Authors Note: Okay, so I've been watching Moonlighting, never ever have I seen or heard about it before last year. I know shocking! Well I'm still on Season 3 on the last 3 episodes, and I just love the episode "It's a Wonderful Job" Here's the thing, I couldn't help but wonder why it was Maddie was still a ghostly figure in the Alternate Universe if there was no going back, what if she didn't die? Would that mean she would be following her AU self forever? That's when I clicked this idea into my head; one of my favorite things about this episode was the fact that everyone was destined to meet each other. Now I don't know if I'll finish this, like I said I'm still watching the show so who knows. But I hope to write as much as I can and still be in character. I hope everyone reading this will enjoy! :)

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Set: Maddie has been given the chance of a lifetime to turn back time, two years of her life to be exact; but when the reality of it all starts to unravel in front of her she is given the choice to see what may be her new life with no going back, or to go back the way things were and pretend that her wish was nothing more than a mere dream. Her choice was clear to press forward and realized the mistake she had taken and time is now the present. Will Maddie find a way back to her old happy life or will this new life lead her to unquestionable outcomes or worse her death?

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It took all the strength she had left to get Albert to come with her once last time, to see where it was her new life would lead her too, what becomes of her, and even now she was already piecing together with the new Madelyn Hayes.

"Oh my god I can't remember what Agnes Dipesto looks like," Maddie was stunned as she tried to recall her former employees, friends, family, "I can't even get a picture of her in my head."

Albert glanced in her direction seeing as his friend was now loosing the memories to her past life, "It's alright that's normal. We can't very well change two years of your life and still keep your memories intact can we?"

"I guess not." She was still worried and more so hurt, the past two years? How could she be so selfish? What about her family, her friends, the lives she's changed, what about, "What about David?"

"You mean your memories of him?" It took only a nod of understanding for him to continue on, "They may take longer to fade, the more intense your feelings is for a person then the harder it is to let go of the memory."

"Oh." To forget? How could she forget David, all that they've been through all that they've accomplished together, doesn't that mean something? Agnes and Herbert still found each other what makes her and David different? "Yeah, but…but…but if people are meant to be together, they'll find each other no matter where, no matter what, right?" Her hopes were high, but Albert's guilt remained intact, "Isn't that right?" Madelyn pushed even more onto the pedal as they began to go seventy miles per hour, "We're going awfully fast. Is she…am I going to be alright?"


Nearly hitting a car Maddie shook with fear as she continued to gaze towards her Alternate self, "Woe. What she trying to do kill us?" Madelyn pushes down harder as the speed pumps up to ninety, "she's going to kill herself, ourselves…me…me…that's what David and Richard were talking about isn't it? I'm going to kill myself I'm going to die." Albert remains still as Maddie finally realizes what her fate is about to be, "Albert, stop all of this…I don't want to die, I have friends and…and memories and…and the future."

Scared for his friend he wanted to do nothing more than try and comfort her in any way he could, the last thing he ever wanted was to see a good woman such as she to die like this, "Maddie there's nothing that I can do about it, it's already six thirty there's no turning back now."

"What do you mean there's no turning back?"

"This is your destiny." A sigh escapes as he tries force the words he's about to say out, "You take your own life, you die alone, there's nothing that I can do about it; the die is cast."

"Well uncast it."

"I can't! There are plans, preparations. Just before you die your whole life flashes before you, it's a big show; you think you could just pull something like that together? You can't! Hell no! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, you…you can't just call destiny off, rewind twenty minutes."

"Try!" She pleaded, "Try!" Her pulse was raises, tears welled in her eyes, her heart ached with hate, guilt, remorse, she wasn't ready to die, she wasn't ready to leave her friends, she wasn't ready to go especially in a world not her own.

Madelyn continues to press down on the pedal as she flies past a red light coming to her final destiny, for her and Maddie. Sitting helpless in the back, glancing towards Albert, pleading for help as she turns back to the front just before impact, Maddie screams a horrified scream as flashes of her life at the Blue Moon pass by. The life she misses, wishes to have never changed, to have the chance to go back, her friends; to have one more chance to see them again to see David. Alas her deed was done, her destiny has been set, and her life has emerged with her other self.

Hospital doors fly open as doctors surround the patient being rushed in on a trolley, "Tell me what's happened."

"Car accident, we found her crushed between the seats."

"She should be dead," The surgeon continues to exam the patient as the nurses try to wipe as much blood from her face, "Let's set up the rapid infusers and get me a whole truckload of O-Neg. Not a lot of time folks!"

They rush her into surgery, "David." She whispers, "David."

"Do we have identification?" One of the nurse's stays behind to get as much information as she could get from the EMTs.

"Madelyn Hayes."

Rushing from the room another nurse comes to assist, "Do we have a name?"

"Madelyn Hayes, but I'm still getting more."

"She keeps calling for someone named David, was there anyone else in the car?"

"No. She was alone. We got there, pulled her out, she wasn't even breathing until we got her out." The nurses could tell how frustrated the EMT's were, it was late and 9 days to Christmas, the last thing they wanted was to be a part of someone's death.

"It's alright, thank you," The EMT's left the two nurses alone, "the doctor needs you to prep, I'm going to find out who this David is."

It took hours in surgery, days to recover, nights to heal; until one morning her eyes awoke as she stared towards a face she thought she'd never see again.


Albert glanced towards his friend, fear and regret planted on his face, "Oh Maddie."

Her lips were sore, as her eyes were heavy. She swept her tongue across her lips to moist the cracks made from the long nights and days just resting, "What happened?" A cough escaped from her mouth as she tried her best to sit up only to fail, "What's the matter with me? Why do I feel so weak?"

"Oh, Maddie." Albert pulled her hand into his, he looked so ashamed so worried, "I'm so sorry. This wasn't how it was supposed to happen."

She could only lie there confused, the last thing she remembered was, "David."


"Who's David?" Her eyes pleaded to Albert to know who that man was she continued to see in her memories; they were flashes being played over and over again like a movie of some kind, only she doesn't remember any of those moments, only his name and even that was still a haze.

"Maddie?" Albert was about to ask her something he hoped wouldn't fall into something worse, "Do you remember me? Do you know who I am?"

Her eyes never left his as she continued to stare, she was piecing together the night before, trying to decipher fantasy to reality, even that was hard to come by, "Your Albert, we met at a bar," a memory passed by of her sitting alone seeing him smile from across the bar, "You said you were my," trying her best to dig deeper her mind only spun out of control as those images of her life she now doesn't know exist fly by, "you were in the car with me."

"This wasn't how it was supposed to happen," He repeated once more, "I tried to rewind time Maddie, but you already made contact with your Alternate self. I never thought you would." She continued to stare towards Albert lost, nothing was making sense and yet it somehow was, "It's going to be a bit confusing at first Maddie. You may have saved Madelyn's body, but you're the one who's alive, Maddie. That came with a price, you have some of your memories and some of hers, but it's up to you to figure out which is more important."

"What are you talking about?"

"Just remember Maddie, your destiny is what you make of it. Just because you're here, doesn't mean you have to stay." Before Maddie could ask another question he left the room without another word said.

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