This story idea has been in my mind for ages now and I really wanted to start. I was planning on starting it after I finished my magical life but I just couldn't wait.
I had hoped to start it before I went back to school so I could update faster but that didn't happen. I live in New Zealand so it has just been my summer holidays but today I started school again =( My class isn't to bad, I have one of my good friends in the same class as me.

You probably don't really care about my life so I will just start the story.

"So did everybody have a fun vacation?" asked Marshall as all the cast's of Mackenzie Falls and So Random, minus Sonny and Chad, sat on the couches in the lobby of the hotel they had been staying at, discussing their vacation.

"Yup," said Nico and Grady together.

"I actually have to admit that I did have fun," said Tawni "I made a great friend that I would have never in a million year would have thought I would be friends with." Tawni looked over at Portlyn and smiled.

"Yeah," agreed Portlyn "Tawni is actually really nice and we have so much in common."

Tawni nodded "We both love shopping, getting our nails done, gossiping. And despite what Chad says you defiantly can talk without a script."

"Thank you," said Portlyn "hey where is Chad?"

"He said he would rather sleep than talk about the highlights of the holiday with a bunch of randoms and his cast." Said Devon (Sorry if I got that name wrong)

"Well that's sad," said Portlyn.

"Hey come to think of it where is Sonny?" asked Tawni.

"She's in the swimming pool," said a voice from somewhere above the group.

"Who said that?" asked Tawni frightened."

"Me," said Zora as she dropped down out of the vent above them and landed safely on a free couch.

"Well since Chad and Sonny aren't here you can fill them in on what they missed when you go back to your rooms," said Marshall.

"They aren't missing much," said Nico.

"The important stuff is still to come," said Marshall "A bus will arrive to take us to the airport at six thirty tomorrow morning, we will get on the bus and arrive at the airport at six forty five, our plane leaves at eight."

"Six thirty, couldn't you have gotten a later flight Marshall?" complained Tawni.

"That Was the best flight there was," explained Marshall "besides the hotel wants us cheeked out and gone by ten."

"Arg fine," said Tawni.

"Well you lot should probably get some sleep," said David (Mackenzie falls director)

"Yes," agreed Marshall "we have a very early morning tomorrow. We wouldn't want you to over sleep and miss the bus to the airport and be left here until you can buy another ticket."

"Yes that would be terrible," agreed David.

"I guess so," said Portlyn.

"Alright," said David "night everyone."

"And don't forget to tell Sonny and Chad," added Marshall "Meet down here with your luggage at six thirty tomorrow morning ready to go back to Condor studios."

"Don't forget anything important," yelled David but the teens (and Zora) were already gone.

"Don't forget anything important," mumbled David half to himself "Don't forget anything important."

Well that was the first chapter. I know it was boring but it was just setting the story. I will try to update later today or tomorrow but I'm not promising anything.

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