to Japanese. "I am sorry. I wish I could give you something more reassuring than what the doctor has told us."

"Idiot, you don't have to apologize for that."

"I feel like I must since if we didn't go to that cliff that freak accident would never happen and...," said Tamaki trailing off as he noticed that Haruhi's other hand was on his arm gradually moving up. "What are you doing?"

"I was thinking I could feel what I can't see."

"Then let me help you," said Tamaki as he took her wandering hand from his arm and placed it on his face.

As Haruhi's hand wander across his face, he would laugh and she would chide him for laughing. When she pulled her hand back, she smiled knowing that he was honest about wanting to teach her French. "Say something in French and tell me what it means."

Tamaki smiled, but after realizing that she could not see, brought her hand to his face to show that he was smiling. Then she smiled back and he then began to go through basic phrases with her having her repeat them back until they were perfect in pronunciation. As it grew closer to the end of visiting hours, Tamaki could see that Haruhi probably did not want to be alone through the night. "I am going to go ask something of the nurse, but I will come back," said Tamaki as he rose from the chair for the first time since sitting down.

"Okay," replied Haruhi without sounding sad, but her expression betrayed herself.

Tamaki walked and talked to one of the nurses, who was able to help and within a few minutes of leaving the room Tamaki returned with a few blankets and a pillow. Before sitting down, he placed the blankets and pillow on a table and looked over at Haruhi. She had been trying to look at him with her sightless eyes as soon as he reentered the room, but Tamaki, once he settled down in his chair, knew she was unsuccessful. "I got permission to stay with you tonight," said Tamaki as he laid his hand on to her hand. "I called your father and my father. They both approved, but I think your father was planning on me staying with you tonight."

"Thank you for staying with me," said Haruhi before she whispered the next part. "It's not all that bad as long as I have someone to talk to me."

"I am glad that I can keep your mind off of things. I will have to leave before ten tomorrow, but I will see if Kaoru can visit you a few times tomorrow after I leave. I probably will go see Hikaru before I leave tomorrow."

"That's okay."

"Let's see what should we talk about? Would you like it if I talk about Paris and all of the things?" Tamaki asked.

Haruhi only nodded back in response and Tamaki then went on to talk about Paris. When it was ten o'clock, Tamaki stopped seeing Haruhi was asleep before grabbing the blankets and pillow and went to asleep.

Haruhi was pacing fully dressed in her uniform waiting for Hikaru to come and get her. When she had finally gotten dress, the nurses were surprised by how boyish she looked, but when she told them that her school all thought she was a boy except for her close friends, they were even more surprised that they eventually got her to spill why she was somewhat unwilling masquerading as a guy. Once she heard footsteps approaching, she stopped pacing and waited to hear if it was Hikaru. "Are you ready to go, Haruhi?" Hikaru's voice came to her ears.

She nodded and Hikaru gently guided her out and into a limo. As the limo began to drive away, the two didn't talk for a few minutes. "How are you doing, Hikaru?" Haruhi asked as she stared in nowhere particular.

"Fine, but I still ache," said Hikaru as he turned to look towards Haruhi. "You're handling your situation well, Haruhi."

"I try not to think about it," said Haruhi closing her eyes.

"You better not go to sleep on me. We're almost at Ouran," said Hikaru.

"I won't."

Hikaru allowed himself to watch her for the rest of the drive to Ouran. When the vehicle stopped, Hikaru helped Haruhi out of the limo and told her she was going to hold on to his blazer until they reached the third music room. When they reached it and opened the doors, the girls surrounded them asking questions about how their doing. Without her sight, Haruhi became overwhelmed by everyone trying to talk at one time that she grabbed hold of Hikaru's blazer. Noticing she was holding on to his blazer, Hikaru searched for the third years and once he caught sight of Mori, he gave a desperate look to the oldest member of the club. Mori nodded and came over to the two and picked Haruhi up, scarring her slightly. Carrying her away from the crowd of girls, Mori took her to a couch and sat her down gently. "Haru-chan, do you want anything?" Honey asked as he forced his Usa-chan into her arms.

"Eh...? Not at the moment," said Haruhi as some of the girls came up them.

"Are you okay Haruhi-kun?" One of the girls asked.

""Fine. Just a little overwhelmed by everyone talking at once."

"Then we will try not talk to you at once," said another girl.

"That would be appreciated," said Haurhi as two people sat down on either side of her causing her to jump.

"Haru-chan, me and Takashi are sorry that we scared you," said Honey from her left.

"Ah," said Mori from her right.

"If you need anything, we will get it for you," said Honey as the girls squealed at the sight of the two third years offering help to their currently blind underclassman.

Haruhi nodded and the girls that surrounded her took their turns talking and when the girls could not help, but talk at all at once, they talked more quietly out of concern for the girl that they thought was a boy. A few minutes before club had ended, Haruhi had fallen asleep and Mori and Honey laid her down and covered her with a blanket.

Waking up, she blinked a few times before remembering she could not see, but then noticed that someone was holding her. Although she was kinda of freaked by it, she felt comfortable and didn't want whoever was holding her to let go, even if it was making her feel strange. "Haruhi," Tamaki called out softly from behind her.

"Senpai, why are you holding me?" Haruhi asked slightly irked that Tamaki was the one holding her, even though she was liking it.

"We discussed things while you were sleeping. Mori and Honey-senpai are going home with you tonight and will stay with you until after dinner," said Tamaki before realizing she had asked a question. "You almost rolled off the couch in your sleep, but I stopped you."

"Thank you for that," said Haruhi closing her eyes. "Where is everyone?"

"Kaoru and Hikaru have gone home. Honey and Mori-senpai are eating cake. Kyoya, I don't know where he is," said Tamaki.

Silence fell upon the two that was only broken when a door opened and Mori with Honey on his back entered. "Haru-chan, are you ready to go home?"

"Yeah," she said as she tried to wiggle out of Tamaki's grip.

"I'll help you," said Tamaki as he sat her up and allowed his hands to drop away from her.

Missing the warmth even though it did strange things to her, Haruhi forced herself to keep a neutral expression, but didn't need to do it for so long because Mori picked her up, scarring her. "I really don't need to be carried, Mori-senpai."

"...Gomen. It's faster this way," said the tall third year.

"It's okay," said Haruhi as she settled in to Mori's arms.

"See you tomorrow, Haruhi," said Tamaki as he placed his hand on her hair and ruffled it before Mori carried her away, but Honey turned around and saw Tamaki's face becoming beat red.

Mori and Honey were staring at Haruhi, who had been acted quite odd, in the opinion of her upperclassmen, since they had left the music room. "Haru-chan, are you alright?" Honey asked breaking the silence in the limo.

"Hmm, yeah," she said before mumbling, "but I really don't want to know why I feel strange around Tamaki-senpai."

Then it clicked into place for the upperclassmen on why the androgynous girl was acting strange. Looking towards Mori and exchanging knowledgeable glances gave Honey an ideal what to say next. "You don't know too much about being in love yourself, do you Haru-chan?" Honey asked.

"W-w-why do y'ask that?" Asked Haruhi, who was suddenly quite aware that she was probably doing an action that reminded herself of Kanako when asked about that one boy.

The two upperclassmen smiled knowingly, knowing they hit the mark. "You're way too obvious, Haru-chan," said Honey.

"Ah," said Mori in agreement.

"O-obvious about what?"

"If you don't know, then we can't help you. You have to find it for yourself," said Mori using the most words in a long time. (AN: Later manga chapters, Honey and Mori become sorta like love advisors to the twins.)

"Then," Honey started to suggest, "have you heard how your parents met, Haru-chan?"

"Not that I can recall," said Haruhi becoming pensive for the moment.

"Then asked about it. I'm sure you will learn something," said Honey before allowing silence to fall inside the limo once again for the rest of the ride.

When she had waked up the next morning, she had quickly gotten dressed, surprising her dad when she was able to sit at their table for breakfast without little trouble. When he asked about it, she replied that Mori and Honey had refused to leave her alone until she was able to walk around the apartment without their help. Indirectly, she asked her father how he met her mother and her father took a trip down memory lane, never once noticing how much she was blushing, but that was perfectly fine for Haruhi. She had finally got what her upperclassmen were talking about and the realization that those strange feelings that she had when Tamaki was holding her might be the mark of something more than friendship. When the twins arrived, Haruhi was waiting for them, but her father had to hug her and wished her a good day before letting her go.

On the way to school, the twins handed her a small rectangle that was hard and when she asked what it was, the twins refused to answer until she made a guess. Allowing her hands to wander across the rectangle, Haruhi found it could open up and once opening it up, she ran her hand across the lower portion feeling square keys that told her it was a keyboard. "It's a laptop," she said as she looked up towards the direction that she thought the twins were in.

"Somewhat, it is smaller," said Hikaru. "A netbook technically. It is good for typing and surfing the internet. We thought it would be good if you had one to take notes with that way you don't have to ask for them later."

"Of course, we will help you get it setup before class starts," said Kaoru.

"Thank you," said Haruhi.

"Anything to help a friend, we will do," the twins said in unison.

When classes ended, the twins stuck Haruhi in between them as they walked towards the music room. Upon getting there, Tamaki made a fit about the twins being the ones that gave her a netbook, but he cut his rant short as he noticed that Haruhi was looking tired. "Do you want to sleep, Haruhi? If you do I can play something on the piano," said Tamaki as he glanced outside to the darkening sky.

She nodded and allowed him to drag her to a couch next to the piano. Once he made sure that she had a pillow and a blanket covering her, he went over to the piano and began to play a French lullaby that he heard. When he noticed her breathing had even out, he stopped playing the piano and went over to her. He stood watching her for a few minutes before putting a heaver blanket over her and tucking it around her. "Tono, she really doesn't need that much," said Hikaru.

"I don't want her to fall off when we're all not looking and after all I'm her father!" Tamaki spoke slightly below a normal indoor voice.

'Why does he keep using that as an excuse????' Hikaru thought. "Tono, you could've used a chair instead," said Hikaru, pausing slightly to take in Tamaki's stunned expression, "but that's too late now."

Tamaki remained stunned and was about to turn to look at Haruhi when Honey came up to him. "Tama-chan, fathers don't blush when they think about their daughters," said Honey.

Tamaki looked at Honey like his world, or at least his reality, had been destroyed. Honey just smiled, knowing he probably finally made Tamaki realize something about his relationship with Haruhi. "What do you mean?" Tamaki questioned in a softly voice, shakily.

"She's right about saying you are not her father, Tama-chan. You're as confused as her about your own feelings," said Honey.

"Tamaki, we are not going to flat out tell you what you feel towards her because it's something you must figure out on your own," said Kyoya causing Tamaki to turn towards him.

"Mon ami, what do you mean?!"

"Be a little more quite Tamaki," said Kyoya as he pushed his glasses back into place. "It probably will be easier for us if Haruhi is able to sleep through the pending thunderstorm. And Tamaki, it is very simple. If we told you, you probably would never fully get it. We should get into places before our guests arrive."

As a stunned Tamaki was left to think, everyone else walked over to their places before calling Tamaki, who finally became un-stunned. When club started, Tamaki and his guests sat quite close to the couch that Haruhi was laying on and when Tamaki heard thunder, he turned to look and was able to smile after seeing that Haruhi was still asleep. Tamaki attending to his guests pushed his worries about the thunder to the back of his head, but when there was ten minutes left of club, one rumble of thunder was followed by a quite squeak from Haruhi causing Tamaki to get up and comfort her. After a few minutes of trying to comfort her with no luck, Tamaki pulled her into a hug placing one of her ears firmly against his chest while covering the other with his hand. "Haruhi, do you mind if I carry you over to my guests?" Tamaki asked.

Haruhi then nodded and he carried her over to where he was sitting with his guests. As he sat down, his guests began to talk to him and Haruhi, only Haruhi would mumble something ever once in awhile, but upon encouragement from Tamaki, she would repeat it at little more clearly for those around them to hear. When club ended and guest all had left after giving words of encouragement to Haruhi, the members of the club except for Kyoya, who was sitting at a nearby table, gathered around Haruhi and talked until the thunderstorm ended. Upon the thunderstorm ending, the twins took Haruhi home.

For the next day, Tamaki took Haruhi home and stayed with her far longer than what the others had done. When they were eating dinner, he noticed she was crying and asked her why she was crying causing her to react in surprise. Tamaki walked over to her and wiped the tears off her face, making her notice that she was crying. After taking care of her, he sat back down in front of his food and they talked like she hadn't been crying. Once he made sure she was asleep, he called for his limo and while waiting for his limo, he wrote a note to Ranka-san telling him about Haruhi not knowing she was crying. When his limo arrived, he placed the note in plain sight.

Friday morning had finally come and had been six days since the freak accident on the cliff. Haruhi opened her eyes thinking she would once again see solid darkness, but was surprised when she saw dark shapes. As she remained laying on her futon, her father came in and sat down next to her before gazing at her with curiosity. Once a shadow moved, Haruhi looked towards it and realized it was a person. "Dad," she spoke softly.

"Hmm...what is it Haruhi?" He asked and then realized that she was looking directly at him. "Is your vision back?"

"I can see shadows and movement. That's it."

He was about to hug her when they heard a knock at the door. "I will go let the insect in. You should get dressed," he said knowing that Tamaki had once again come to eat breakfast with them before he and Haruhi would go to school.

As he left her, she was getting out of bed when he slid the door closed behind him. Once he got to the door and opened it, Tamaki greeted him enthusiastically and went to sit where he had been seating for the past few days, but Ranka forced him to sit where he would sit while Ranka took his seat. Wondering why, but scared to ask, Tamaki stayed quite, but when Haruhi came, he noticed something that he hadn't seen from her in the previous days. She was glancing at them in a way that someone who doesn't see anything couldn't do. "Dad, why did you switch places with senpai?" She asked as she sat down.

"You can see!" Tamaki said before Ranka could even reply.

"Only shadows and movement, but...," she trailed off as she closed her eyes.

Grimacing Ranka leaned over to Tamaki and whispered into his ear about how she seemed scared when the doctors had to talk to them about the surgery that the only way for it not to take place was for her vision to completely recover. Tamaki nodded that he understood and while Ranka went to kitchen to get their breakfast, he began to talk excitedly in a very successful attempt in getting Haruhi not to think about tomorrow. After breakfast, Haruhi and Tamaki left for school by foot and train (AN: I am assuming this based on the manga because someone asked her if it was true that she used the train) andif they had paid attention, they would've seen Ranka calling Kyoya.

After Host Club had ended, Haruhi was sitting on the window seat with a bowl of strawberries that Honey gave her in reach, completely oblivious to what the other members were talking about. As she plopped another strawberry into her mouth, she heard a few snippets of conversation from the others and realized they were talking about her. "What are you guys planning this time around?" She asked obviously annoyed still looking out the window for the scenery was much more interesting to her limited eyesight.

"Ranka-san called me and invited us to have dinner with you," said Kyoya as he pushed up his glasses. "We were just discussing what we should do because it would only be right for us to treat you."

With her annoyance decreased, Haruhi felt there was something else that Kyoya knew, but wasn't telling her. "Then what is it?" She asked as she plopped another strawberry into her mouth relishing the taste of her favorite food that she never had so much of at one time.

"The twins, Honey-senpai, and Mori-senpai are going home with you while me and Kyoya will be getting things together," said Tamaki.

"Okay then," Haruhi said with little resistance knowing her senpai was determined to do whatever it was his might want to do.

However, unknown to Haruhi, her father had asked Kyoya to do more than having dinner with her. Beyond the dinner, he asked him to tell Tamaki to stay with her over the night, but Tamaki had yet been told of that.

When Tamaki and Kyoya had arrived, Kyoya had Tamaki sneak to Haruhi's room to drop off his stuff, while the twins and the upperclassmen still had Haruhi's full attention. As soon as Tamaki returned from dropping off his stuff, Kyoya and Tamaki announced their presences and everyone made their way to the table. Kyoya sat down and looked at the other side of the table where Tamaki and Haruhi were sandwiched by the twins. Everything was going to plan and the densest person of their club and their idiotic president would hopefully come out of the night with something more than friendship.

As they were eating, everyone, except for Tamaki and Haruhi, were shooting glances to the two in question. When they had finished eating, everyone conned Haruhi into agreeing to watch TV, but only Tamaki didn't know there was some alliterative motive was behind everyone actions. Tamaki lead everyone to the room the small TV was in and Haruhi was following behind him with the twins on either side of her. Then Haruhi tripped on something the twins had supposedly dropped and fell into Tamaki's back knocking him down. When Tamaki hit the floor hard, he noticed that Haruhi had wrapped her arms around him causing him to blush and wanting to remained face down on the floor to conceal it if Haruhi wasn't laying on him. As he slowly sat up, he felt her body slide down his back giving him a more obvious reminder that no matter how much she looked like a boy, she was still a girl. Once he was fully up right, he turned around and picked her up, ignoring everyone around them while carrying her, the rest of the way to their destination.

When he sat down with her, Haruhi ended up sitting in Tamaki's lap blushing, but feeling at ease with his arms around her. Tamaki, on the other hand, was perfectly happy to be holding the androgynous girl in his arms. As he thought about it, Tamaki realized that he did not hold fatherly love for the girl that he was holding, but he loved her like how a man loves his girlfriend or wife. As he was mulling this around, he never noticed that the TV was turned on or that Haruhi was still looking at with confusion about why he was still not releasing her from his grip. "Je t'aime," muttered Tamaki as his face turned red, "Haruhi."

Being so close, Haruhi was able to hear what Tamaki said and turned red after realizing that he said he loved her in French. "Haru-chan, Tama-chan, do you get what we were trying to tell you?" Honey asked them.

The two nodded in sync that made the twins laugh. After that, everyone stayed for an hour more until they started to leave. After Kyoya had left, Tamaki told Haruhi that Kyoya had told him, after she had left the school with everyone, that he was staying over with her. "Umm...Haruhi about what I said to you earlier in French. Did you get it even though I haven't taught you all of that?" Tamaki asked after shutting off the TV.

"Yes," said Haruhi.

"Then do you umm... feel the same about me?"

"It would explain why I have these strange feelings when I am around you," said Haruhi as she watched Tamaki's figure approach her. "I think dad probably knew. I guess...I do love you."

Tamaki sped up his approach to her and wrapped her into a crushing hug. Then he gave her a light kiss on the forehead causing her to return the hug. "Do you want to go to bed now?" Tamaki asked.

Haruhi only nodded and Tamaki picked her and carried her to her room, turning his back towards her when she undressed and put on her pajamas. He helped her lay out the extra futon as well as her own futon. As she lay down to try and fall asleep, he went and got dressed. Returning, he noticed that she was not asleep.

"Haruhi, do you want me to hold your hand?" Tamaki asked.

She nodded and once he laid down in the futon next to hers, she had her hand out and he wrapped his hand around it. As her hand warmed, she felt at ease with Tamaki next to her and was confident that the next morning would be fine as long as Tamaki was next to her. When she finally fell asleep, she was smiling.

For Haruhi, this morning was turning into one of most embarrassing moments of her life, but thankfully, Tamaki had vowed to keep it a secret.

The day had started out with her father waking both her and Tamaki up, beginning to tease them realizing that they held hands for the entire night. Before leaving for the hospital, she told her father to not to stay all day and he didn't resist it as much as Tamaki thought he would. When they had arrived at the hospital, she changed into the gown that was given to her and once changed, her dad and Tamaki were allowed to be with her. Her fears about the surgery were even more apparent to the two around her. Knowing she need someone to comfort her, Tamaki went over to her and wrapped his arms around her.

As he held her, Tamaki was looking at her father and was surprised by the soften look that the bisexual man held on his face. It was that mere look that told him all and made him understand why he didn't resist Haruhi's plea that morning. When a few minutes past, a nurse came in to the room to put the IV into Haruhi's arm and Tamaki softly told her this before the nurse did so while Haruhi clung to him more tightly than before. As soon as it became fifteen minutes before the surgery, the doctor came in and once he saw how fearful Haruhi was, he went over to her and told her he would tell the nurse to give her some medicine to help her. Haruhi nodded and the doctor left before returning with the nurse. After the nurse injected the medicine in the IV-line and left, the doctor went about telling them about what would happen after the surgery.

When he left, the medicine that Haruhi was given was starting to take effect and Tamaki laid her on the bed before pulling the sheets over her. Tamaki then took her hand and gave it a light squeeze as her father came over to stand by her side. "Sweetie, I'll leave once you're out, but he will stay with you as long as he can," he said as he took her other hand.

After that, quite fell over the room and would remain so until it was time for the surgery.

When the doctor left after telling them the surgery was done and explaining a few things, Tamaki went to call the rest of the host club and when he returned an uneasy silence fell over him and Ranka. "If she is released tomorrow, you can take her to your home as long as she agrees and if you even harm or make her mad, you're dead meat, boy," said Ranka breaking the silence with a threat to Tamaki.

"Y-y-yes, father," said Tamaki as he began to cower in the corner.

Finding satisfaction in Tamaki's cowering, Ranka knew he wouldn't worry about the 'insect' making his daughter unhappy. "The weather is supposed to get worst tonight," said Ranka causing Tamaki to stop cowering in the corner.

"Yeah. I hope it won't thunder tonight," said Tamaki sadly.

"If they allow her to wake up tonight, then you can stay with her tonight if that's what she wants," he said.

"You know about her fear?" Tamaki asked somewhat surprised.

"Only guessed it. The way she acts upon hearing they are predicting thunderstorms is what drew attention to it," said Ranka before glancing to Tamaki. "How do you know of it, Tamaki Suoh?"

"I happened to be around her when it was thundering. She hid in the wardrobe in the room and I was able to coax her out," said Tamaki.

"Hmm...then it's probably best for you to stay with her for the rest of today."

Then silence fell upon them and they didn't talk much more until a nurse entered the room they were in telling them that they could go see Haruhi. When they reached the room, Tamaki sat down and allowed Ranka have his time with her before he would leave. When Ranka gathered up her still body into a gentle hug (the doctor had told them that was as far as they could go in regards to hugging her), Tamaki looked at her for the first time since entering the room and was able to catch the slight little movement of her hand that would've been a fist if she was awake (the doctor had also told them that she would move unconsciously ever so slightly). Then Ranka laid her down gently and wished him a good day after threatening him to call him when she wakes up.

Alone with her, he got up and dragged the chair closer to her bed. Once sitting down again, he took her hand into his own and looked at her. Her eyes were covered by bandages, only the hair on top of her head was visible, and lying on her face was the oxygen mask that she would have to wear until she was fully awake. Carefully, he took her hand and brought it up to his mouth, laying a gentle kiss on the backside before returning her hand back to the bed. At least, he thought, he would be with her when she will wake up no mater what time the doctors decided to take her off the medicine that was keeping her to be a sleeping beauty.

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Date finished: January 23, 2010

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