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Soft winter sunlight peeked through the crack in the deep wine read curtains. Sonny glanced at the alarm clock on the bedside table by her side of the bed, 7:50am the clock read. Sonny slipped out of the soft Egyptian cotton sheets and looked over at Chad who was still sleeping peacefully on the edge of his side of the bed. Both teenagers had managed to keep well away from each other during the night, well as far away as they could considering they were sharing a bed.
Probably best to have a shower before he wakes up and hogs the bathroom, Thought Sonny. They needed to be at work at 8:30am.
She grabbed her uniform and headed for the bathroom. Sonny turned on the shower and steam produced by the hot water instantly drifted through the bathroom and began to fog up the mirror.
Sonny removed her clothes and stepped into the shower; closing the door behind her.

The sound of water drops pelting against the shower woke Chad from his peaceful slumber. He yawned and stretched across the large bed.
I wish Sonny would have let me shower first, the amazing image of Chad Dylan Cooper takes time to perfect, it CANNOT be rushed, Thought Chad.
Chad sighed; knowing Sonny may take a while, then grabbed the remote and with the press of a button the slim black TV screen was illuminated and the sound of annoying morning news presenters blared from the speakers. Chad frantically turned the volume down. Angry neighbours was not something he needed along with a shitty job.

Sonny turned the shower knob and the flow of water abruptly stopped and a sudden rush of brisk winter air made Sonny shiver. She reached for her towel and wrapped it around her body; rubbing her arms in a desperate attempt to keep warm.

Chad grumbled in annoyance as the weather report came on TV.
One nice sunny winter day in a week of rain and I'm stuck spending it at a shit job I hate, that's just brilliant, Thought Chad.
"What did the weather report say?" asked a sweet voice from beside Chad, he turned to look at Sonny who was fully dressed in her uniform; with the exception of the fluffy pink and purple socks she was wearing.
"First great winter day this vacation, highest temperature too, and we are stuck working in this fucking hotel," growled Chad, "Are you done in the bathroom? Can I have a shower now?"
Sonny nodded and watched as Chad grabbed his uniform and disappeared through the bathroom door; shutting it as he entered.
Sonny turned back to the TV just in time to catch a repeat of the days weather report. Chad was right it was a great day; only a few clouds in the bright blue sky, no wind and a decent temperature for winter. If only she wasn't stuck in a town she didn't know, working at a hotel all day.
Sonny sighed, a great day and no place to go, brilliant.

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