Epilogue: Fifteen Years Later

AN: I do use a couple of Japanese pronouns. You may want to bring up the list on Wikipedia.

With a headache nagging behind her eyes, she was lying in bed with a cold washcloth over her eyes. The headache hadn't happen for a long time, but she was told by the doctors that she would always have one every so often. All she could do was put a cold washcloth over her eyes and deal with the pain until it would go away. "How are you doing, ma amoura?" Her husband asked from the doorway of their room.

"Fine," she said as he came and sat down beside her.

"I'm having the chef cook lunch for us and called your dad to tell him we will probably be late," he said as he began to run his fingers through her hair.

"Tamaki,help me to the bathroom, NOW," she uttered before clamping her mouth shut trying to hold back what was threatening to come up from her stomach.

Tamaki, fully understanding the command, scooped up Haruhi and carried her to the bathroom, making it in time for her to throw up. As soon as she was done, he pulled her into his arms and allowed her to rest against his body. "How are doing now that your morning sickness decided to make its presence known?"

"At least, the headache is gone. Have you talked to your father recently?"

"Not yet, I haven't since we found out that you were pregnant," said Tamaki.

"Where is little Daiki?" Haruhi said asking about their one-and-half year old son.

"He is taking his nap," said Tamaki as he began to run his hands through her hair. "I wonder how Daiki will take it with having a little brother or sister around in about nine months."

"He will have to be able to take it," said Haruhi before opening her eyes. "Can you help me to the sink so I can get rid of the taste in mouth and clean up somewhat?"

"Sure, Haruhi," said Tamaki as he helped her stand up and walk over to the sink.

As she was getting ready to visit her dad, she glanced at the black photo album the twins had given her (both of which were married and with a kid a piece) and remember all the pictures in it. Some made her laugh because they were of her and Tamaki in some positions that only a husband and wife should really be in, but at that time it was not appropriate for them to be in such positions. "Mommy!" Daiki cried out bringing her away from her memories.

"Daiki, why didn't you wait for daddy?" Haruhi asked with a smile on her face as she put on the locket that Shigeru and Yuudai had given her all those years ago.

"Daddy said 'Go get mommy.'" Daiki said causing Haruhi to smile.

"Oh did he?" She asked as she picked up the little boy. "Why don't we go and meet up with daddy? Then we can go to grandpa's," she said referring to her father (Yuzuru was known to Daiki as Yuzu-papa).

"Grandpa's, Grandpa's," chanted the little boy.

Haruhi just rolled her eyes slightly at the thought of her no-longer cross dressing father. Why he stopped cross dressing was beyond her, but she did notice that he was spending more and more time with her mother's co-workers from back in the day. Maybe someday, Haruhi thought as she carried her son down to the entrance way, she would have to ask him about that.

"Haruhi," her father called in a sing-song voice once seeing her at the door with her husband and child in tow.

"Hello, dad. How are you doing?" Haruhi asked in greeting.

"Fine, but why were you late?"

"Headache," she said before leaning up to whisper into her dad's ear, "and morning sickness."

Utter surprise overtook his face and he couldn't believe what she said. "When did you learn?"

"Last week and you better not have been betting with Yuzuru again," said Haruhi remembering the hundred thousand yen that her dad had won from a bet with Yuzuru. (Long story short, Yuzuru was betting that Haruhi and Tamaki would have a child before they were out of school and married.)

"No, I haven't. Why can't my little daughter understand me?" He whined once her and him were in the kitchen while Tamaki and Daiki were in the other room.

"I'm not little, Dad, and you are still as weird as ever," said Haruhi making reference to her growing six centimeters making her height be 161 centimeters(about 5ft. 1in.). (For the rest of her body, she remained androgynous until she half-way through her first pregnancy with Daiki, but once she had worked off the weight gained, she was able to still somewhat boyish in figure.)

"Then why didn't you wear a dress? And yes you are still little," he asked attempting to push her boundaries.

"Are really wanting to tempt me again into not coming over here for a month?" Haruhi fired back like how she would in a court of law.

"Don't do that!" He cried getting on his knees readying himself to beg his daughter not to.

Haruhi just rolled her eyes. "Like I do that again. No way are you ever getting drunk because of some words that I said," she said remembering the last time her unattended malice words had made her dad get so drunk that Shigeru had to take him in until he fully sobered up enough to whine to his dead wife's boss. At least, Yuzuru was able to make sure her dad understand that she probably didn't mean it.

"Haruhi," he cried in his sing-song voice before pulling her into a bone-crushing hug. "Will you help me get the tea ready?"

"I will do it. Daiki was quite excited about coming over," she said as she grabbed the tea pot and began to fill it with water.

"If you need help, don't hesitate to ask," her dad said before going off to see his grandson and son-in-law.

It was turning out to be another crazy day in Haruhi's not so normal life.

Another headache had taken over her, making her bed-ridden for the better part of the morning and having to have Tamaki call in for her to let her boss (who happened to be Shigeru's eldest son) know that she wasn't coming in until that afternoon. After Tamaki had called in for her, he stuck around for a little while trying to make sure Daiki wouldn't cause trouble before leaving for work when he saw that Daiki had decided to take his nap lying next to Haruhi.

When lunch came around, the headache was gone and Haruhi had decided that it would be worthwhile to go to work even though Daiki, now two, was wanting for her to stay with him. Once she finally got Daiki to stop begging for her to stay (by promising she would remember to get off on time), she went off to work, and her arrival was greeted by her boss, Ichiro. "Hello, Ichiro-san," she said.

"So have you talked to your husband about when to take maternity leave since you are beyond the halfway mark?" Ichiro asked.

"No, I haven't, but I think my load needs to become lighter. These headaches have been coming far too often for my liking, but the doctor doesn't want me to take anything for them," Haruhi said as she made her way to her desk. "Daiki would not quit until I promise to come home on time."

"That boy is getting spoiled when you have to stay home for those headaches," said Ichiro as he watched her sit down. "I'm assuming that the medicine you take for them is some pretty strong stuff."

"For some reason, they have become more frequent."

"Talk to the doctor. He should know something. I should let you get to your work since your Daiki wants you home on time," said Ichiro as she left.

After a month of Haruhi not working because the headaches came far more often, Tamaki was concern about her far more than he had been. At least, the doctors shared his concern and decide that as soon as she gave birth to their second child that they would get a scan of her head to make sure everything was fine. They had been thinking, they had told him, that scar tissue might be causing the pain and that she may need a surgery to remove the scar tissue. As he was thinking about his dear wife needing a surgery, Tamaki was getting ready for bed and to join Haruhi for some sleep. Maybe, Tamaki thought as he slipped into bed next to her, the doctors could find someway for the scar tissue not to develop again if they do have to do the surgery. With a month to go, anything could happen.

Tamaki was watching Haruhi starting to drift off to sleep holding their little girl that they named Kokoru. "Why don't I hold her since you're falling asleep?" Tamaki asked.

For an answer, he got a nod and her arms slightly loosening in order for him to take Kokoru. He went over to her and slipped his arms around the little bundle that was Kokoru before taking the little girl into his arms. Before going back to his seat, he gave Haruhi a kiss on her forehead as she drifted asleep. Only a few minutes after sitting, Tamaki heard someone knocking on the door-jam and looked up to see his father. "Is your wife sleeping?" He asked quietly before entering.

"She is," said Tamaki before he saw open her eyes slightly before closing them again, "or trying to."

"How is the little one that decided to come into this world so early in the morning?" Yuzuru asked.

"Her name is Kokoru," said Tamaki before a nurse came into the room.

"Sou-san," said the nurse before drawing closer to Tamaki to speak more quietly to him. "The CT scan is ready and the doctors told me that you can carry your wife up if you're able to."

"Here Dad, hold Kokoru for me," said Tamaki as he helped Yuzuru get his new granddaughter in his arms.

"She looks so cute," said Yuzuru before taking the seat that Tamaki had vacated.

Tamaki smiled at the comment before moving to position himself to pick up Haruhi. Carefully, he brushed her hair off her face before placing hand behind her head and one under her knees. He lifted her up with ease into his arms as she let out a soft sound of protest at being aroused from her light sleep. Tamaki smiled and kissed on the forehead before walking toward the waiting nurse to lead the way. "Dad, when Ryouji-san and Daiki get here, tell them to wait around for us to get back," said Tamaki stopping at the door.

"Okay, son," Yuzuru replied back.

When Tamaki returned to the room with a sleeping Haruhi in his arms, Daiki came up to him and wrapped his arms around Tamaki's leg. Yuzuru, the one with free hands at the moment, took Daiki and picked him up to show the little boy what his dad was carrying. Once Daiki saw his mom was sleeping in his dad's arms, he quieted down and become quite solemn for such a person so young. "Daiki, why don't we let mommy sleep?" Tamaki proposed.

Daiki nodded yes and allowed Yuzuru to put him down as Tamaki finished walking towards the bed. Laying down his wife on the bed first, Tamaki sat down next to her and then helped Daiki up on to the bed. The boy soon found a spot on the bed and laid down, falling asleep instantly. "Son, why don't we take a picture of the four of you?" Yuzuru asked quietly.

"It might be good for Kokoru's baby book," said Tamaki as he looked down at his sleeping family laying on the bed.

"So, that's this little one's name," said Ryouji as he rose from the chair and walked over to give the little girl to Tamaki. "I'm assuming that Haruhi picked out that name and is it in kanji?"

"She did and I think I know why she chose it. It is in kanji," said Tamaki as he took Kokoru into his arms before positioning himself for the picture.

"Cheese," said Yuzuru before he snapped the picture.

"Another photo of her sleeping for the photo album," said Ryouji as he looked at picture displayed on the digital camera.

"Seems like she is tired after delivery," said Yuzuru. "Was it longer this time, son?"

"No, but it wasn't shorter," sad Tamaki as he watched Kokoru sleep, but then woke up letting out a cry that woke up Haruhi.

"Is she hungry?" Haruhi asked blinking the sleep out of her eyes.

"Probably," Tamaki answered.

"Well, we should go and hunt down your friends. We'll leave Daiki here," said Yuzuru before he and Ryouji made their exit.

"They sure didn't wait," said Tamaki as he gave Kokoru to Haruhi.

"Have you taken a nap, yet?" She asked as she took Kokoru.

"No," he said as he began to nuzzle her hair with his face causing her to make a noise that sounded like a growl, "but I think I will while you feed Kokoru."

"You do that," she said before Tamaki closed his eyes and fell asleep leaning against her as she started to feed Kokoru.

She was feeling groggy and annoyed that her whole head was hurting. Only when Tamaki was allowed to give their daughter to her to hold, her mood improved. "How are you doing?" Tamaki asked once he was sure that she was holding Kokoru properly.

"I didn't think I would not have my sight for two whole weeks," she grumbled slightly.

To explain, the doctors had taken her to surgery several hours ago to remove the scar tissue that had been causing her headaches and did something to make sure new scar tissue wouldn't lead to her needing another surgery. What that something was, Tamaki didn't understand it fully and was just happy that his dear wife wouldn't have to worry about another surgery. Another surgery was something he couldn't put up with again.

"If you're worry about being bored, I will have Daiki to make sure to entertain you," said Tamaki as he sat down on the bed next to her and began to stroke her hair that wasn't covered by bandages. "I will even make sure I get off work on time so I can be with you for a good part of the day."

"Have they told you when I get to go home?"

"Tomorrow morning, but as soon as you get home, it is straight to bed," said Tamaki as he allowed his hand to rest on her head. "They don't want you to be walking around too much."


"With your father still. Your dad said he was coming to visit after Daiki and him ate lunch."

"Food sounds good about now."

"They are going to let you to eat at one. Why does it have to be food with you?"

"When are you going back to work?" She asked ignoring his question

"Next week. Besides, I feel more comfortable going to work knowing that you are able to handle things."

"You better spend time with Daiki."

"Daiki probably does need the attention," said Tamaki as Kokoru started to cry, now hungry. "I'll get a bottle and feed her."

"They aren't allowing me to until later, I'm assuming," she said as Tamaki got up and walked away and then came back with a bottle.

"They want the medicine fully out of your system," Tamaki said as he took the crying Kokoru and began to bottle feed her. "Besides I know you well enough to know that you will fall asleep if you do feed her now."

"Where are you?" Haruhi asked raising her hand.

"I'll sit down next to you," said Tamaki as he sat down while still feeding Kokoru and then felt Haruhi wrap her arms around his stomach and leaned against him falling asleep. "Rest well, ma amoura."

Tamaki was holding Haruhi in his arms and knew she was sleep for her breathing had fell into the pattern of slow breathing. Her sleeping was not odd, but what she had been doing before she fell asleep was. While feeding Kokoru, she had fallen asleep, and (thankfully) Tamaki had been holding her. As he continued to hold her, he smiled remembering how he had first told everyone about finding her sleeping while feeding Daiki.


"She did what?!?" The twins asked in surprise.

"I found her breast feeding Daiki, but she was asleep," said Tamaki.

"Have you asked her why she fell asleep, Tamaki?" Kyoya asked.

"I did, but she avoided my question," said Tamaki gasping.

"Maybe Haru-chan doesn't like to answer that question," said Honey.

"Could be, but why?" Mori said softly.

End Flashback

Tamaki couldn't help, but laugh at the memory, and Haruhi didn't stir, but he noticed a familiar face at the door smiling willie at him. "Tamaki-kun, I didn't realize that she is like her mother in that way," said Ryouji before turning around and looking over his shoulder. "I'm going to spend time with that grandson of mine since you are too occupied to do so."

Tamaki kept holding Haruhi, starring at the door, aghast. So, this sleeping while breast feeding was something her mother did, Tamaki realized. If it weren't for the former cross-dresser, Tamaki would never learned what to make of her weird timing to go to sleep. He was going to sometime thank his father-in-law when he gets the chance and maybe ask more about it.

Haruhi was sitting up in bed waiting with Daiki for their lunch to be brought to them. For the past week since she had been home, she never ate alone, knowing she could possible spill her food, but at the moment, she was in a really sour mood. That morning had taken a toll on her when she snapped at Tamaki, and now (after the fact) she realized that he probably didn't deserve her taking out her sour mood on him. Knowing what she done, she was wanting to eat alone and to think about why she lashed out.

Once the maids left after bringing them their food, the two began to eat quietly, but Daiki couldn't help to stare at his mother. "Mommy, how can you tell you that you are getting something from your plate?"

"I've had to eat without my sight before and learned how to eat like this with your dad's help," she said before taking a bite of the French dish that Tamaki recently had gotten who her hook on.

"Oh," said Daiki. "Then why did you snap at Daddy, Mommy?"

"That I do not know," she said as she remembered how both her and Tamaki were teased about being dense when it came to love, "but your Uncles teased me and your dad about being unable to know that we were in love with each other in the first place."

"Did they? Uncle Hikaru and Uncle Kaoru?" Daiki asked.

"Yeah, they did."

"What do you mean by 'being unable to know?'" Daiki asked.

"When you get into middle school, you will understand this a lot more so than now, even though I'm going to tell you now," said Haruhi as she laid the fork she had on the plate. "A boy asked me out in the last year of middle school and I didn't realize that I rejected him until a year later."

"Why didn't you realize?"

"Same reason I didn't realize I love your dad," said Haruhi as she picked up her fork and took another bite.

"And what reason is that?"

"Daiki, you will not understand it, if I told you," said Haruhi before another bite of food made it to her mouth.

Silence encompassed the room as the two began to finish their lunch, but the silence was interrupted by the door opening. "Haruhi," the voice called from the door before the voice's owner pulled Haruhi into a bone-crushing hug.

"Dad," she growled, "let go, now."

"Can't I have a reason to hug my fully grown daughter?" Ryouji asked.

"Tamaki called you, didn't he?" She deadpanned.

"Daiki, could see if you carry the dishes to one of the maids?" He asked giving Daiki Haruhi's now empty plate.

"Yes, Grandpa!" Daiki said excitedly as he took his plate and his mother's plate before sliding off the bed and going out the door.

"Now why did you do something that caused your husband to call me and complain to me?" He asked sternly at his daughter.

"I don't know," she said in a voice barely above a whisper before she descended into her thoughts about why she snapped at Tamaki.

Not paying attention to what was going around her, she was startled when her dad was tying something around her neck. Taking a moment to get into what was going on around, she realized that her dad was tying the green blanket around her. She had completely forgotten that after using it when she fed Kokoru, that she placed it on the bed nearby. "If you can't figure out why, then don't beat yourself up about it," said Ryouji as he finished tying the blanket around her neck just how he saw Kotoko did all those years ago. "Your husband probably understands that you would be wanting to do other things rather than staying in bed."

"I'm bored with nothing to do."

"I think I have something that you could do, but I'll bring it tomorrow."

"Then bring it."

"I will remember to bring it," he said as he began to glance around the room until he spotted a light purple bunny hiding in an half open closet. "Ah, I think I see something that will be helpful now."

He got up, picked up the bunny, and then returned to shove it into her arms. "Why did you go grab my bunny?"

"You need to rest," he said as pulled back the covers on the bed and forced her to get under the covers. He covered her up before he spoke again. "Besides you shouldn't be without some stuff animal while taking a nap. I'll stay with you until you are asleep and don't worry about Daiki and Kokoru. I'll take care of them."

"Thank you," she said as she turned over on to her side and hugged the bunny that Tamaki had asked the twins to get her all those years ago.

"You're welcome, my daughter."

By the time Daiki had returned to the room, Haruhi was already sleeping and Ryouji had picked up Kokoru.

Tamaki was happy to see his happy son come at him and was surprised to see his father holding Kokoru. "Why are you here, dad?" Tamaki asked as he picked up Daiki to hug him.

"Ryouji-san called and asked me to watch your kids. He wanted your wife to be able to sleep without worrying about them," Yuzuru replied.

"I know she hasn't been sleeping well at night. I guess he did what he could to help her."

"What do you mean?"

"Mommy snapped at Daddy, Yuzu-papa," said Daiki from Tamaki's arms.

"Yeah, she did. I think her boredom is getting the best of her," said Tamaki looking down at the floor.

"I'll stay and watch them longer if you want some alone time," said Yuzuru.

"I think I will," said Tamaki as he placed Daiki back on the floor. "You are to stay with him. Mommy probably would like to talk to me."

"Mommy is in a better mood, Daddy," said Daiki to his father.

"Daiki, thank you for telling me that," said Tamaki before going up the stairs to get to his shared room with Haruhi.

After finishing getting dress, Tamaki slipped into bed beside Haruhi and pulled her close to him before affectionately petting her hair that wasn't covered with bandages. She turned around in order to face him and gently nuzzled her face against his chest in a surprise show affection, but he knew this was her apology to him for that morning. "On Saturday," he began thinking ahead to the day after tomorrow, "I'll be taking you to the hospital so the doctors can make sure everything is going okay with you." She shivered slightly. "I already talk to your doctors and they understand that you are starting to not like being in the hospital for any amount of time. They will have you sedated for most of time and I will be there as much as possible."

"How long?"

"Three hours at least, but no more than five, so they told me. Umm...Haruhi?"


"After you are fully awake again on Saturday, would you like it if I take you outside?" Tamaki asked before adding, "I think you need to get out of this room for awhile."

"What about Daiki and Kokoru?" She asked as she pushed her body closer to his.

"We will have them outside with us. As long as it will make you happy, then I will be willing to bring them alone," said Tamaki as he pulled her closer to him, enjoying the feeling of her chest against him.

"Sen--Tamaki, you are too close to me," she said as she turned her to lay an ear against his chest, "but I really don't care."

"You were going to say that offensive word," he scolded her. (The offensive word he was scolding her for this time was 'senpai, not 'ore'.)

"Idiot," she muttered sending him to pout while still holding her.

"But Haruhi," he whined, "you promised never to use it along with that other offensive word."

"I have to have some way to get you out of your crazy little mind theaters. Also to stop you being such an idiot."

"Why are you so mean, Haruhi~?"

"Just go to sleep."

"Alright, alright, I will. As long as you promise not to flare that temper of yours."

"That's...," she paused to yawn, "better."

"Goodnight, ma amoura," said Tamaki as Haruhi snuggled closer to him.

Tamaki remained quite as Haruhi started to fall asleep and once he was sure that she was asleep, he kissed her forehead before falling asleep himself, just thinking how contradictory his wife could be.

Tamaki holding her was proving to be the best thing to reduce her anxiety right now, which had set in as soon as she stepped into the hospital room that they were waiting in. As soon as the doctor came in with the nurse carrying supplies, Haruhi tensed up, and Tamaki had to comfort her until she was relaxed enough for the nurse to take her arm. While the nurse was putting her arm into a brace to restrain the arm from moving, the doctor told Haruhi and Tamaki what they were going to do(a scan of her head and check the incisions) and the sedation process.

When the nurse inserted the needle for putting the IV catheter into her, the doctor stopped talking to allow for Tamaki to comfort her and once she was no longer needing his comfort, he continued on giving details about the sedation process. He told them that they had decided in advance to give her a lighter sedative for the scan of her head than the one needed for them check her incisions. Because they were going to sedate her as deeply as possible without having to use a breathing tube while they checked her incisions, they were going to give her oxygen through tubes that would have to two prongs going into nose.

"Haruhi-san," said the doctor as he placed his hand on her head, "we'll leave you to enjoy some time with your husband before coming back to start sedating him."

In response, she only nodded, and the doctor removed his hand from her head. "Is her arm going to stay in that brace?" Tamaki asked before the doctor had a chance to ask if there was any questions.

"Yes, we want to be able to make sure any involuntary movement does not pull out the IV. Any other questions?"

"Haruhi, do you have any questions? This is effected you more than me," said Tamaki as he looked down at Haruhi.

She merely shook her head and wrapped her arms around him as tightly as she could. "Then I will leave. It should be about ten minutes before we return to do the sedation," said the doctor before he left with the nurse."

"Would you mind telling me what your dad brought you yesterday?" Tamaki asked as soon as the door was shut and they were alone.

"Pictures of some sort. He had marked them so I knew which way they were supposed to go in the photo album that he brought with him. If I complete it before these bandages come off for good, he will let me keep it."

"That's interesting. Is it entertaining enough for you?"

"It is. Have you decided where you will take me outside?"

"I have and since the doctors told me that you will probably will not be hungry much today, I'm going to bring a blanket with us and allow you lay on it, ma amoura."

For the first time in quite awhile, she smiled and giggled causing Tamaki to smile and kiss her on her head. The rest of the time that they had left was spent talking to each other about their children and once the doctor returned with the nurse, Tamaki laid her down on the bed in the room and took her hand. While the doctor and the nurse was preparing the IV line, she squeezed Tamaki's hand hard and he whispered into her ear comforting words. Once her grip on his hand slackened, he looked up to the doctor and nurse and saw that they were ready to take her.

Tamaki watched from his chair in the corner of the room as the doctors were attending to Haruhi. Once they had unwrapped the bandages around her head, they placed square pieces of cloth over both of her eyes and used skin tape to keep it in place. Both doctors examined each side of her head to check to see if the incisions were healing properly before one of the two called him over. "We are going to show you how to clean these incisions when you take off the bandages," said the doctor before turning towards Haruhi. "We are going to use hydrogen peroxide to clean the incisions, and it could be painful. You can hold her and be able to watch us clean it."

"I will do it," said Tamaki picking up Haruhi and then sliding underneath her.

Once Tamaki was situated, the doctor began to gently shake Haruhi, and once she grunted, he told her to squeeze Tamaki's hand, which had found a place by her hand, whenever she felt pain. She squeezed his hand once to say she understood, and once the doctor knew that, he began to prepare to clean the wound. While doing it, he explained everything to Tamaki and when Haruhi had squeezed Tamaki's hand due to the pain, the doctor stopped and switched to water to clean the incisions, explaining to Tamaki that switching between the two could be done if needed. Then once one side was done, the doctor moved to do the other.

As soon as he finished cleaning her incisions, the doctor wrapped bandages to cover her eyes, taking away the square pieces of cloth. Before leaving the room, he took out the IV and bandaged her arm. Tamaki held her until the sedative had worn off enough for him to converse with her. Throughout their conversation, she would mutter something, not realizing that she was muttering, and Tamaki would have her to repeat it. Then the nurse came in, effectively interrupting their conversation, and gave Tamaki instructions on how to care for her incisions and what she could and cannot do for the rest of the day. Once the instructions were given to him, the nurse helped him with the doors as he walked out of the hospital. Reaching the limo, his driver helped with the doors, and once situated, the driver took them home.

While watching over Haruhi as the sedative was starting to fully wear off, Tamaki was holding her and was softly talking to her. When he looked at the clock, he noticed it was late afternoon and about time for the sedative to be fully out of her system. "How are you feeling, Haruhi?" He asked.

"Not tired, but slightly hungry."

"Then the medicine is out of your system," said Tamaki as he stood up and kissed her on the forehead. "I'm going to have my dad set up the blanket and help us with Kokoru. You wait here."

"Okay," she said as she pushed herself up into a sitting position.

"Now, you just proved to me that you don't have any more of the sedative in you," said Tamaki looking from the door, smiling. "If the doctor told me that you could go down the stairs, I would let you walk outside."

"What else did he say? Everything I've heard is foggy."

"He is allowing you to walk short distances, but no more than fifteen minutes of walking at one time and no stairs. I should go tell my dad what to help with," said Tamaki as he watched her begin to pat the bed around her. "Your rabbit and blanket are between our pillows."

"Thank you, anata," she said as she reached for the rabbit and blanket before Tamaki let out a chuckle before leaving.

Haruhi was lying on the blanket that Yuzuru had spread out with Daiki in her arms. The two of them were waiting for Tamaki to bring their picnic basket and Kokoru out so that they could enjoy life outside as a complete family. As time past, Daiki wiggled his way out of her arms and began twisting her hair that he could grab a hold of, but she allowed him to do it until she heard footsteps and sat up. "Well, well," Hikaru's more malice laden voice reached her ears, "the maid was right."

"Hikaru, we don't need to get sidetrack," said Kaoru.

"Then what is it that you don't need to get sidetrack from, you, guys?" Haruhi asked.

"Our wives are planning a trip," the twins said in unison.

"And they were wondering," started Hikaru.

"If you, Tamaki, and the kids will come along," completed Hikaru.

"When is it?"

"Next month," they said in unison.

"I will talk to Tamaki about it," Haruhi said before she heard Tamaki's footsteps.

"Hikaru and Kaoru, what a pleasant surprise!" Tamaki said before sitting down on the blanket and transferring Kokoru to Haruhi. "What are you, two, doing here?"

"They were asking if next month we would like to bring the kids along for a trip that their wives are planning,"said Haruhi as she leaned against Tamaki.

"We could do it if you want to do it," said Tamaki as he sat down a picnic basket and wrapped a arm around Haruhi.

"Give me sometime to think about it," she said as Tamaki opened the picnic basket bringing out what was inside.

"Call us when you find out. We would stay, but we don't have the time at the moment," said Kaoru before he and his brother began to walk to leave.

"See you, two, later," said Tamaki before the twins had fully disappeared out of sight.

"What did you bring out?" Haruhi asked.

"I had to talk to the nurse about what you could eat, so that is what I brought out for you. Daiki, your food is sitting in the basket if you want it," said Tamaki as he took a piece of bread and brought it up to Haruhi's mouth, and without any commands, she took a bite of it. "If you get tired of holding Kokoru," he spoke as she chewed on the bite of bread she had taken, "I brought down a few blankets and pillows so that we can lay Kokoru down without worry."

"Is this all you brought?" She asked after swallowing.

"No. I have some milk for you to drink and some strawberries, but not too many because the nurse told me that your stomach might not be able to tolerate too many," said Tamaki as he watched Daiki eating the contents of the bento box. "Ma amoura, Daiki is enjoying his bento."

"That's good for him," Haruhi said as she shifted Kokoru around in her arms. "I would like to be able to eat on my own."

"Okay, I'll lay out the blankets and pillows for Kokoru," said Tamaki as he started to arrange the blankets and pillows in a way for Kokoru to lay on them.

Once the blankets were arranged, Tamaki took Kokoru and laid her down before getting Haruhi orientated towards where the food before her was located. When everything was settled, all three members of the family was eating their food, but Tamaki kept an eye on Kokoru while he ate. As soon as Haruhi had finished with the bread, Tamaki brought out the strawberries and stabbed one with a fork before bringing it up to her lips. She didn't hesitate to take a bite of the red fruit and enjoyed each successive bite until the last one was gone. While licking her lips, he gave her the thermos with the milk and stole a kiss from her before letting go of the thermos.

After finishing off the thermos, Haruhi allowed Tamaki to help her lay down on the blanket, and then Tamaki gave her Kokoru. Soon, Tamaki and Daiki finished, and both laid down: Tamaki to be able to hold Haruhi and kiss her, Daiki to take a nap. As the afternoon wore on, the family didn't realize it was getting late until Shima came out and told them so. Getting up, they went inside to have dinner together (what each of them ate was different). When it was Daiki's bedtime, Tamaki took the boy to his room while the maids helped Haruhi with getting Kokoru ready for bed. Once Daiki and Kokoru were in bed, Tamaki and Haruhi settled down in their own bed for light talk before both would decide to finally go to sleep.

"I've arranged it with my dad to stay with you until after lunch on the day that your bandages come off," whispered Tamaki into her ear as held her spooning her against him.

"You are?"

"Yes, ma amoura. I was thinking that you would like me to help you with a bath and other things before lunch."

"A bath sounds nice."

"I'm glad that it does. Why don't we get to sleep?" He said before kissing her on her head.

She settled down into his warmth and closed her eyes thinking about what would've happen if that freak accident all that long ago didn't happen. "If that didn't happen," she said tiredly, "do you think we would be together like this?"

"Ma amoura, it would've only taken the proper triggers for us to realize what we meant to each other."

"If you think so," she yawned before continuing. "Could you sing me something?"

"Fere Jacques," he said before he started to sing.

As his French singing voice drifted into her ear, her tired brain, on auto-pilot, translated the simple French laulby, but soon the rhythm of the song made her fell asleep. Tamaki stopped once she was asleep and followed her quickly into the land of sleep.

Tamaki had wakened a few minutes early and ran around like the idiot he was trying to get what he needed to clean the incisions on his dear wife's head. Only when his maids helped him, he was able to not be so idiotic and get the supplies set up that he took off the bandages that were covering Haruhi's eyes. Once the bandages were off, he kissed her forehead, arousing her from her sleep, and then went to kiss her lips. When she kissed him back, he gleefully drew her into his arms and brought her closer. Once they pulled apart and he laid her back on the bed, he leaned down to whisper into her ear. "Grab my shirt whenever you feel pain," he whispered.

She merely nodded, not opening her eyes, knowing that she would want them close while he cleaned the incisions on the head. Once he started to clean her incisions, she felt relaxed until the pain caused her to grab his shirt. As she clutched his shirt, he carefully cleaned the incision with plain water before switching back to the peroxide. After cleaning one side, he cleaned the other side as quickly as he could before he washed her face.

"I'm going to get the bath water ready. I will be taking it with you," he said before heading to their bathroom.

Hearing the water, she opened her eyes for a moment before closing them quickly because the brightness of the light was too much for her eyes. When the water stopped and he came back, she opened her eyes, and the first thing that she saw was Tamaki's happy-go-lucky smile. "Will you help me up, Tamaki?" She asked with a smile on her face.

He took her hands and helped her sit up before leading her into the bathroom. Once there, they both undressed, washed off, and entered the tub. Enjoying their bath together, Tamaki brought her into his arms and pulled her against him with her back against her front. "We should try to do this more often," he said as breathed in her scent.

"We should. Doing it is out of the question for now," she said as her faced turned red.

"Before we even think about it again, we should talk about if we want another child," he said.

"Tamaki, that should be obvious. I don't think I could handle another child."

"I wasn't sure, ma amoura," said Tamaki as he raised a hand up. "May I?"

"If that is what you want, go ahead, but don't touch anywhere beyond that," she said before Tamaki laid his hand gently on her chest over her heart.

"The feel is so pleasant that I could fall asleep."

"That's why I fall asleep listening to yours."

"Haruhi, is it that comforting when it is thundering out?"

"Yes," she said as she placed a hand on his to pull it back. "We shouldn't be sitting here wasting all morning."

"That's right. We only have the morning together," said Tamaki as he released her. "You should get out first and get dress. You can feed Kokoru while I get dress and clean up the bathroom."

"Thank you," she said kissing him before getting out of the tub and drying herself off.

Haruhi was lying on the couch looking through the photo album that her dad had given her to complete while she was unable to see. Looking through it brought back a lot of good memories that were very foggy to her because of her age back then. The pictures were of her mom and her spending time together and they didn't stop once her mom was in the hospital. Each picture of her and her mom at the hospital made her almost cry, but she didn't.

When footsteps came into the room, she was brought out of her memories to she Shigeru, her boss's father and her mom's boss. "Shigeru, why are you here?" She asked.

"Ichiro asked me to come to bring his well-wishes to you, and I have something to give you," he said as he noticed the photo album. "What's in that photo album?"

"Me and mom," she said softly.

"Then what I will give you might fit into that photo album if you want it," said Shigeru as he pulled out a faded envelope and gave it to her. "Your mother made me promise one other thing to her and this is it. Your dad doesn't know that another copy existed. It's...five minutes...before her death."

Haruhi opened the envelope with curiosity and looked at the photo that she pulled before her turned into shock. It was of her father kissing her mother with tears running down his face in the hospital. "Shigeru-san what is the story behind this?"

"Ah, she wanted the final kiss he gave to her to be recorded so that he could remember it, but she also wanted you to have a copy. There are more pictures in that envelope, but that one is the last picture."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome," said Shigeru before bowing and leaving Haruhi to remember a time when her mom had died.

When she had finished feeding Kokoru that night, Haruhi laid down on the bed next to Tamaki and let out a sigh. "What's the mater?" Tamaki asked looking up from some documents from work.

"It's nothing," she replied back turning over to lay on her side.

"You want to cry, don't you?" He spoke as he placed the documents on the nightstand and pulled her into a gentle hug.

She turned around in his arms and returned the hug. "Yes, I do," she said before she buried her head into his chest and began to let lose silent tears. "Shigeru," she said quietly into his chest, "brought a picture of my mom and dad having...their last kiss."

"Is that so?" Tamaki asked as he stroked Haruhi's hair, taking the time to be gentle to her for she was showing her tears to him for the first time in a year.

"Yeah," she whispered as her tears continued to stream down her face.

"Now, now, you can't tear up just because you saw that picture," he said softly to her as he continued to stroke her hair.

"I was looking at pictures of me and...," she trailed off, not continuing as the tears became heavier.

"So that what made you want to cry. Don't try to remember she is gone," he said softly to her. "I ran into Ichiro today and he is inviting us to dinner tomorrow night."

"Where at?" She asked as her tears stopped.

"At the place where we first met Shigeru."

"Then it will be an enjoyable night," she said before looking up at him. "Can you rub my back until I fall asleep?"

"Sure mon amour," said Tamaki as he began to rub her back as she settled down against him.

When they entered the little restaurant, Haruhi and Tamaki were surprised when they were lead to the back party room and were greeted by Ichiro, Shigeru, and all of Haruhi's co-workers. "What is this?" She merely asked as Tamaki held her hand.

"Ichiro and I have been going over the records and we just realized that we missed an important milestone with you that deserves a celebration for," said Shigeru as he smiled.

"I assuming you want to know, Haruhi-san, what that milestone we are celebrating tonight is," said Ichiro. "You have exceeded the number of won cases that your mother had won."

"And," Shigeru began as he gave her hug, "I think your mother would be proud of you if she could see you now. You have surpassed my expectations for you."

"I don't know what to say," said Haruhi in an almost whisper.

"Enjoy tonight. Me and Ichiro are picking up the tab for everyone," said Shigeru to everyone in the room before directing his attention back to Haruhi. "I'm glad to see that you are doing better in regards to your eyes."

"Thank you. The doctors say the headaches will probably not occur as often as they use to," she said.

"Good. We don't want you missing out on any more work because of those eyes of yours," said Shigeru as went to take a spot at the table.

As the night went on, they feasted and shared stories about each of Haruhi's cases. When three hours went by, the group allowed the couple to leave to be able to get home in time to see their kids to bed.

Haruhi was spending time with Daiki and Kokoru, who just turn one and always wanted to be carried as often as possible, in the gardens around the mansion. They were in the gardens because it was the first nice day they had since the fall, and Haruhi was taking a break from her work. Ever since Tamaki left on his extended business trip, Haruhi had been working from home and helping the maids with Daiki and Kokoru. Even with working from home, her stress that had started when she was still going to work was still continuing to build and probably would not disappear until Tamaki came back from his trip.

As Daiki ran ahead of her and Kokoru, who was currently latched to her leg, she sighed and leaned down to encourage Kokoru to go run after her brother, but she didn't get far in that task. An arm wrapped around her waist, and a hand came down to pat the head of Kokoru, who was starring wide at the person behind her. "Go chase after Daiki, Kokoru-chan," Tamaki said from behind Haruhi.

Hearing her dad's command, she nodded and went running off after her brother on her short legs leaving her parents behind. "You're back," she said before deciding to tease him for a bit. "What took you so long, senpai?"

Tamaki, unable to see Haruhi's face from behind her, took to her calling him senpai as insult and began to rant about how his dear wife shouldn't be calling him by such a term since he was indeed her husband. Listening to his rant, Haruhi decided he needed to know that she was only teasing him. Turning around, she hugged him stopping him mid-rant as he looked down at her agape at her action. "Haruhi...?" He questioned her.

"Really, I thought you would be able to handle me teasing you after all these years," she replied showing him her smiling face.

"Then for that...," said Tamaki as he swooped her up into his arms causing her to grunt in surprise, "you get this."

"Really, you shouldn't be doing this, Tamaki," said Haruhi as she laid her head against him trying to get comfortable. "I still have work to do."

"You can do it after I see that you've taken a nap," he said giving her a concern look. "Shima told me that you've been working from home. Why?"

"I was starting to stress out a few days after you left," she said quietly, wishing that she didn't have to say more. "I was worrying about the kids most of the time."

"That's okay. Next time that I'm going on a business trip, I'm bring you along with Daiki and Kokoru. I couldn't fall asleep without you," he said as started to walk in a manner that would make Haruhi fall asleep.

"You know me way too well," she said before yawning and burring her head into his chest.

"I'm your husband and I ought to know you that well," he said before making it to the center of the garden where a bench was.

Walking around the center of the garden, he finally felt her fall asleep and then made his way to a bench to sit down. As he watched her sleep, Tamaki didn't notice when Daiki and Kokoru came tarring into the area until he heard Daiki. "Daddy! You're home!" Daiki cried as he ran up to Tamaki with Kokoru close to behind.

"Shh...Mommy's sleeping and she probably needs it," said Tamaki to Daiki.

"Oh, does she need to go to bed like I do?" Daiki asked softly.

"Probably, she should, so that she isn't so sore when she wakes up, but she likes sleeping in my arms," said Tamaki after lightly chuckling at the insightful boy. "You and Kokoru go inside. I'll take mommy up to her room, so she can rest without being sore when she wakes up."

"Okay, Daddy," said Daiki before turning to look at Kokoru. "Daddy says we have to go inside, Kokoru-chan."

Daiki took her little hand and began to lead her away from their parents. As he saw this, Tamaki couldn't help, but smile before getting up and going inside to do what he told Daiki.

Sitting in her bed, Haruhi was looking through the photo album the twins had given her back in high school. The memories shown through the photos were wonderful, and while relieving those memories, Haruhi never realized Tamaki had came in until he placed his arms around her. "Tamaki," she said as she looked up from the album.

"I've talk to Hikaru and he has agreed to come visit when I'm not around," he said as he pulled her into his arms. "How long has it been now since you last had one of those headaches?"

"I've haven't had one since the surgery and at my last doctor's appointment, he said the chances of me having one are getting lower and lower as the time goes by," she said.

"Speaking of your appointment, did you ask about that topic?" He asked as he began message her belly.

"Yes, I did. At least, I don't have to remember something every single day," she said as she lifted his hand that was messaging her belly. "Tomorrow, will be best if that's what you're wanting to do tonight."

"Why do you think such dirty thoughts about me?!? You're my wife," he yelped before calming down. "All I wanted was to cuddle with you, if that's too much to ask."

"Oh, then you can," she said. "You know what? I can't imagine this ever happening if I didn't have to go through blindness."

"It would've been a shame that we would never did get together and realize our full feelings."

Tamaki then shut off the light and pulled Haruhi against his chest before allowing his hands to gently roam against Haruhi's skin as she began to fall asleep.

Both thankful that going through blindness brought forth their own blindness towards their feelings. Blindness brought them together to bind together in love, and no one would ever see what a commoner and a rich man could see in the other except for their friends and family.

Finally done with this. Need sleep.

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