10 Days to Valentine's

Summary: Nathan doesn't really like Valentine's Day, but, because he wants to tell Carter about how he feels, he'll try to do something about it. But just who exactly is sending him all these little gifts?

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Chapter One: Feb. 5

Nathan Stark sat in his car in front of Café Diem. 'Ten days til the big day,' he sighed to himself. And he still had no idea about what to get the man that he'd been obsessing over for almost two and a half years. He wasn't all that sure when he started seeing Sheriff Jack Carter as more than a potential enemy, but it was very gradual.

Shaking his head, Nathan got out and entered the Café. 'What is it about Jack that makes me like him so much?' Was it the way those blue eyes lit up when he learned something new? Or was it that he always had a retort for him when Nathan started heckling him?

Nathan honestly didn't know. He did suspect that it was a combination of all these different little things over a long period of time, but what really mattered was that he was pretty much in love with the blond now.

"Hello, Dr. Stark," Vincent greeted as he looked up from helping another customer. "I'll be right with you."

"Take your time," he waved a hand and started for his usual spot in the corner. It wasn't until he almost sat down did he really look at his table.

Laying there on the surface of the table was a rose.

Looking around, Nathan found that no-one was paying him any mind as they went about their business. Sitting down carefully, it was then that he noticed the small card laying under the rose.

He picked it up carefully and opened it, tilting his head slightly as he read the note.

'Enjoy today.'

"What the…" That was it, no name or anything else.

Flipping it over, he still couldn't find anything telling him the name of the person who sent it or the person who it was meant for, because he didn't know if he was the intended target or not.

It was while he was studying both card and rose that he suddenly realized that someone was standing next to him.

"Hey, Scientist," Sheriff Jack Carter drawled as he looked down at him. "Whatcha got there?"

"Sheriff," Nathan nodded coolly, hoping that the blond didn't notice the approving once over. Jack's days off were Nathan's favorite sort of days as the blond wasn't confined to the dull brown of the Sheriff's uniform, but the blond filled out just as well in any outfit that Nathan had had the pleasure of seeing him in. "I believe that this belongs to someone else."

Leaning against the booth, Carter swept a gaze over the rose. "I think someone's trying to get your attention."


"What did the note say?" Carter asked. Nathan handed the card over and shrugged a shoulder.

" 'Enjoy today,' huh?" Blue eyes lit up with amusement. "You've got someone tied up over you."

"I sincerely doubt that," Nathan drawled at him with a practiced roll of the eyes. "Moreover, it's probably someone who wanted to apologize for screwing something up at one point."

"Don't be so cynical," Carter shook his head at him. "Why's it so hard for you to believe that someone is interested in you? Hey, I bet it's Allison."

"No," Nathan frowned as he took the card back from him. "She would have written it by hand."

"Well, I hate to admit this, but you may have a point," Jack looked out over the rest of the Café while Nathan studied the computer generated calligraphy. "Oh, I almost forgot," Nathan looked up at the sigh. Turning to follow the blond's gaze, he grimaced.

"Sheriff, I do believe that I feel sorry for you." Under any other circumstance, Nathan wouldn't have said what he did especially with sympathy in fear of being found out, but he had had past dealings with this particular scientist and he felt that the sympathy was well deserved.

"That makes two of us," Carter sighed again. A few minutes of silence was broken when Vin came up to take Nathan's order. "Well, I'd better get going," Carter shifted weight from foot to foot.

"See you, Sheriff," Nathan hated that he couldn't ask the blond to stay a little longer. Well, not until the perfect Valentine's Day gift was found.

"Yeah, Scientist," Carter looked back at the rose and grinned. "Take the card's advice and 'enjoy today'."

Nathan smiled slightly as the blond walked away from him.

'I think I will.'


AN: 1/10 is finished. Hope that wasn't too bad. I haven't really thought about writing in Nathan's point of view except in my other story "Someone I've Dreamed About", but consider this entire story as a practice for a future Jack/Nathan story that is really starting to bug me. Coincidentally, the future story is in fact going to be a sequel to SIDA, but I'm planning a first sequel. You all will see as the time gets closer.

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